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Time to Get Serious About INBOUND MARKETING
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Time to Get Serious About INBOUND MARKETING


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Is your company dragging its heels to adopt inbound marketing tactics? Maybe you're just curious what it's all about & why it matters. Inbound is more than a buzzword. It's a modern marketing strategy …

Is your company dragging its heels to adopt inbound marketing tactics? Maybe you're just curious what it's all about & why it matters. Inbound is more than a buzzword. It's a modern marketing strategy that's not going away soon (and for good reason too) that embraces the Millennial consumer's values & habits. It's a more effective way of converting users online to lifelong buyers defined. Inbound marketing stresses transparency, quality & education. Here's a quick overview of the approach, some best practices & some data to sway your management to try pulling instead of so much pushing when it comes to increasing your sales.

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  • 2. Change isn’t always easy. And oftentimes…
  • 3. it’s also quite scary.
  • 4. New frontiers can be daunting & risky. The unknown is so…unknown.
  • 5. But the ones that forge ahead first… get Internet famous!
  • 6. Being a digital superhero willing to change things up, take risks & test new ways of reaching audiences has rarely not paid off.
  • 7. In fact, it usually pays in. “I hate tons of organic SERPs, backlinks, blog traffic, visibility, reach, authority, page ranks, followers & web domination.” SAID NO ONE EVER.
  • 8. Achieving Big Deal status online has become more difficult because it now must be EARNED. Social Media is now the online version of traditional word-of-mouth marketing.
  • 9. So the best type of brand you can be today is one that isn’t an asshole.
  • 10.  Listen to your customers  Listen to your customers again (do more)  Connect with them online & just be COOL  Don’t try to sell them something right away  Stop talking about yourself so much (do less)  Offer free advice & don’t get weird about it  Contribute to conversations big or small taking place online & off  See if you can help them only after the relationship is established (request accepted ≠“established relationship”)
  • 11. And if you do these things— provide nonconventional value to your industry in addition to a great product or service—something cool happens. You don’t have to solicit customers & SELL your SOUL to SELL your PRODUCT.* *At least not as much of your soul.
  • 12. There’s actually a much better term for these practices than “How to Not Be an Asshole Brand.” (#whew) meet INBOUND MARKETING.
  • 13. INBOUND MARKETING recommends that you approach selling as not selling at all.
  • 14. WHAT.
  • 15. These slides aren’t as fun… but important. If not more. Stick with me.
  • 16. 25 Inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional, outbound marketing. AVG COST/LEAD: $143 AVG COST/LEAD: $373 OUTBOUND INBOUND SOURCE: HUBSPOT, 2011
  • 17. 26 SOURCE: HUBSPOT, 2011
  • 18. 27 SOURCE: HUBSPOT, 2011
  • 19. 28 57%of businesses have acquired a customer through their company blog. SOURCE: HUBSPOT, 2011
  • 20. Companies That Blog Generate 126% More Leads Than Those That Don’t Source: HubSpotSurvey N = 2,300
  • 21. 81% of Consumers Trust Information and Advice From Blogs Source: BlogHer
  • 22. The average company that blogs generates 97% more inbound links Source: HubSpot
  • 23. The average company that blogs generates 434% more indexed pages Source: HubSpot
  • 24. Social media produces the marketing leads of tradeshows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC. Source: HubSpot 2X
  • 25. Social media lead conversion rates are than average conversion rates. Source: HubSpot 13% higher
  • 26. The average company that blogs generates 55% more website visitors Source: HubSpot
  • 27. Only 25% of Leads Are Sales-Ready The Other 75% Need to Be Nurtured Source: Gleanster Research
  • 28. 79% of Leads Never Convert into Sales Lack of Lead Nurturing Contributes to This Problem Source: MarketingSherpa
  • 29. SERIOUS.
  • 30. Thanks for getting to this slide with me. //amber at liftdivision dot com //afehrenbacher at gmail dot com //@afehrenbacher // // ASK ME ANYTHING by way of via a la…