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  • 1. Soil Sample Presentation
    Amber Stacy
  • 2. Location & Background
    Sample was taken from the backyard of my property in Greenville, TX.
    Land is used for gardening & recreation
  • 3.
  • 4. Texture
    62% Clay
    30% Sand
    8% Silt
    Therefore sample is a Clay
  • 5. Color
    Hue describes the dominant visible spectral shade (or wavelength) of light that reaches the eye (the color we see)
    Value describes the relative lightness or darkness of the color in relation to neutral gray
    Chroma represents the relative purity, strength & saturation of color
    Hue/Value/Chroma is 10YR 3/2 (very dark grayish brown)
  • 6. Soil Type
    Map Symbol: 8
    Crocket - Urban Land Complex
    1 to 3% Slopes
    Dense Material
    • Ecological Type: Rangeland
    Ecological Class: Claypan Prairie
    Taxonomic Class: Fine, Smectitic, ThermicUderticPaleustalfs
  • 7. Soil Experiment Results
    Bulk Density = 1.25g/cm3
    Particle Density = 2.4g/cm3
    Porosity = 0.48%
    pH = 6.42
    CEC (cation exchange capacity) = 1.54meq
    EC (electrical conductivity) = 17.35 mmhos/cm
    Organic Matter = 3.809%
  • 8. Recommendations
    The EC (electrical conductivity) test should be repeated to verify because 17.35 mmhos/cm is very high
    If that is the true value, non-saline water should be used to flush some of the salinity out of the soil to lower the EC
    Repeat testing & flushing until EC reaches acceptable levels
    pH should be monitored to ensure that soil does not become too acidic over time
  • 9. Conclusion
    The land is going to continue to be used for gardening & recreation
    I currently have a single 6x8 & two 40x6 raised beds used for fruit, vegetable, & herb gardening
    However, original soil is not being used as planting medium
    Brought in 26 yards of professional organic bedding soil
    40% Screened/Sieved Top Soil
    40% Plant Matter & Manure Based Compost
    10% Sand
    10% Mulch