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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. SAP Solutions on AWSSteven Jones, AWSWillian Herreira, SAP
  • 2. Agenda Explore the SAP/AWS Partnership Which SAP Solutions are certified use on AWS How does AWS enable SAP solutions? • Sizing • Disaster Recovery • Rapid Deployments • Improve Time-to-Market • Save significant Costs • Enable your customers Explore real customer examples Where do you go from here?
  • 3. What are Businesses Running on AWS? Business Applications Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, IBM Line-of-Business Applications Digital Media Distribution Web Applications Gaming, Social Media Media Sharing Big Data & Analytics for Consumer Web High Performance Genome Sequencing Computing Large Scale Batch Processing Backup & Recovery Disaster Recovery & Disaster Recovery Archive Archive
  • 4. Hundreds of Thousands of Customers in 190 Countries
  • 5. SAP Solutions Certified for Production on AWS SAP Solutions SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solutions SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions SAP Business All-in-One solutions New! SAP Afaria version 7 or higher New!SAP Note 1656099 - SAP on AWS: Supported products, platforms and landscapes
  • 6. SAP Certified for Productive UseOperating Systems Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 or higher SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 or higher Windows Server 2008 R2 New!Database Platforms SAP MaxDB™ 7.8 or later DB2 Version 9.7 or higher Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 New!
  • 7. What Can I Do With SAP on AWS That I Couldn’t Do Before?
  • 8. SAP PeakQuick Sizer Demand? Sizing Growth? SAPS
  • 9. Size Your Infrastructure in Real TimeInfrastructure Cost $ Pay Only for What You Use! Large Customer Capital Dissatisfaction Expenditure Predicted Demand Opportunity Traditional Cost Hardware Wastage Actual Demand Cloud Elasticity time
  • 10. Merrifield Garden Centers Background: Merrifield Garden Center, one of the largest and most complete garden nurseries in the US with over 750 employees needed an ERP solution to manage inventory, purchasing and accounts. The Challenge: A new SAP Business All-In-One ERP customer Limited IT resources Needed a fully managed solution Seasonal Demand “Our IT operations were simply not keeping pace with the rapid growth of our business,” said Bryan Moore IT Merrifield’s Approach: Director at Merrifield Garden Center. “Running our Outsource in order to stay out of the IT business SAP Business All-in-One solution on AWS, with Had SAP Partner, Protera, implement and systems integrator Savantis and managed services operate SAP A1 on AWS provider Protera, provided dependable infrastructure Use the cloud as a utility computing and offered an affordable solution that enhanced environment security and the flexibility needed to scale up and Leveraged multi-datacenter infrastructure at no additional cost scale down during seasonal demand swings.”
  • 11. Disaster Recovery
  • 12. Background: Viskase® is a worldwide leader in the supply of cellulose, fibrous and plastic casings. Viskase® manages a global sales and distribution network that reaches virtually every country of the world.The Challenge: Better SLA’s for system up-time, Disaster Recovery, and telecommunications Lack of DR solution for critical ERP environment Required an infrastructure that would support a global user base for both primary and DR sites SAP Landscape Limited technical SAP experts in-house for 7x24x365 support SAP ERP on Windows Oracle 9.2Approach: 600GB Database Continue hosting production in traditional data center 600 users globally Leverage the AWS cloud platform for DR services, operated by SAP partner Protera
  • 13. Viskase – SAP DR on AWS PlatformProtera Primary SAP systems ResultsCloud Speed of implementation SAN SAN SAN Subnets Router SAN VPN Gateway VM VM VM VM Reliability Protera Data Economic Savings Center (Miami) Isolated D/R failover site (AWS resources) Amazon VPC Subnets Secure VPN Viskase Connections over VPN Router Office the Internet Gateway(Chicago) AWS Secure VPN US-EAST Connection (IPSEC) Region (Virginia) Customer’s Network
  • 14. Log Shipping every 5 minutes SAP EC2 ReplicatedSystem Instance DB Data
  • 15. Rapid Provisioning of Additional SAP Environments Replicated EC2 Oracle Instance DB Data New EC2 Instance SAP Application
  • 16. Rapid Prototyping andProof of Concept projects
  • 17. SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) Run Better, FasterWillian HerreiraJulho de 2012
  • 18. Soluções de Rápida Implementação – IdeiaCentralMetodologia do ProjetoAlgumas ofertas do Portfolio
  • 19. RDS – Qual é a ideia central? VS.
  • 20. O que as empresas mais precisam…EFICIENCIA INOVAÇÃO
  • 21. Economia de tempo e custos com Modelos de Entrega de Projetos Industrializados 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Projetos Business Prep Realização Testes Go-live Tradicionais Blueprint Pelo menos 40% do tempo RDS e esforços reduzidos comparados com escopos Início Realização Go-Live similares de projetos tradicionaisBlueprint Realização Testes■ Escopo Fixo ■ Melhores Práticas já configuradas e documentadas ■ Templates de Casos de Testes■ Business Blueprint pronto para uso ■ Entrega de Configurações através de transportes e ■ Template de Suporte Operacional■ Processos de Melhores Práticas BC Sets ■ Documentação e Suporte Operacional disponível Operational
  • 22. RDS – Lista de materiais  Business configuration checks  Download links in software download center Software   License material number Archiving documentation  Dashboards  Forms  Building-block configuration guides  Building-block descriptions  Business Functions  Configuration activities  Execution activities Conteúdo de  Master data procedures  BC Sets Implantação  eCATTs  Roles  List of all the Software Required  Process descriptions  SAP Solution Manager template  Business process Documentation  Test plans and scripts  Consultant delivery guide  Delivery acceptance criteria and signoff Serviço  Delivery model - roles and responsibilities  Pre-delivery requirements and checklist  Scoping questionnaire  Service WBS, schedule, and effort estimation  Statement of work  Master service description  Service one-pager  Executive package overview  One-pager Capacitação  Package detail presentation  Package overview presentation  Package presentation recordings  Process-flow documents and recordings
  • 23. Algumas ofertas do portfolio de RDS
  • 24. Duração do Projeto (Semanas) Portfolio RDS : Linha de CRM *Variações dependem do escopo NEW = Lançados no Q3 de 2012 NEW Installation/Preparation 8-10 Webchannel para vendas B2B Applications Práticas mais aplicadas para gestão de CRM Sales Service CRM NEW 10-14 11 ordens de compra no B2B and Marketing Gestão de Serviços Solução preconfigurada para gestão e 7+ Business Communication Management CRM – Vendas, Marketing e Serviços abertura de chamados, recloamações e retornos Solução de Call Center integrada com o SAP CRM Aplicativos de produtividade para vendasMobility 8 SAP CRM RDS for Mobile Sales 8 Mobility Apps and Infrastructure • Notificação de Ordem de Venda Acesse informações do ECC usando • Clientes e contatos Equipe seu time de vendas com uma aplicativos de vendas usando a plataforma • Disponibilidade de Material solução de CRM móvel de mobilidade SAP • Status da ordem de vendasTechnologyDatabase & 10+ Migração de Dados para CRM 5 Segmentação de Clientes com HANA 5+ Analise de Pipeline com HANA Migração de dados do sistema legado para o Acelere a criação de grupos de clientes alvo Visibilidade de oportunidades em tempo real SAP CRM rápido, com baixo risco e preço com grandes massas de informação e eleboração de relatórios pesados. acessível Relatórios Operacionais com HANA- 8+ CRM Analytics w HANA 6 Vendas / Dashboard Análise de grandes massas de dado com o Decisões em tempo real com base nos BW usando HANA relatórios em tempo real do ECCCloud Analytics 15 CRM Analytics Net Margin Analysis NEW NEW Sentiment Intelligence Analyze Sales data from SAP CRM via Provide insight into net margin and to help with Combinação estruturada de dados não dashboards and easy reports. target high-value customers with the optimal estruturados para medir a percepção do product mixes to improve margin. mercado sobre a marca. Cloud-based for RDS Inicie a implementação na nuvem e migre para uma plataforma local.
  • 25. Exemplo de uso do RDS : First Energy Regularizando a gestão com RDS  Caminho suave para regularização das necessidades do negócio >  Ganho de tempo e redução de custos, redução dos riscos trabalhando com o fabricante do software  Os investimentos aconteceram respeitando as demais prioridades da empresa. Projetos Pendentes License  Services  CRM Release 2 – Marketing CRM – Gestão de Contratos CRM Enhancements  $900K   Data Migration Services (T&M)CRM & BCM RDS LicensesCRM & BCM RDS Services SUP Install/Config (CDP/Sybase)Additional Services (T&M) Sybase/Afaria License 1 ANO
  • 26. Duração do Projeto (Semanas) Portfolio RDS: Compras e Fornecedores *Variações dependem do escopo NEW = Lançados no Q3 de 2012 SRM RDS for Self-Service 12 Engineered service for SAP Installation/Preparation 10 Procurement 6-11 RDS for Operational Sourcing Sourcing/CLM (on premise or cloud)Applications Executar busca estratégica, RFx, atividades Acompanha as melhores práticas de de negociação viculadas e integradas a Gestão de contratos com fornecedores operações de compras. operação de comprars. 7 Engineered service for SAP Supplier 10 Engineered service for enhanced Supplier Lifecycle Management Collaboration Cadastramento de fornecedores, qualificação, Colaboração con fornecedores, ponto de preparação, classificação e distribuição. venda eletrônico, aviso de envio e Notas 8 Database & Mobility Mobility Apps and Infrastructure Acesse informações do ECC usando SAP Productivity Apps aplicativos de vendas usando a plataforma • Aprovação de compras de mobilidade SAP Technology NEW ERP Operational reporting 10+ Data Migration for ERP with HANA Migrar os dados mais antigos ao SAP ERP Decisões em tempo real com base nos mais rapidamente, com um preço acessível e relatórios em tempo real do ECC com baixo riscoAnalytics 10 RDS for Spend Performance Management Monitoramento de despesas e acompanhamento dos KPI Cloud Cloud-based Quick-start for RDS Inicie a implementação na nuvem e migre para uma plataforma local.
  • 27. Improve Agility & Time-to- Market
  • 28. Consider SAP Installation Projects..Hardware sizing Software DownloadsHardware procurement Database InstallationNetwork Planning SAP System installationStorage Planning SP/EhpX installationRack/Stack Base configurationBurn-in Enhancement ActivationInstallation Planning Custom Code
  • 29. Amazon Machine AWS Image (AMI) CloudFormation Significant reduction in time for + = deployments from weeks to minutes with consistency, repeatability, &• Software • Landscape reliability Installations configuration• Best practices • Network layout• Configuration • Security Policies• … • …
  • 30. SAP HANA & Sybase Unwired Platforms on AWS Ready to use/pre-configured HANA or SUP developer environments with a few clicks Incorporated installation best practices from SAP No SAP license costs Ability to scale from one instance size to another as development/testing requirements change SCN Community-based support
  • 31. SAP on the AWS MarketplaceSAP BusinessObjects business intelligencesolutions• Can be purchased directly on AWS Marketplace• Customers billed for a monthly subscription and for hourly usage• Support offerings available through SAP certified partner Decision First TechnologiesSAP Afaria Mobile Device Management• Fully configured Afaria 7 server• Customers can use existing licenses (BYOL).• Customers without licenses can receive a license that enables a 30-day free trial.
  • 32. Reduce TCO
  • 33. AWS Enables Lower TCO for SAP EnvironmentsIndustry research finds that running SAP applications on AWSprovides infrastructure cost savings of up to 69% compared to thesame solution on-premises. VMS AG TCO study
  • 34. Problem Solution BenefitsKnown availability issues Migrated Microsoft Reduced time-to-market byin the primary datacenter SharePoint production to reducing server provisioning time from 5 weeks to 2 days AWSSanta Monica datacenter Lessened environmentalran out of capacity Deployed SAP ERP Dev demands with power & cooling & Test environments onCost and complexity of AWS Freed up IT resources thatbuilding a new are now focused on solvingdatacenter were Ready to move SAP business problemsprohibitive ERP production to AWS Saved an estimated $1M+ over three years since starting with AWS in 2010.
  • 35. Provide Value to the Customer
  • 36. Emergency Medicine Business Intelligence (EMBI)Background Emergency Medicine Business Intelligence (EMBI) provides HIPAA compliant analytic tools for hospital emergency departments to monitor productivity, utilization and patient care.The Challenge: “Cloud computing allows hospitals the ability to Limited IT resources buy mission critical software and hardware as a Need for greater scalability service instead of trying to manage demand internally,” said Scott Richards, CEO at EMBI. Needed ability to manage costs by turning capital expenses into variable operating expenses. “Deploying SAP Business Objects BI solutions on AWS, with solution provider Decision First Technologies, allows us to leverage industry-EMBI’s Approach: leading business intelligence toolsets to provide Development of the solution involved use of Microsoft SQL Server our customers web-based, on-demand, key 2008 R2 Standard and SAP BusinessObjects. performance metrics they need to manage their Leveraged implementation partner Decision First Technologies operations and business. With these solutions our emergency department clients are able to SAP Business Objects “out-of–the-box” analytics dashboard and key performance metrics solution monitors and benchmarks every focus on providing a higher level of service to aspect of a hospital’s emergency department (ED). This includes their customers.” patient care, turn-around times, productivity, utilization, satisfaction, revenue cycle, and risk. Twelve hospital emergency departments live on their platform.
  • 37. SAP Uses AWS Internally Cloud Usage at SAP - Posted by Frank Stienhans on Sep 30, 2011“More and more I hear thatthe significantinfrastructure cost savingis actually less interestingcompared to theempowerment of our userbase. Counting minutesinstead of weeks.”
  • 38. Next StepsIt’s time to build your cloud strategy for SAPLaunch a test drive/demo environment• SAP Afaria @• SAP HANA @ -> SAP HANA• SUP @ -> SAP MobilitySet up a proof of concept/sandbox environmentContact us:
  • 39. Large Partner Ecosystem System Integrators Independent Software Vendors
  • 40. SAP Related Resources on AWS Case Studies Whitepapers SAP Notes Support Information Service Providers
  • 41. Thank You!