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This presentation is done by Czarina Villamora as one of her projects on ITALIAN REGIONS in her Italian 11 class (AY 2013-2014) at the University of the Philippines under Prof. Emanuela Adesini.

This presentation is done by Czarina Villamora as one of her projects on ITALIAN REGIONS in her Italian 11 class (AY 2013-2014) at the University of the Philippines under Prof. Emanuela Adesini.

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  • 1. VENETOPrepared by: Czarina Villamora
  • 2. Veneto: Background • Language: Italian/Venetian • Capital: Venice • Provinces (7): – Venice – Padua – Verona – Vicenza – Treviso – Rovigo – Belluno
  • 3. Veneto: Background• Veneto is located in the Northeast of Italy, which extends from Dolomites to Adriatic Sea• In its coast, you can see the Venetian lagoon where the unique city of Venice lies• It has a variety of faces: natural, artistic and traditional
  • 4. Veneto: Tradition Traditional Fires A rite concerning Fire and Earth, influenced by Christian faith and a tool to light up the way of the 3 Wise men who got lost
  • 6. Famous Provinces: Venice• It is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site• There are lagoons, islands, and Grand canals• Can be explored by foot or by boat (through steamboats or gondolas that travel along the canals)• Famous for its Carnival, Murano glass and Burano lace
  • 7. Venice: AttractionsCampo Santo Stefano Ca’ dOro
  • 8. Venice: Piazza San Marco
  • 9. Venice: Canal Grande
  • 10. Famous Provinces: Padua• A city of sophistication, and full of artistic wonders• Claims to be the oldest city in Northern Italy• Padova is also known as the “ City of the Saint” Basilica of St. Anthony
  • 11. Padua: AttractionsPalazzo della Ragione L’Orto Botanico di Pandova
  • 12. Famous Provinces: Verona • Considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its architectural styles • The home city of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet • This is where you can find Juliet’s balcony and the arena
  • 13. Verona: Attractions The Arena Piazza della Erbe
  • 14. Famous Provinces: Vicenza• Also has a UNESCO status• Has a unique artistic contribution because of Andrea Palladio’s works• Famous for the architectural works of Andrea Palladio such as Palazzo Chiericati and Teatro Olimpico Teatro Olimpico
  • 15. Vicenza: Attractions La Rotonda Palazzo Chiericati
  • 16. CUISINE
  • 17. Veneto: Cuisine• Veneto is known for its risotto• The food in the region is based on these common ingredients: rice, Fegato alle Veneziana vegetables and polenta• Fegato alle Veneziana is considered as the most notable dish in Veneto
  • 18. Veneto: Cuisine• Also, some notable desserts are: fritters, zaletti, Zaletti• Carnival galani and• pandoro from Verona• Tiramisu is also believed to originate in Treviso Tiramisu• Veneto is also a place for extensive and value production of red and white wines.
  • 20. Veneto: Famous People Andrea Palladio Marco Polo
  • 21. Veneto: Famous People Giacomo Casanova Tintoretto
  • 22. Festivals:Carnivale in February (Venice)
  • 23. Festivals: Historical Regattain September (Venice)
  • 24. Veneto: Famous BrandsUnited Colors of Benetton Diesel
  • 25. References• www.italia.it• http://www.veneto-explorer.com/facts-about-veneto.html• http://www.yourguidetoitaly.com/veneto.html• http://www.italyworldclub.com/veneto/padova/padova.htm• http://www.lifeinitaly.com/tourism/veneto/default.asp• http://www.italyguides.it/us/venice_italy/st_mark_s_square/piazza_san_mar co/st_mark_s_square.htm• whc.unesco.org• http://www.cadoro.org/sito/ing_museo.html• http://www.understandingitaly.com/regions/veneto.html• http://www.trevisoinfo.com/bonfires-veneto.htm