Digipak Analysis


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This is an analysis of Rihanna's Talk That Talk album, I have discussed the front, back, disk and inside cover of the album

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Digipak Analysis

  1. 1. DigipakAnalysis
  2. 2.  Within this PowerPoint I will be analysing a digipak.This is the all the contents of an artists album, within this I will be discussing the front, back, inside covers, the disk and the information booklet.  The digipak I will be analysing will be Rihanna talk that talk deluxe edition, I will also be comparing it to the standard edition and discussing how it differs.
  3. 3. This is every part of Rihanna’s album cover it includes the back cover, the front cover, the inside cover, the disk and the information booklet. The back cover. The front cover. The inside cover. The informatio n booklet. The disk.
  4. 4. For the front cover there is a large image of the artist witch is Rihanna, it catches your eye straight away and you instantly know who it is. As Rihanna is such a famous music star she doesn’t actually have to have her name on her album cover. You are familiar with her face so you can instantly know its Rihanna and you don’t need any clarification with a name. However instead of her name she has just opted for her iconic ‘R’ to symbolize her name. she has been using this ‘R’ since 2009 when she brought out her ‘Rated R’ album then again in 2010 for her ‘loud ‘ album then in 2011 for this album. Therefor fans are familiar with this ‘R’.
  5. 5. This is a comparison of the deluxe and the standard edition.You can see that the two images line up and are pretty similar. Both are close up, with the artist mouth open, with the same ‘R’ in place of Rihanna's name.To distinguish the difference between the two they have decided to put the deluxe edition in black and white so you can tell which is which. They have also decided to add the title of the album on Rihanna’s body as if it were a tattoo. Rihanna is very popular for here tattoos so doing this relates back to her.Also getting tattoos is very popular at this current moment with the target audience she is trying to attract so having it on her like a tattoo is appealing to this age group of about 16-26 year olds
  6. 6. The back cover is again in black and white to match the front cover of the album, there is a large image of the artist in the middle again doing something she has become known for; smoking. Just like the tattoos on the front cover this will appeal to the the audience she is aiming for 16-26 . It has also became popular in tis age group to smoke therefore she is pulling them in to become her audience.As Rihanna is mainly targeted at women she uses an image with a high level of sex appeal to the male demographic. The back cover follows all the stereotypes of a back cover included such as the record labels, copyright information, barcode and an image of the artist. However the deluxe edition doesn't include the track list unlike the standard edition.
  7. 7. This is the disk for Rihanna's album. She has stuck with the black and white theme decided to go for another theme of a newspaper design. Rihanna’s name and album name is the headline of the ‘newspaper’, showing she is the center of attention and she’s that important that she can make the front page and have the biggest masthead. Within the newspaper theme she has still included generic elements that an album cover would have such as the record label and production/distribution company, they have been worked in to feel like there part of the article.