Success With Preconfigured Business Software from AWS Marketplace (SVC102) | AWS re:Invent 2013
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Success With Preconfigured Business Software from AWS Marketplace (SVC102) | AWS re:Invent 2013

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Whether you are deploying your preferred business application, networking software, or developer tool, AWS Marketplace provides a wide variety of well-known, preconfigured software , 1000+ listings......

Whether you are deploying your preferred business application, networking software, or developer tool, AWS Marketplace provides a wide variety of well-known, preconfigured software , 1000+ listings across 24 categories, that you can deploy with 1-Click and pay only for what you use, by the hour or month. In this session, you will learn how customers quickly discover, deploy and use complex software such as MongoDB for NoSQL database, Citrix Netscaler for application traffic management, Parallels Plesk Panel for web server management, NITRC for medical data analysis, Wowza media server for compressed streaming media, and more.

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  • 1. Fast, Simple, Familiar: Customer Success With Preconfigured Business Software from AWS Marketplace Robert Peterson Sr. Product Marketing Manager - AWS Marketplace November 15, 2013 © 2013, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. May not be copied, modified, or distributed in whole or in part without the express consent of, Inc.
  • 2. Agenda • Customer asks • Demo of Marketplace • Customer stories – – – – – #1: Jobaline - MongoDB cluster #2: 2ndWatch – Citrix Netscaler #3: University of Liege- NITRC #4: Sage Human Capital - Jaspersoft #5: – Alert Logic IDS • 3rd party software options on AWS • Get started • Q&A
  • 3. Customers want to find and run familiar, tested and tried software on AWS deploy software in minutes or hours, not weeks quickly evaluate software and editions to find what best fits my needs use best-of-breed software but without requiring a long-term commitment
  • 4. What customers are saying “Easy to set up and easy to use.” - janiesue1000 “This was an awesome alternative to the first time I installed Piwik. First time around, I uploaded the whole application into an EC2 instance and used the Piwik app to create a database instance. While I didn't think that could be much easier, this was about two clicks.” - Nicholas Mannella “The AMI was solid, and we were able to get to the admin UI and set up our configurations without any difficulty at all. Though the metaphor is broken, it worked right out of the box.”- David “Works flawlessly. Small bug in the beginning, super-fast support who resolved the issue very quickly. -Daniel Nitz “Where else can you launch a Redmine server and have it fully installed and running within 90 seconds? - cp
  • 5. DEMO
  • 6. - Startup - Running MongoDB NoSQL database - System Integrator - Running Citrix Netscaler for application traffic management - Academic Institution - Running NITRC for medical image processing - Executive search company - Running Jaspersoft to generate reports & dashboards Variety of customers & use cases - Startup - Running AlertLogic for intrusion detection
  • 7. Jobaline Deploys High-Performance MongoDB Cluster in Less Than One Day • Kirkland, WA start-up whose service allows workers to apply for hourly jobs from any computer, tablet or phone in Spanish or English • Experienced unexpectedly high traffic after the pilot launch, and had to quickly find an alternative to its on-premise single-node MongoDB deployment • Using MongoDB for AWS Marketplace, Jobaline deployed a complex MongoDB cluster in less than one day and manages more than 2,500 applicants per day
  • 8. MongoDB Replica Set AZ 1-A Secondary Node AZ 1-B Primary Node AZ 1-C Secondary Node
  • 9. AWS Marketplace Enables 2nd Watch to Quickly Experiment with Multiple Application Delivery Platforms • • • 2nd Watch (2W) is a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) and a leading provider of full-service cloud IT solutions Needed to find an application delivery platform for its client, Adobe Used AWS Marketplace to rapidly experiment with multiple software and software editions, and finally to deploy Citrix NetScaler for its client
  • 10. Load Balancer Configuration This is a diagram of the Load Balancer data flow in a single region TCP 22 TCP 80 TCP 443 UDP/TCP 53 Web Load Balancer Varnish Load Balancer ELB ELB Netscaler Netscaler Net Software X Scaler Platinum Standard 10.100 SNIP 10.101 Reverse Proxy 53 10.102 Reverse Proxy 22/80/443 10.103 Reverse Proxy 22/80/443 10.104 New DC 22/80/443 10.105 New DC 22/80/443 10.106 New DC 22/80/443 10.107 New DC 22/80/443 10.108 New DC 22/80/443 10.109 New DC 53 (TCP/UDP) 80 10.110 New DC 80 53 New DC 4730 New DC 80 80 24 80 80 4730 80 4730 9090 Reverse Proxy Targets: HTTP, HTTPS – Frequency: 30 Timeout: 20 Dublin -> Web - [] DNS - [] SFTP ---------– Frequency: 5 Timeout: 2 Virginia -> Web - [] DNS - [] Sydney -> Web - [] DNS - [] DNS ----------– Frequency: 5 Timeout: 4 ELB 9090 80 Monitor Values: New DC 9090 Sandbox Load Balancer SFTP 10.1.10.x DNS 10.1.10.x WEB 10.1.10.x Varnish 10.1.10.x CTM Mail 10.1.10.x Sandbox 10.1.10.x
  • 11. Using NITRC on AWS Marketplace, University of Liège Accelerates Parkinson’s Disease Research • University of Liège is a Belgian multidisciplinary research lab studying the brain’s function and structure • Needed a solution that would quickly and reliably conduct image processing for Parkinson’s research • Found the NITRC computational environment on AWS Marketplace, reducing time required to process neuroimaging data by 85%
  • 12. Sage Doubles its Monthly Revenue by Using Jaspersoft on AWS Marketplace • • • Sage is a next-generation executive search firm that offers full transparency to its clients Needed a reporting & dashboard solution to deliver insights to its clients Used AWS Marketplace to deploy the Jaspersoft on AWS reporting solution in hours. The solution was so popular with clients that it has doubled Sage’s monthly revenue
  • 13. Haydle Uses AWS Marketplace to Find Security Software at On-Demand Prices • • • is a recently launched productivity tool for teams Needed a cost-effective intrusion detection system that would be inexpensive and easy to install Used AWS Marketplace to buy Alert Logic IDS at on-demand pricing ($300/month); quickly provisioned and deployed the software
  • 14. Network Infrastructure Big Data Security Operating Systems Application Stacks 1100+ different software listings on AWS Marketplace
  • 15. Key Takeaways To quickly integrate with complex systems and benefit from speed and agility To easily test and experiment versions and configurations of software To deploy familiar software pre-configured for AWS Save costs by running commercial software and pay by the hour To find and discover security solutions to protect assets
  • 16. Get started today Q&A with Miki and Travis • Find, Research and Deploy Software – – Go to Discover through EC2 console • Easy to Purchase – – Simple pricing, no negotiations or lengthy contracts Hourly pricing, scale your usage up or down as needed • Integrated AWS Billing – – Use your AWS account to purchase Single bill for software and AWS services charges
  • 17. Please give us your feedback on this presentation SVC102 As a thank you, we will select prize winners daily for completed surveys!