JCNC2013 Case Aktia Joakim Sandström
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JCNC2013 Case Aktia Joakim Sandström



JIRA and Confluence Nordic Conference 24.10.2013 Joakim Sandström Aktia

JIRA and Confluence Nordic Conference 24.10.2013 Joakim Sandström Aktia



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JCNC2013 Case Aktia Joakim Sandström JCNC2013 Case Aktia Joakim Sandström Presentation Transcript

  • How Aktia use Confluence and JIRA across multiple projects. Minimizing the gap between Business and IT, best-practices and tips how to use Atlassian products efficiently. Confluence and JIRA in multi-enterprise projects Joakim Sandström | #JCN13
  • Agenda 1 2 • How Aktia uses Confluence 3 • Some JIRA tips and tricks 4 2 • Intro • Wrapup
  • Joakim Sandström About me • Enterprise Architect – Aktia Core Banking replacement project • Release management, CI, dev(ops), Agile Aktia • Connect with me: – joakim.sandstrom@aktia.fi – @sandstromj – http://fi.linkedin.com/in/joakimsandstrom 3
  • Aktia Bank Plc My Employer • Aktia offers a broad range of solutions in banking, asset management, insurance and real estate agencies. • Aktia operates mainly in coastal areas, in the Helsinki region, and in inland growth areas. • Aktia has about 350,000 customers who are served at branch offices and via Internet and telephone services. • We develop and sell customer-oriented banking and insurance solutions. • Aktia IT departments – 100+ professionals – From service desk to development and operations 4
  • In the last year Confluence and JIRA gained momentum at Aktia • We did a large upgrade – Confluence 3.2.1 to 4.3.7 – JIRA 4.1.1 to 5.2.6 – Virtualized environment • Tailored training for business people • Resulted in increased usage by business people • What’s next – Keeping up the pace and upgrading to most recent versions – Switch database from MySQL to MariaDB 5
  • Who uses Confluence and JIRA at Aktia Business Operations Stakeholders Collaboratio n Developers PO’s QA 6 Consultants
  • Lifecycle Dream It, Plan It, Build It, Launch It Ideas & Specs • Confluence Plan & Tasks • JIRA 7 Roadmap • Confluence Track • JIRA Use cases • Confluence Tests • JIRA Drawings • Confluence Continuity • Confluence
  • 2 8 • How Aktia uses Confluence
  • Space front pages also for sub-projects and teams 9
  • Create new spaces using a space template • Every space (project) follows the same structure • Information in the same place regardless of the project • Predefined pages with content – – – – – 10 Project plan Architecture blueprints Security requirements Testing plans ..
  • There’s a wiki-page for that and use search to find it • We encourage people to create wiki-pages • Meeting minutes are created as blog posts • And always use page templates to create new pages 11
  • Most frequently used plugins and macros • Gliffy – For diagrams • Excerpt & Excerpt include – To gather small chunks • Roadmap plugin – pictured • Balsamiq – UI mockups • Task lists, mentions – For action points • Navigation map – List pages with specific labels 12
  • Good enough tools for everyday use • Gliffy vs. Visio • Confluence page vs. Office document • Email link to Confluence page vs. Document as attachment • Table plus gives extra juice to standard tables – But Excel is hard to replace 13
  • WYSIWTYG What You See Is What You Think You’d Get • We need to export a lot of pages as PDF’s • Chrome’s print as PDF works most of the time – but sometimes pictures are cut in half on separate pages • Tables and page layout in PDF output is broken • Sometimes export as Word is the best option 14
  • Those attachments that come and go • People still produce lots of Office documents and put them on network drives – and distribute them to everyone using email attachments • We try to put all office documents as page attachments – Vendors also provide us with lots of material • But the best option would be to write everything as Confluence pages • Maybe Alfresco is the place for large amounts of documents? 15
  • Drawbacks • Scroll pdf – easier way to get pdf export of a page and it’s children – provides more layouts – but not compatible with math plugin • Reporting and scaffolding plugin – no one knows how to use it • Blog posts can’t be restricted (permissions) 16
  • Things i’d like to see missing things in Confluence 1. Scroll down to the ’middle’ of a Confluence page 2. Click edit page 3. focus would still be at the ’middle’ of the page • Working table’s, i.e. as efficient as in Excel • Offline editing (pages, diagrams & issues) • JIRA: built-in rich-text editor 17
  • 3 18 • Some JIRA tips and tricks
  • Make issues visible on a daily basis • List of issues on a Confluence page • Scrum and Kanban boards • Separate backlogs for sub projects (squads) • And of course keep backlog up-to-date Someone once tweeted ” if You wan’t to forget it put it in JIRA” I personally disagree 19
  • Dashboards or home page • PO’s use predefined dashboards to collect material to the steering groups • Teams use agile boards to make their work visible • Agile boards are shown on big screens 20
  • Roles in JIRA and usage examples • 90% of the time we assign either PO or MEMBER role to a user • We have the option hide security sensitive issues • Show me only issues that are assigned to business (or IT or external) users 21
  • Efficient JIRA use using built-in features and additional plugins • Jql tricks – extends JIRA’s search capability • JIRA Time Tracking And Billing Report... – track consultant work hours and internal billing • Obviously Agile – i.e. the new Greenhopper • Mention JIRA issues in Git commits – Link to source code changes • Linking JIRA issue to a detailed specification in Confluence 22
  • Issue Collectors from JIRA into JIRA • Easy way to submit issues (or feedback) • Expose a link on a Confluence page or in a web app • Only mandatory fields visible 23
  • Agile boards • At least one board for every project (and squad) • Sub-project is a custom field on issue level • Shared components across projects • Also boards based upon specific components 24
  • Agile Board Template To Do • Blockers • Tasks • Stories 25 Analyze In Progress Deployable Quality Assurance Done
  • 4 26 • Wrapup
  • Some numbers of our JIRA and Confluence • 300+ users • 30+ spaces and projects • 10 workflows • 20 issue types • 5 custom fields 27
  • We also use these tools at Aktia • Atlassian Stash – Enterprise git behind the firewall • Jenkins – THE CI tool • Puppet – Manages our environments 28
  • Squads and Tribes Teams that is truly multi functional • business • architects • developers – coders – ux – dba’s • testers • operations Crisp: Scaling Agile @ Spotify with Tribes, Squads, Chapters & Guilds: http://bit.ly/UGrXHc 29
  • Thank You Now any questions? ”There are no silly questions” Joakim / @sandstromj 30
  • Sees a person in each customer