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Barcode presentations

  1. 1. Contextual Research Amber Miller
  2. 2. Design BarcodesDesign Barcodes are barcodes that have a high elementof design but are still practical.Design Barcodes is split into two parts the top is thedesign and the bottom is the part that is scanned andneeds to be at least and inch and a half and there can’tbe any colour in this part of the barcode.The purpose of the barcodes is to come up with an adesign and a barcode that reflect the brands tone andmanner.
  3. 3. Design Barcode Inc. Design Barcode Inc. is a Japanese advertisement and design firm, they created the concept o design barcodes. They are mainly known in Japan and have recently started working with companies in the US. The barcode design technology used by the company and is patented to the company and is made to conform with worldwide barcode standards.
  4. 4. Design Barcode Inc.
  5. 5. Vanity Barcodes Vanity barcode is a design studio based in New Jersey, USA that is part of Miller Creative, a branding and packaging design studio that was started in 2009. The studio helps companies take advantage of the barcodes on their packaging. Unlike Design Barcodes Inc. Vanity barcodes has a library of pre designed and approved barcodes that they use as templates that are customized for the company.
  6. 6. Vanity Barcodes
  7. 7. Scott Blake Scott Blake is an American artist that incorporates barcodes into his artwork. His work is very similar to pop art, as he uses everyday usual images to create his artwork. His early works were based on the idea of using barcodes to create images, he started using the barcodes in the artwork as a tool that made the artworks interactive.
  8. 8. Barcode Marilyn Monroe Scott Blake’s Marilyn Monroe portrait is made from close to 2000 barcodes, this is one of the works that shows how Scott Blake uses the barcodes in his artwork as tools. To create this artwork Scott Blake used UPC barcodes from the DVDs from the films that Marilyn Monroe has starred in. When the barcodes are scanned a projector behind the portrait lights up the column of barcodes in the portrait. When the barcode is scanned a monitor near the portrait plays a clip from the film that the barcode is for. The clips used from the films are Marilyn Monroe opening and closing doors, this links all the films together seamlessly. The barcodes in the portrait make up curved lines, this accents her curly hair and round cheeks, it also makes a reference to her curvy body.
  9. 9. Barcode Andy Warhol Scott Blake’s Andy Warhol portrait is made of around 2000 UPC barcodes that are from Campbell’s soup cans that were part of Warhol’s iconic prints. The barcodes in the portrait are curved to mimic the shape of the soup cans. When the barcodes in the portrait are scanned a small display next to the portrait lights up an image of the soup can it came from. A projector also projects a clip of that kind of soup filling up a bowl in the center of the soup cans. There are also some barcodes in the portrait that show clips of Warhol.
  10. 10. For my set of Design Barcodes I was influenced by Design Barcode Inc. and Vanity Barcodes, I like thecreativity and designs that Design Barcode Inc. used, I was also influenced by the way the VanityBarcodes design their barcodes to fit the product and the company.