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Video Analysis R&B
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Video Analysis R&B


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Mariah Carey - We Belong Together video analysis

Mariah Carey - We Belong Together video analysis

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  • 1. Mariah Carey – We BelongTogetherR&B
  • 2. 1: Quick couple of sentencesintroduction explainingWithin this PowerPoint I will be analysing a music videofrom the R&B genre. The video I have decided toanalyse is Mariah Carey – We Belong Together
  • 3. The genre of the videoThe genre of the video is R&BIn the first shot you are introducedto the a big house which looks likethis located in a nice well kept area,this tells me this is an R&B video asthis is typical convention used inR&B videos. As they are trying toportray a lavish lifestyle will fancyhouses and cars over to theaudience.In this shot you just see the feet of the artistso you don’t actually know who it is, the shotthe goes into the artist laying on a bed nakedwith just a a sheet over her. These elementsare very typical in the R&B genre having verylittle mise en scene, in this video the mise enscene only includes a white curtain, an R&Bvideos usually have simple scenes wish simpleback grounds and colour. This is done to drawmore attention to the artist and the emotionof that certain part of the song.
  • 4. setting and décorWhat does it connote to the audience?• Why do you think the director has chosen it?• Does it fit the genre of the music video?•The décor of this shot of the video is very grand andextravagant showing the audience the finerlifestyle…
  • 5. Costume• The artist; Mariah is just wearing a simple white dress in some scenes anda white sheet wrapped over her body in other. these two costumes have acertain sex appeal about them this is done to attract a male audience asthe some itself is pretty feminine therefore the producer has decided toput the artist on two somewhat sexy outfits to try and broaden theaudience.
  • 6. Costume• - in other scenes Mariah is wearing a very extravagant wedding dress as this fits in with thelyrics of the song helping to annotate them and bring them to life. the extravagance is also away of showing the audience the wealthy lifestyle famous people live, also it gives the videosomething extra as if the artist was just wearing a simple wedding dress and everydayworking class member of the audience would wear the audience may not be drawn the videoas much as it would cased as normal to them as it would be something they could haveinstead of something they wish they could have.• These outfits fit the R&B genre well, R&B video typically have a simple costume with simplecolours like black or white, for this video white keeping your eyes on the artist with her justwearing a white dress something any woman could wear. Then going to the extremes andhave an extravagant costume that the average person would never wear.
  • 7. Props• The props in this video are used the to fit the narrative of the video, as thenarrative involves a wedding some of the props used are; the ring pillow, flowerbouquet. These are used to set a sense of realism within the video as these arethings you would find at a typical wedding.
  • 8. Prop• A typical R&B prop is a fancy expensive car, and this videocomplies to this there is a fancy car in the end of the video.again this is a chance to entice the viewer with somethingflashy they wish they had.
  • 9. Body language and movement• Within this video the artist; Mariah expresses herself a lotthough her body language. She uses the use of her hand andbody to express how shes feeling and to add extra emphasisto the video and performance.
  • 10. Performance• Within any R&B video including this one the artist plays a veryimportant role and adds a lot to the video. With the artist being inthe video it helps the video to sell for example if the artist wasntused in there video and another actor was used the audience maynot want to watch the video therefore they may not end up likingthe song and not download it so this would be the artist, recordcompany and others involved would end up loosing money. This isthe same if the artist plant a poor performance within there musicvideo.
  • 11. Narrative• Within the video for Mariah Careys - We Belong Together the narrativefollows on from a previous video, within this video Mariah is gettingmarried to her partner the man she thought she loved when a possible exlover turns up at her party (previous video) then again at her wedding &she realise that he is her true love, she decides to leave her fiancé at thealter and run off with her ex lover.• Mariah plays the pain role within the narrative playing the one caught upin the love story.• The lyrics fit very well with the narrative, With Mariah singing i didntmean it when I said I didnt love you so I should of held on tight I nevershould of let you go fitting with the narrative of her leaving her ex whenshe should of stayed with his as he is the on she loved. The chorus thenleads into When you left i lost a part of me…come back baby please causewe belong together, this is Mariah asking for her ex lover to come backcause they in fact belong together.• The narrative of this video helps create a story of love.