3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?


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3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

  1. 1. 3. What kind of media institutionmight distribute your mediaproduct and why? AMBER POTHECARY
  2. 2. My production companylogo
  3. 3. Production CompanyA production company helps tocreate the film, it assists in thebudgeting, casting, scheduling,scriptingand more. The companyusually looks over the film fromthe start when its just aninitial idea to the end product.They are responsible for finding adirector and most of the of actsrequired for the film .I feel my production companylogo is very simple but effective, ihave used only used two simplecolours; blue and orange, thesecolours fit well together and standout well. Its simple as i have onlyonly used one image in thecentre, with a black backgroundmaking it stand out and not lookcluttered.
  4. 4. What is the job of a filmdistributor?Film distributionA film distributor is a company orpersons responsible for themarketing of a film. The distributorwould most likely be in charge ofsetting the release date of a filmand the method of which a film ismade available to the public. Adistributor may do this directly, ifthe distributor owns the theaters orfilm distribution networks. A limiteddistributor may deal only withparticular products, such as DVDsor Blu-ray, or may act in aparticular country or market
  5. 5. Which film distributor would you choose for your film and why?What other films have they distributed that are similar toyours? The production company I would choose would be Summit Entertainment i would choose this company as they are a well known production company funding films such as Twilight, They have also distributed films similar to mine such as Sorority Row.
  6. 6. How would your film be funded?Lottery?  I would fund my media product by self fundings I would do this my budgeting everything perfectly, doing multiple fund raising events and sponsorships. I would ask companys to invest and would put there name on my product and there products within my film.  Another thing I would do would ask the production company to help fund my production, I would ask them to fund half and half with me.
  7. 7. Film TitlesI have added titles to my filmsopening as this is a typicalconvention done in any filmgenre. Film titles are there toinform the audience on whatactors, productionand distribution companieswere involved in the creatingof the film. I have decided toput my film titles over the topof my film opening in whitewriting.
  8. 8. What films have influenced you fromthe industry and why? There have been many different films that have influenced me in the production of myhorror film opening. One of those was SororityRow I have used the idea of the behavior of a group of teenage girls leading to bad consequences for them ending in there death. In Sorority Row all the teenagers take part in a murder and a short while later they receive a picture of the body, then a message from the killer killing all ofthe teenager. I have adapted this and decidedthat the killer will leave a note with information on the next murder contained within.