2011 State of Partnering Executive Discussion


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This body of vendor-focused research contains a broad assortment of reflections on the challenges, priorities, metrics and investments of technology vendors as they attempt to invest and go to market with and through various indirect channels. In an unprecedented response of 100 unique vendors globally, our respondents this year reflect not bullish, unbridled growth but a refreshing optimism on the impact and strategic value of partners.

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2011 State of Partnering Executive Discussion

  1. 1. A Year for Sales Training and People Executive SummaryAmazon Consulting 2011 1 Elevate the Impact of Your Partners The only company that takes a holistic approach to designing, implementing and automating partner models to increase awareness and sales Based in Mountain View, CA • Boston, Florida, Portland • London, Dubia, Singapore Founded in 1998 • 14th year of business • Over 300 satisfied clients Variety of partner types • System integrators • Solution providers • Alliances • Distributors • Retail • Developers • OEMs • Cloud Amazon Consulting 2011 2
  2. 2. Research Overview 5th Annual Study 100 unique vendors responding  heavy software orientation  larger organizations (>$1b)  34% outside of N. America Global perspective (51%) Broad array of plans and priorities Amazon Consulting 2011 3 What Continues? What’s New?  Increased focus on  Resellers are still Service Providers and ures primary focus engage  Q lit vs. quantity; no MSPs rtner program structu Quality tit  Cloud engagement widespread recruitment models emerge  Big focus on enablement  Priority of sales training  Clarifying services and certification enable engagement models  Sharing of services IP Global par Focus on business  Planning to drive planning profitabilityevaluate High ROI expectations for  Investment in high-touch partnering investment partner-facing staff Amazon Consulting 2011 4
  3. 3. Resellers Are Still Most Strategic Partner TypeMSPs and service providers growing in importance 2011 2010 Resellers Systems Integrators (regional or global) MSPs Service Providers/Carriers ISVs (including Saas developers) Influencers/Consultants Corporate resellers (large account resellers) OEMs Direct marketers (DMRs) Training partners (creating curriculum and/or delivering training) Which partner segments are most strategic to your company’s partnering efforts in 2011? Amazon Consulting 2011 5Service Providers and CarriersVendors are actively engaging these partner types Existing partner type, we will continue to recruit and enable Not applicable to our partnering model Big focus for us, we will actively engage and recruit them Not strategic to our partner segmentation, we will continue to be handled opportunistically Handled as a customer (sell-in), we are transitioning to be managed as a partner segment Describe the positioning of Service Providers/Carriers to your partnering program in 2011? Amazon Consulting 2011 6
  4. 4. SaaS/CloudNearly half plan on exclusively leveraging partners Sell tech. to partner to build p their own services; no direct services Direct cloud service, with partners as agents or brokers Direct cloud service, with p partners as resellers Still formulating our cloud partner strategy What is your companys position on offering IT as a service or cloud-related services in 2011? Amazon Consulting 2011 7 Overall Priorities – 5 Year Trends 2007 2008 2009 2010 20111. Partner 1. Partner 1. Delivering 1. Increase 1. Increasing Recruitment enablement sales & sales sales2. Building a 2. Ease of technical competency competency global doing training 2. Recruiting 2. Partners partner business 2. Value- partners to investing in program 3. Profiling of based fill market build solutions3. Overhaul of partners programs gaps 3. Being easier to main 3. Ease of 3. Increase do business channel doing technical with program business competency Amazon Consulting 2011 8
  5. 5. Skills Improvement Pre-sales prospecting skills and selling to LOB Doing effective pre-sales discovery Understanding needs and selling value to line-of-business decision makers Developing a vertical solution or vertical selling approach to key industries Enhancing technical skills with some deeper product technical specialization Selling and marketing an annuity-based service based on our technology Enhancing post-sales professional services delivery Where do you feel your channel partners have the greatest areas for skills improvement in 2011? Amazon Consulting 2011 9Holistic Partner Enablement Marketing skillsPartner Self-Sufficiency Service delivery skills Industry expertise Technical skills S Sales/prospecting skills Business Acumen Amazon Consulting 2011 10
  6. 6. Partner Profitability PlansFocus on business planning and lead generation Engaging in business planning - build new or more profitable services Doing more lead generation for/with partners Offering new services for partners to sell or deliver Offering more performance incentives (front or back-end) 2011 Simplifying our programs or reduce administrative costs 2010 Streamlining our training and certification EODB programs Reducing the number of partners - more exclusive selling regions for our top partners Working to eliminate P2P channel conflict What are your major plans in the area of partner profitability for 2011? (check top three) Amazon Consulting 2011 11Professional Services EngagementSharing of services IP and co-selling to mentor continue to be prioritized Partners as sales agentsCo-sell andco-delivery Sharing of IP; partners deliver Partners sell and prime 2009 2010 2011 Amazon Consulting 2011 12
  7. 7. Partner Coverage Model Increase in field-based sales, technical SE resources Add field partner reps Add bz. dev. reps for business planning & enablement Add SEs to work with on deal support & architecting solution Add phone partner reps Change coverage ratios (+/-) Add phone-based help desk to support program What changes are you planning to make in 2011 to your partner coverage model? Amazon Consulting 2011 13Return on InvestmentPartner mgmt. staff, discounts and deal registration return highest ROI Partner facing staff Reselling discounts Deal registration incentives Market development funds Performance incentives and rebates Subsidized sales/technical training Funded headcount at the partner / distributor Channel financing programs Which of these various partnering financial investments gave you the greatest ROI in 2010? (choose top four) Amazon Consulting 2011 14
  8. 8. Declare Your Cloud Strategy NOW Develop a clear vision and engagement model to motivate partner investment Do Real Planning, Not Profiling Create a collaborative process with mutual accountability Holistically Enable Partners Create a scorecard to measure and advance overall skills: business acumen sales, marketing, technical, services and solution development Radical Simplification Audit A dit program complexity t understand specific bottleneck processes l it to d t d ifi b ttl k Optimize Partner Support Assess spend across all options: discount, enablement and support Amazon Consulting 2011 15Research Background We had a record-breaking 100 unique vendors respond to this year’s study. Their profiles in aggregate are detailed below: Annual Revenues Geography Focus Product Mix The Complete Report This eBook encapsulates an Executive Summary of the findings from this research. The complete report is available for free to all subscribers to the Amazon Consulting PartnerG2 market intelligence subscription service. Visit the Amazon Consulting Resource Center at www.amazonconsulting.com for full details. Established in 1997, Amazon Consulting, LLC, (Mountain View, CA) increases the impact of partnering by designing, implementing and automating effective partner models. Amazon Consulting’s clients entrust them to formulate growth strategies, build route-to- market models, perform competitive benchmarks, design partner programs, facilitate partner advisory councils, and provide temporary experts for project management and program execution. For clients looking to optimize the partner relationships and improve organizational efficiencies, Amazon Consulting offers PartnerPath, a modular partner management automation system. For more details visit us at www.amazonconsulting.com. Amazon Consulting 2011 16 16
  9. 9. Channels and Alliance Intelligence Service Research, Analysis, Tools and Expert Advice To Guide Your Partnering Success Sample Topics and Tools in the PartnerG2 Library Exclusive Primary Research • Partner Collaboration and the Impact of Social Media studies based on critical • Training and Certification Investment ROI partnering topics - today’s • Innovative Partner Segmentation & Business Models and tomorrow’s • Effective Multi-channel Strategies • Optimizing Go-to-Market Models Thought Leadership Briefs • The IT Talent Shortage & the Impact on Channels Best practices and • Global Partner Program Models partnering trends • Partner Training & Enablement Strategies • Two-tier Distribution Models & Service Trends • SI Management: Best Practices The Complete Library • Managing Channel Conflict of partnering tools, templates and thought • Three Stages of Partner Development leadership materials • Standard contract templates Annual Corporate Subscription - unlimited usersAmazon Consulting 2011 17