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This presentation is done by Zenda Laqui as one of her projects on ITALIAN REGIONS in her Italian 11 class (AY 2013-2014) at the University of the Philippines under Prof. Emanuela Adesini.

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  3. 3. LOCATION North-Western of Italy Third smallest region of Italy Genoa, the capital city Gallo-Romance language: Language on its own 2 coastlines:  (France to Genoa) = La Riviera di Ponente  (Italian peninsula) = La Riviera di Levante 4 provinces: Imperia, Savona, Genoa, La Spezia
  4. 4. ANCIENT LIGURIANS Settled in the area around 2000 BC Ligurians flee to the mountains because of the conquer of Celts and Romans Resisted Roman expansionism, last tribe to submit to Roman conquer Ligurians were farmers, sheperds, hunters Skilled in stone crafts Link with land was tied; valued this so much Belief associated in gods and elements (they would rather commit suicide that submit to Romans) Short,lean, nimble, harsh and strong men who could run very fast and were well-known sailor
  5. 5. ANCIENT LIGURIA Suitable for human setting and was crucial for both trading and seafaring, First traded with the Greeks, the Etruscans and the Carthaginians (adapted customs of civilization life) Became expert in maritime trade Extended their influence to Spain and to the centre of Italy Last tribe to submit to the Romans, but never totally submitted Liguria was one of the first places where the people established the power of local municipalities. Genoa soon obtained a predominant position and transformed it in the most powerful Marinaresque Republic in the Mediterranean Sea
  6. 6. LIGURIA It has an abundance of natural beauty "Paradise Gulf", "Siren bay", "Bay of silence", "Bay of fair y tales " Region of vineyards and olive groves that produce excellent extra - virgin olive oils and quality wines Flower production represents over 75% of the agriculture sector
  7. 7. GENOA Capital of Liguria The Por t of Genoa, with a trade volume of 58.6 million tonnes it is the first por t of Italy and considered as the busiest por t in Italy Genoa is also known as La Superba, ("the Superb one") and Dominante dei mari ("the Seas Queen") due to its glorious past Palazzo Ducale Strada Nuova ("New Street")
  8. 8. SMALL TOWNS SANREMO  Town of Flowers  Italian Music Festival  Municipal Casino: New games, sloth machines, green tables
  9. 9.  PORTOVENERE  It rises on a peninsula diving into the sea, considered a real "panoramic miracle" in the Gulf of La Spezia  Included in the UNESCO World Heritage because of its beauty San Pietro Church PORTOFINO LERICI SARZANA RECCO CAMOGLI VENTIMIGLIA
  10. 10. TRADITIONS Palio del Golfo (Race of the Gulf of La Spezia): Boat race of Liguria that is held for the manifestation Festa del Mare Sanremo in Fiore (Blooming Sanremo): Celebration of the Goddess Flora, organized as a wonder ful parade of coaches all decorated with fresh flower s.
  11. 11.  Procession of the Good Friday of Savona: Devoted Christians, interested tourists and many other people come to see this religious rite, that is held ever y two year s . Tor ta dei Fieschi (Fieschi’s Cake): A representation of a wedding that was supposedly held in 1 230 between Count Opizzo Fiesco and Bianca de Bianchi. Wedding did not really happen, so people in this celebration end up feasting and pretending as if the wedding happened. Cake is ser ved to ever yone at the end.
  12. 12. TOURIST SPOTS CINQUE TERRE: Par t of UNESCO World Heritage Corniglia Riomaggiore Monterosso Manarola Vernazza al Mare
  13. 13.  GULF OF THE POETS (Gulf of La Spezia)  Many famous poets, writers and artists spent their holidays or part of their life in the villages and small towns of this gulf, enchanted by the superb and peaceful beauty of this earthly paradise.  David Herbert Lawrence, the poet Lord Byron, the writer Percy Bysshe Shelley, the writer and painter George Sand  Italian writers Petrarca, Montale, Gabriele D’Annunzio and Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
  14. 14.  GENOA AQUARIUM  Created by Renzo Piano  Under the sea tour in the largest Italian aquarium; 2 nd largest in the world
  15. 15. FAMOUS PEOPLE CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS  Born in Genoa, 1451  Italian explorer who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492, hoping to find a route to India (in order to trade for spices).  He made a total of four trips to the Caribbean and South America during the years 1492-1504 FABRIZIO DE ANDRÉ  Famous Italian singer and songwriter born in Genoa
  16. 16.  GIUSEPPE GARIBALDI  He was an extremely important person for the unification of Italy  Dedicated life to fight for freedom GIUSEPPE MAZZINI  A very active patriot, who fought for the unification of Italy.  The nation had to be: "One, independent, free republic ". Both fought for the same thing, but of different means.
  17. 17.  GOFFREDO MAMELI  Played important parts in insurrectional movements and the Risorgimento (Italian Unification); Served in the army of Garibaldi with Bixio  Author of "Il Canto degli Italiani“, Italian National Anthem  Died at 22 because of a leg injury that got infected NINO BIXIO  He joined the “Giovane Italia”, a secret political society founded by Mazzini  Became captain under Garibaldi
  18. 18.  NICCOLÒ PAGANINI  Controversial Genoese violinist, guitarist and composer.  His great virtuosity was considered a mysterious pact with the devil PAOLO VILLAGGIO  The famous Fantozzi, the cult of Italian cinematography  Created his most famous character Ugo Fantozzi out of his personal experience when he worked as clerk for the Italsider steel major
  19. 19.  RENZO PIANO  World wide known architect  Thee work in progress building known all over the world is the Shard London Bridge, also known as the London Bridge Tower.  It is planed to be finished in 2012, and will be the tallest building in the United Kingdom, and one of the tallest in Europe.
  20. 20. CUISINE Liguria is the home of extra virgin olive oil Home of the Mediterranean diet: Olive oil, pasta, fruit, vegetables, fish, white and red meat, legumes, and wine Trenette at Pesto Wines: Ormeasco, Bianchetta, Albarola Sea dishes: Fish soups like ciuppin and buridda Meat dishes: Cima genovese (cold stuffed veal)
  21. 21.  Torta Pasqualina (Easter pie): Thin pastry stuffed with greens, cheese and eggs Fugassa: A soft and thick focaccia covered with onion slices and olive-oil Amaretti (Italian macaroons): Traditional desserts Pandolce Genovese: Sweet christmas bread Farinata: Flat bread or pancake
  22. 22. CUISINE BurridaCiuppin
  23. 23. Trenette al Pesto Bianchetta Wine
  24. 24. Cima Genovese Torta Pasqualina (Easter pie)
  25. 25. AmarettiFugassa
  26. 26. Pandolce Genovese (Christmas sweet bread) Farinata (Pancake/ Flat bread)
  27. 27. SOURCES http://pilgrim.ecg- -italy/liguria.html