Diferencial Competitivo, Inovação e Cloud Computing na Indústria Financeira


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  • Mobilidade, E-commerce, Mídias Sociais, Big Data e Computação em Nuvem
  • Maiores requerimentos de capital – Basiléia IIIRedução do spread bancário com taxas de juros menores e mais competiçãoAumento da aversão ao risco devido à crise
  • Until then no one really used it in the real worldsuddenly, you have to deal with infrastructure
  • Vantagemcompetitivasignificater um custorelativomenorouumadiferenciaçãoquepermitapreçosmaioresou ambos. A sequencia de atividadesque a empresarealizaparaprojetar, produzir, vender, entregar e suportarseusprodutos é chamada de cadeia de valor. Vantagem competitiva é uma diferença em preço relativo, custo relativo ou ambos que resulta por causa de diferenças nas atividades realizadas pela cadeias de valor da empresa.
  • Small sliver of the enterprises running on us
  • The solution chosen was Amazon Web Services with partner Dedalus. The biggest benefits identified were cost reduction with 100% uptime. The Pão de Açúcar Group uses the services of AWS and Dedalus for hosting several sites, hot sites, blogs and Intranets in AWS EC2 instances, some of them running on LAMP environment, S3 storage and support services of GOLD Dedalus.
  • With the elasticity of AWS, you no longer need to forecast demand and buy up front. You get the ability to scale up to meet the needs of spiky workloads, but then give that capacity back when the spike is over. Whether your dealing with annual spikes like the December retail boom, monthly or quarterly spikes associated with accounting workloads, or unpredictable spikes associated with web marketing, or any other situation where demand changes over time, cloud has considerable advantage over the traditional IT investment model.
  • The second benefit is that we’re offering at lower total cost. Since we invest and operate at such high scale, we pay less per unit than most anybody else in the IT industry. We run our business on a high volume, low margin basis, which is also quite unique. The combination of high scale and low margins allows us to pass significant savings along to all of our customers. A proof point of this is the 26 price reductions that we’ve announced over timeCitar o Amazon Redshift: um TCO 10 vezes mais barato que soluções de DW tradicionais.
  • We see our customers do amazing things when they reduce the cost of experimentation- it moves IT from being a roadblock, where each idea costs lots of money and takes lots of time, to being an enabler where you can launch a speculative project quickly and cheaply. It allows firms to take more chances on ideas, and gives them a shot at winning big, as opposed to being scared to even try.
  • “We need security, availability and performance all the time, with a cost effective solution”, says Guilherme Horn, CEO and founder of ÓRAMA.“With AWS we turned infrastructure investments into variable costs”, says Guilherme Horn, CEO and founder of ÓRAMA.
  • According to Forrester research, a large majority of survey respondents that say they have a private cloud, aren’t doing many of the things that define having a cloud. Self service, automation, visibility to resource consumption and chargeback are largely missing from most environments that are called private cloud.
  • While there is talk of private cloud being just as good as public cloud, the big benefits that our customers enjoy just aren’t possible with gear that goes in your data center, even if it has private cloud attributes. Since you have to buy the equipment up front, from high margin vendors and run it in a data center that you rent or own, the big cost and operational benefits just aren’t possible in a private cloud model.
  • Amazon Web Services is steadily expanding its global infrastructure to help customers achieve lower latency and higher throughput. As our customers grow their businesses, AWS will continue to provide infrastructure that meets their global requirements.
  • You can choose to deploy and run your applications in multiple physical locations within the AWS cloud. Amazon Web Services are available in geographic Regions. When you use AWS, you canspecify the Region in which your data will be stored, instances run, queues started, and databases instantiated.For most AWS infrastructure services, including Amazon EC2, there are eight regions: US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Northern California), EU (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Singapore) and Asia Pacific (Tokyo), AWS GovCloud (US), US West (Oregon), and South America (Sao Paulo).Within each Region are Availability Zones (AZs). Availability Zones are distinct locations that are engineered to be insulated from failures in other Availability Zones and provide inexpensive, low latency network connectivity to other Availability Zones in the same Region. By launching instances in separate Availability Zones, you can protect yourapplications from a failure (unlikely as it might be) that affects an entire zone. Regions consist of one or more Availability Zones, are geographically dispersed, and are in separate geographic areas or countries. The Amazon EC2 service level agreement commitment is 99.95% availability for each Amazon EC2 Region.
  • Until then no one really used it in the real worldsuddenly, you have to deal with infrastructure
  • Amazon sponsored a study by IDC where they interviewed a group of our customers to get a sense of the results they get from using AWS. The results were quite favorable, with the aggregate numbers showing significant cost savings, combined with better results in terms of reduced downtime. We’re proud to deliver both benefits simultaneously- that we don’t sacrifice quality to reduce costs, and are most proud that our customers can demonstrate the benefits. We encourage you to read this full report to get the full details- it’s available on our website.
  • Diferencial Competitivo, Inovação e Cloud Computing na Indústria Financeira

    1. 1. Computação em Nuvem comodiferencial competitivo na redução decustos, agilidade e inovaçãoJosé PapoAWS Tech Evangelistjosepapo@amazon.com@josepapo
    2. 2. “Todos os mercados estão sendo transformados pela nova onda digital”http://www.amazon.com.br/Digital-Disruption-Unleashing-Innovation-ebook/dp/B009L7QD1S/
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    4. 4. Internet Trends 2013 - http://www.kpcb.com/insights/2013-internet-trends
    5. 5. Internet Trends 2013 - http://www.kpcb.com/insights/2013-internet-trends
    6. 6. http://www.amazon.com.br/The-End-Competitive-Advantage-ebook/dp/B00AXS5EBY/
    7. 7. Carta Capital – Edição 750 – Maio de 2013
    8. 8. Basiléia III
    9. 9. Risco
    10. 10. Taxa de Juros e Spread
    11. 11. Como continuar ocrescimento?
    12. 12. http://www.amazon.com.br/The-Innovators-Solution-Sustaining-ebook/dp/B004OC07GW
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    15. 15. Novos Modelos de Negóciohttp://www.amazon.com.br/Business-Model-Generation-Visionaries-ebook/dp/B00BD6RFFS
    16. 16. “Instituições financeiras podem reduzir até 50% de seus custoscom uma infraestrutura compartilhada de TI” – The Economist
    17. 17. A Nuvem é o alavancador das novas tendências tecnológicas
    18. 18. “Para sobreviver no mercado, empresas precisamcontinuamente realocar recursos de processos demanutenção para processos de inovação.”
    19. 19. Acelerando o boom das startups e novos devices
    20. 20. Otimizando as Grandes Corporações
    21. 21. E na América Latina
    22. 22. Centenas de clientes no Governo
    23. 23. Samsung reduziu drasticamente seus custos com a AWSEconomizou $34 Milhões 85% de economia versus modelo tradicional
    24. 24. Pão de Açúcar reduziu custos e melhorou performance“Reduzimos nossos custos emelhoramos nosso uptime emdiversos sites do Grupo” –Júlio Baião, CTO do Grupo Pãode Açúcar
    25. 25. DesperdícioClientesInsatisfeitosDemanda AtualDemanda PrevistaTradicional CloudDemanda atualAWSRedução de Custos via Elasticidade
    26. 26. Somos obcecados em ajudar nossos clientes a economizar
    27. 27. Redução de Custos via preços baixosEscala nos permite reduzirpreços continuamenteEstamos acostumados a trabalharem um negócio de altos volumes ebaixas margensNós sempre passamosnossas economias de escalaa nossos clientes
    28. 28. Shell usa a AWS para aumentar significativamente sua agilidadeTime RemotoTime InternoRecursos ExtrasTime de Outsourcing
    29. 29. Aumentando aagilidade, a TI deixade ser vista como…
    30. 30. E passa a ser vista como tendo…
    31. 31. Nasdaq usa AWS para criar um novo serviço para hedge funds
    32. 32. Inovação: Experimentação Rápida com Custo e Risco BaixoOn-PremisesMenos ExperimentosFalhar é caroMenos InovaçãoExperimenta maisFalha rápido com custo baixoMais Inovação$ MilhõesCentenasou Milhares
    33. 33. Órama atinge os 3 objetivos ao estar 100% na Nuvem da AWS“Precisamos de segurança, disponibilidade eperformance com uma solução de baixo custo.A AWS nos oferece todos esses benefícios” –Guilherme Horn, CEO da Órama
    34. 34. “A Vasta Maioria das‘Nuvens Privadas’ não sãoNuvens”http://cio.uol.com.br/tecnologia/2013/02/27/maioria-das-201cnuvens-privadas201d-nao-o-e-realmente/
    35. 35. As empresas que estão adotando Nuvens “Privadas”dentro de casa não estão atingindo seus objetivosForrester Foresights Survey data , Q3 2012PortaisSelf-ServiceAutomação deRecursos Gestão de Recursos Administração deCustosVocê implementou essasfuncionalidades de Nuvem? 24% 27% 29% 14%
    36. 36. Os benefícios da Nuvem são possíveis somente NA NUVEMPague conformeo uso realCustos MaisBaixosCapacidadeinfinita sobdemandaAgilidade /Velocidade /InovaçãoDiminui o pesoda gestão dehardware /softwareEscala Globalem minutos✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔Nuvem“Privada” X X X X X X
    37. 37. Amazon VPCRegião AWSSubrede públicaSubredeprivadaDataCenterMatrizZona de Disponibilidade 1Zona de disponibilidade 2SubsidiáriasVPN GatewayGatewayInternetGatewayAmazon S3 Amazon SimpleDB Amazon SES Amazon SQS“Nuvem Privada não precisa serdentro de casa” - Gartner10GArquitetura Híbrida com a AWSLink Dedicado
    38. 38. E construída com altos padrões de segurançaInfraestrutura de Segurança AWSSOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402,ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ITAR,FISMA Moderate, FIPS 140-2, FedRAMPSuasApps
    39. 39. Infraestrutura GlobalUS West(NorthernCalifornia)US East(NorthernVirginia)EU(Ireland)AsiaPacific(Singapore)AsiaPacific(Tokyo)Regiões AWSPontos Edge AWSGovCloud(US ITARRegion)US West(Oregon)SouthAmerica(Sao Paulo)AsiaPacific(Australia)
    40. 40. Regiões da AWS e Zonas de DisponibilidadeCliente pode decidir onde suas aplicações e dados residem
    41. 41. Aberta, flexível e suportada pelos principais fornecedoresSistemas Operacionais Linguagens e Bibliotecas Aplicações Certificadas
    42. 42. AWS CloudHSMAcesso dedicado aappliances HSMcom o controle daschaves pelo clienteEC2 InstanceAWS CloudHSMAWS CloudHSM
    43. 43. White Papers
    44. 44. 4X Mais Confiável e até 1/4 do Custo de Infra Tradicionalhttp://media.amazonwebservices.com/idc_aws_business_value_report_2012.pdf
    45. 45. Storage custa menos na Nuvem que dentro de casa
    46. 46. Gartner “MagicQuadrant for Cloud Infrastructurea Service,” Lydia Leong, Douglas Toombs, Bob Gill, Gregor Petri, Tiny Hayn, October 18, 2012. This Magic Quadrant graphicwas published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research note and should be evaluated in the context of the entire report.. TheGartner report is availableupon request from Steven Armstrong (asteven@amazon.com). Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner researchpublications consist of the opinions of Gartners research organizationand should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartnerdisclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warrantiesof merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.AWS é considerada a líder em Cloud IaaS segundo o Gartner
    47. 47. Ferramentas para a inovação corporativa e startups!
    48. 48. Cloud Assessmentjosepapo@amazon.com
    49. 49. OBRIGADO!awshub.com.brslideshare.net/AmazonWebServicesLATAMJosé PapoAWS Tech Evangelist@josepapojosepapo@amazon.com
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