Ambientia service desk forum 2012 05-31 (hs)


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Henri Sora's presentation in the Service Desk Forum 2012 in Stockholm

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  • James Barker-Duly is Ambientia’s consultant in Stockholm. If you want to know more about our offerings over here, please ask him.
  • 16 years 2010 Stockholm 2011 Platinum Experts
  • Lean management Therefore, 5 Why's and root cause analysis
  • Henna won the Service Desk Award 2011 in Finland
  • Laura Niiniö is our Service Desk Manager She suggested Henna to the competition She is a passionate person She always reminds us how we should think the client – not our own processes
  • You will only briefly see a glimpse of ITIL; the rest is leadership and nerd tools.
  • Success stories related to Service Desk management Interest to you
  • Laura’s method can be described quite closely to Servant Leadership:
  • Difficult to explain in here Hey, someone, please see this? To me the team has an atmosphere where questions are encouraged failure is accepted and it is a way to learn The willingness is most likely a result of Laura’s leadership method
  • Most of our work is being done normally from a office from ~ 08:00 to ~ 16:00 The team is dispersed to 3- 4 offices at the time Hämeenlinna site Tampere site One home One home Certain work must be also be done actually in the office (<10 %) Then again, the team is able to select the place from which they work We have also experimented with work from really remote places The pictures are from South Africa Katja’s husband had to work from there She went also – to work the ~ 37,5 h/week The experiment went really well. Do you want to monitor the ass at the office or the results produced by the person?
  • We have divided the systems we support to solutions The solutions have an owner and experts The owner follows the development of related products and projects in our firm The experts are the persons who have the most training or expertise Laura, the manager, does not own any of the solutions. The team does. Again, to me this is an excellent way to delegate and empower the team
  • I cannot quite translate this Participatory problem solving or similar. In Finnish we call it ryhmäriihi The point is that we reserve about 3 hours to problem solving and recognition together I.e, Director (me) – Manager (Laura) – The team (all of them) Twice a year before the performance reviews
  • The happening goes like this Brainstorming of problems to post-it notes Everybody can suggest any problem apart form salaries. The problems will be categorized to similar issues The issues will be prioritized All of the issues will be handled somehow. For example I might explain that this is our policy. Sorry I will explain to whom should be contacted We will take issues to more through analysis Etc. The result is mentally heavy happening that purges well air We have had really extensive critique for example to the CEO, Sales and Managers…
  • The happening will be documented as a mind map and distributed to all participants – and to the CEO
  • Jira is a special tool for Ambientia! We started around 2004 to use the tool for bug tracking We did try various tools like bugzilla before with no luck in engaged usage of the software Since it has been modified and configured to contain all of our processes, like Book orders Marketing campaigns Access management Its usage started an strategic business area for us The turnover of the SBA is now around 1 000 000 € / year
  • The Service Desk’s SLA is being measured with Jira
  • Confluence Wiki for all documentation working directions Process descriptions Everybody can edit the diagrams and content in the system
  • An example process made with Confluence to describe the processes of the SD
  • We have basically eliminated email among the team Excellent tool for a distributed team
  • Team Board From left: Weekly Kudos from the team Weekly Plan for the members Fortuna high score Kudos Score Ice Cream Friday Score And below is the legend for the weekly plan
  • Konsta’s Kudos Score 3 + 1 – The system works so that everyone can suggest kudos to anyone in the team positive or negative. The feedback is well valued because we have witnessed situations lie: "If I get a smiley for this, I can work overtime."
  • If drawn, for some reason, people tend to remember better.
  • I know it is a bit nerdy, but to us it is outmost cool that we have possibility to see if we have working time remaining on the maintenance contract we are working with – in real time.
  • Ambientia service desk forum 2012 05-31 (hs)

    1. 1. Service Desk at Ambientia
    2. 2. Henri
    3. 3. Henri Sora - Father of three children- Ambientia -(5 y, 3 y and 7 mo) - Since 1998 - Director, Technology and Services - Hobbies - Board Member - Hiking- Aucor (web development) - Sailing - Advisory Board Member - Kayaking- Labrox (life sciences) - Bicycling - Chairman of the Board © Sofia Nordström
    4. 4. AmbientiaDigital Business Awareness26.1.2012
    5. 5. CLIENT | Myllyn ParasAMBIENTIA CLIENT | Myllyn Paras Ambientia desings and implements non-trival web applications, internal web communities (intranet- replacements), business applications and offers comprehensive services.
    6. 6. In Sweden we do Liferay & Atlassian
    7. 7. James Baker-Duly
    8. 8. 20 2 2 200 01HISTORY 0 0 Comp any 0 5 Ambie 19 name is 0 ntia acquir 96 0 chang 4 es Acq ed to Ta Opal.n Com pan uisit Ambi entia mp et and Codezi 20 ion ere y is foun of when offi lla 11 Koti it ce Ambie ded as sivu move ope 20 ntia teh s to ns among Amb ient das it’s 10 the new Stock ten Fact or office 20 20 holm most office import 08 09 opens ant 2 Turku Leadi and Wiki partn 0 office opens ng Wiki ership Partne rs in 0 and Ambie Soluti on with Lifera the world 6 ntia provid y Hels beco er in starts inki mes a Finlan offi corpor d ce ation ope nsASIAKAS | Stockmann
    9. 9. FACTS Finland: Helsinki | Hämeenlinna | Joensuu | Tampere | Turku Sweden: Stockholm Operating since 1996 | 80 employees Credit classification: AAA (D&B), Rating Alfa Owned by key personnel Among the top 50 growing technology companies in Finland Turnover of 6 million euros TECKNOLOGY PARTNERSCLIENT | Parliament of Finland
    10. 10. Why I am here?
    11. 11. Why? [1]
    12. 12. Henna
    13. 13. Why? [2]
    14. 14. Laura
    15. 15. Why? [3]
    16. 16. Laura suggested Henna because• Energetic personality• Ability to finish tasks and issues• Praising direct customer feedback• Constant ability to accomplish and exceed goals
    17. 17. Why? [4]
    18. 18. From a student to the winner• We were able to coach her from an eager student to the winner• We have been able to motivate our service desk staff to good results and not to get bored with the work
    19. 19. Why? [5]
    20. 20. Mutual feeling of respect• We (as in management) care about employees, and therefore, they in turn care about the company
    21. 21. Therefore I am here
    22. 22. How it is being done?
    23. 23. Soft Methods
    24. 24. Servant Leadership by Laura1. The team settles as much as possible, like • on call timetable • how the timetable changes if someone is away or sick • people commit to tasks and training sessions by themselves2. Guidance is done by indirect questions3. If above fails, then directThe team has a veto when recruiting new persons
    25. 25. Willingness to help each other
    26. 26. Work from anywhere
    27. 27. Solution responsibilitiesThe persons have defined areas of expertise
    28. 28. Participatory problem solving
    29. 29. Participatory problem solving
    30. 30. Ryhmäriihi
    31. 31. Tools
    32. 32. SLA measurement
    33. 33. Confluence usage
    34. 34. Extensive chat usage 1) Keeps the team on the same page 2) Takes care of the social side also
    35. 35. Planmill as an PSA Solution Planmill
    36. 36. So, this is itLeadership methods & tools
    37. 37. Questions?Twitter: @henrisora &