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JCN12 Using personas-in-service-design-intranet

  1. 1. Using personas in service design - intranet Tuuli Aalto-Nyyssönen Jira and Confluence Nordic conference 25th October 2012 in Helsinki, Finland26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 1
  2. 2. Personas are just one part of the service design process…26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 2
  3. 3. Feature oriented vs. user first approach26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 3
  4. 4. Feature oriented vs. user first approach26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 4
  5. 5. Feature oriented vs. user first approach26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 5
  6. 6. User-friendly approach is a service design mindset. Think differently.26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 6
  7. 7. Using personas in service design: Using personas – practical info26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 7
  8. 8. What are personas?”… user-centered design, personas are fictionalcharacters created to represent the different usertypes within a targeted demographic, attitudeand/or behavior set that might use a site…”” Personas may also be used as part of a user-centered design process for designing softwareand are also considered a part of interactiondesign (IxD).””.. in most cases, personas are synthesized fromdata collected from interviews with users. ”Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persona_(user_experience)26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 8
  9. 9. Benefits of using personas• User first approach comes naturally• Creates human fact to users and roles• Easy to remember the user during the whole process (design  implementing  release  refine)• Easy for the whole team to understand and use for refining ideas and features• Helpful when prioritizing features• Great test profiles for your intranet!26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 9
  10. 10. Persona description contains (intranet design)26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 10
  11. 11. Using personas in service design: #1 Know your target audience and define user roles26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 11
  12. 12. … and recognize the most important user groups…26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 12
  13. 13. Map of target audience26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 13
  14. 14. Define user roles26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 14
  15. 15. Using personas in service design: #2 Make fictional fact-based personas to describe vital users26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 15
  16. 16. First make a short poll for your intranet users• Make it short! 3-10 question max!• Ask for information you really can use• Numeric values are good for measuring your success in long term but numbers dont bring value in the beginning of the design process• Make time to process the answers thoroughly• Ask for volunteers… end user testing, detailed interviews etc.• …26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 16
  17. 17. Interview vital user Interview vital user groups. groups. ”This one is ”This one is important for us! important for us! A team leader!” A team leader!”26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 17
  18. 18. Other Team Devices, apps in leader Skills use?Gender, Age This is me (hi!), climbing up Ambientia’s Turku office stairs andtaking the first picture with my newiPhone 5 and sharing it to Twitter… 26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 18
  19. 19. Behavior LimitationspatternsLocation! … travel a lot… 26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 19
  20. 20. Work Interested Skills related goals in…This is what our team does during workdays… Mobile Tablet a banana Desktop26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 20
  21. 21. What I really like is… Great flow feeling in Great flow feeling in To find all To find all general! To be able general! To be able To use whatever To use whatever important material important material to make things to make things device available to device available to in one place in one place ready! To have ready! To have read and edit work read and edit work (tagged!). Easy (tagged!). Easy comments right comments right related material. related material. share! share! away! away! Easy way to contact Easy way to contact Good coffee. Old Good coffee. Old everyone instantly. everyone instantly. coffee makes me go coffee makes me go … … To see who is To see who is   online. online.26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 21
  22. 22. What I really hate is… Loads of email Loads of email Disruptions during Disruptions during When IIcan’t open When can’t open blocking my work blocking my work our teams daily our teams daily files in train because files in train because flow! flow! meeting. meeting. VPN does not work! VPN does not work! Having aagreat blog Having great blog When IIcan’t stamp When can’t stamp post idea but not post idea but not my working hours my working hours having any time … … having any time in train. in train. writing it writing it26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 22
  23. 23. If sky was the limit I would… Not recieve any Not recieve any IIwould like file and would like file and JIRA-tasks would JIRA-tasks would emails ––just use emails just use material sharing to material sharing to appear with one appear with one instant messaging! instant messaging! be easy as dropbox! be easy as dropbox! click! click! IIcould share my could share my IIcould stamp my could stamp my Skype history Skype history working hours with working hours with … … directly to directly to my mobile phone. my mobile phone. Confluence Confluence Anywhere. Anytime! Anywhere. Anytime!26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 23
  24. 24. My organization wants me to… Entry my working Entry my working Share knowledge Share knowledge Inspire my team to Inspire my team to hours and check my hours and check my about my field of about my field of make great make great teams workig hours teams workig hours expertise to expertise to achievements! achievements! while doing it. while doing it. everyone. everyone. Inspire my team to Inspire my team to Keep my customers Keep my customers write great blog write great blog well informed about well informed about … … posts! posts! ongoing projects ongoing projects26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 24
  25. 25. … in freetime? … during workday? … in our current intranet? … in our ERP? … in our other tools? … life goals? … work related goals? …26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 25
  26. 26. Using personas in service design: #3 Make the most of this data. Use it to make requirements and to plan features.26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 26
  27. 27. Prioritize. Prioritize. Prioritize. To use whatever To use whatever device available to device available to Easy way to contact Easy way to contact IIwould like file and would like file and read and edit job read and edit job everyone instantly. everyone instantly. material sharing to material sharing to related material. related material. To see who is To see who is be easy as dropbox! be easy as dropbox! online. online. Tuuli, team leader Use pictures and fictional names to make the persona easier to remember!26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 27
  28. 28. Refine: use methods like user stories, use cases etc. IIwould like file and would like file and material sharing to material sharing to be easy as dropbox! be easy as dropbox! • ”As a intranet user I want to be able to add big files (like Power Point slideshows, pictures, pdfs etc.) with dragndrop style.” • ”As a intranet user I want to be able to edit files in offline mode.”26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 28
  29. 29. Using personas in service design: #4 Test the intranet with real people used behind personas.Use protos and mock ups in early stage of development.26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 29
  30. 30. Use prototypes to test the user experience before hand How can IIadd these How can add these pictures to our pictures to our intranet? Where to intranet? Where to drag’n’drop? drag’n’drop?26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 30
  31. 31. Using personas in service design:#5 Monitor and ask for feedback! Refine and update personas tomake better user experience for your audience.26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 31
  32. 32. Using personas (intranet desing) – practical info 1-5:26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 32
  33. 33. Questions?26.10.12 www.ambientia.net 33
  34. 34. Tuuli Aalto-Nyyssönen Concept Designer at Ambientia Phone: +358 44 331 4648Email: tuuli.aalto-nyyssonen@ambientia.fi Twitter: @turkutuuli