Richard dyers pop star (tast1)


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Richard dyers pop star (tast1)

  1. 1. Beyonce
  2. 2. How to become a pop star  The first thing needed is cleaver management, they will mould the artist into the perfect pop star. Four elements that help this on the way is;  Well placed news stories  Famous relationships  Attendance at premiers, parties and awards evenings  Features in magazines
  3. 3.  Beyoncé is a pop star that possesses all these elements. Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z. Jay-Z is one of the biggest influential rappers in the music industry owning his own record label, managing multiple artist within the industry, clothing line, line of alcoholic drinks, clubs etc. This is great for Beyoncé as when she hasn’t got any new music out people are still talking about her and her relationship so she is still circulating in the media and behind spoken about. Beyoncé sitting front row at the Grammys (left) with there husband and famous friends, Justin Timberlake and wife. This allows her to be on TV without really doing much. Also her walking the red carpet and opportunity for her photo and possibly a short interview with her again this is a chance for her to make the press by doing very little, this will allow her to be in multiple magazines talking about her fashion choice of the evening, who she attended with and what she spoke about in her shot interview again all these things not related to her music. Beyoncé also regularly appears on the front of magazine covers, advertising her on a regular basis. Even if you don’t purchase the magazine you are still likely to see the magazine on the shelf in a shop when passing or possibly looking for another magazine. So without even realising or wanting to you have the image of Beyoncé in your mind.
  4. 4. Stars as construction The majority of celebrities are constructed, they are made into a fake image of what the producers managers and label wants them to be. They may be represented as real people that are exactly like the everyday person with real emotions and feelings, however they are not they are constructed to make money. From a young age Beyoncé has been constructed to be persevered the way we want to see her. She started as a young girl in a girl group, that loved working in the group and seemed like she would never leave her ‘sisters’. However one she got a little older and they realised she could make money on her own she was constructed into a completely different person. Within the girl group she was shown as a very independent woman, having so much respect for women and creating songs which were against men such as; independent woman, bug a boo and bills bills bills. They decided they didn’t want this image for Beyoncé anymore so she was moulded into a solo artist with a different sound in her music with many song talking positively about men for example; crazy in love, dangerously in love, baby boy. She was given a lot more sex appeal to show she’s older and mature now and not a little girl. Beyoncé
  5. 5. Industry and audience This is an image of Beyoncé in her girl group girls tyme (image 1), they attempted to get a record deal but failed, they were then taken by another label re-modelled, there names changed to ‘Destiny’s Child’ and given some sex appeal (image 2). There label; Columbia Records continued to work them matching there outfits, making Beyoncé the lead singer and performer of the group and moulding them to become the biggest girl group of all time. 1 3 1 4 2 6 5 Beyoncé then had the perfect platform for her to become the ‘perfect’ pop star. However here record label continued to work her how they wanted her making her have a very high sex appeal to appeal to the male audience and not only the female audience.(image 6) even combining American football with a sexy outfit to make sure she widens her audience so the label gets the maximum amount of money out of her.
  6. 6. Ideology & Culture Beyoncé uses her website as a way to advertise things to her fans almost as a commentary to her fans. She will post things to do with charity to get all her fans involved. As she has such a big following this will help the charity's and give Beyoncé a good reputation. He website also allows fan on comment on what she has posted and allows them to re-post it on social media websites such as twitter and facebook.
  7. 7. Character and Personality Beyoncé's character and personality shows that she is a beautiful woman with the perfect figure, a typical stereotype of what a female pop star should be like. She is also giving the personality of a lovely kin person as she does multiple things for charity and t help the community. This is done so you feel she is an amazing woman and she is giving back, seeing her do this is making you like her more as you feel she's helping.
  8. 8. Analysis  Without Robert dyers star image there is strong chance that many celebrities wouldn't be able to reach the position they are in. This could apply to Beyoncé too if she didn’t give to charity or she wasn’t slim and pretty, she may not have the successes she has, people will most likely not interested in her and they will put there attention into another celebrity that is following Robert Dyers theory instead.