Extending your Data Centre with AWS Sydney Customer Appreciation Day


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Simon Elisha's session for the Australia Customer Appreciation Day, November 13, 2012

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Extending your Data Centre with AWS Sydney Customer Appreciation Day

  1. 1. Extending Your Data Centre With AWS Simon Elisha – Principal Solution Architect
  2. 2. What if you could extend intothe cloud easily and securely?
  3. 3. You Can! Amazon VPC CorporateData Center
  4. 4. Models of Data Centre Extension Isolated project Expand existing systems into the cloud – no public exposure Expose systems to the public - hosted in the cloud Branch office access
  5. 5. Isolated Project! Dev/Test. Corporate Users!   Proof of Concept.!   “Fail Fast” projects.!   Time bound/ephemeral. Router & Firewall!   No need for internal system access of resources. AWS
  6. 6. Expanding Existing Systems Into The Cloud !   Leverage additional processing nodes. Corporate !   Host entire stack in the cloud with secure data centre Corporate Users LAN/WAN access. •  E.g. Sharepoint, CMS, CRM, etc ! Dev/Test. Router & Firewall !   Disaster Recovery. !   Big Data analysis. VPN Connection !   Use existing management tools. !   No Internet access to systems. AWS
  7. 7. Expanding Systems Into The Cloud, withPublic Internet Access!   Enable access by customers/partners to Corporate systems. data centre Corporate Users!   Enable internal systems to be involved and accessed by applications. Router & Firewall!   Secure segregation of components and network access. VPN Connection Customers/ Partners AWS
  8. 8. Branch Office Access Branch Office Users !   Enabling remote users & offices Router & Firewall to have secure access to VPN Connection resources. !   Centralised systems with minimal infrastructure. AWS VPN Connection VPN Connection Router & Firewall Router & Firewall Branch Office Users Branch Office Users
  9. 9. Making the Connection…
  10. 10. Introducing AWS Virtual Private Cloud!   User-defined virtual IP networking for EC2!   Private or mixed private/public addressing and secured ingress/egress!   Re-use of proven and well-understood networking concepts and technologies
  11. 11. CorporateData Center Availability Zone 1 DirectConnect Location 10G Private Subnet Router Customer VPN Gateway Gateway (BGP/NoBGP) CorporateHeadquarters Internet Public Subnet Gateway Amazon VPC Availability Zone 2Branch Offices S3 SQS/SNS/SES SWF Elastic SimpleDB DynamoDB New Enterprise IT Beanstalk AWS Region Network Architecture
  12. 12. VPC Capabilities in a Nutshell!   User-defined address space up to /16 •  65,534 addresses!   Up to 20* user-defined subnets up to /16!   User-defined: •  Virtual routing, DHCP servers, and NAT instances •  Internet gateways, ACLs, ingress/egress security groups and VPN tunnels!   Private IPs stable once assigned!   Elastic Network Interfaces
  13. 13. Internet VPC customers can launch instances in their own isolated network Zone a10.16.22.33 Availability Availability Zone b Customer 1 Customer 2 Customer 3 VPC Customer
  14. 14. Internet VPCcan assign your launch instancesthetheir own isolated network You customers can own IP range to in VPC network Availability Zone a Availability Zone b VPC Customer
  15. 15. Rich Capabilities in VPC!   Elastic Load Balancer, AutoScaling, CloudWatch, Alarms!   Relational Database!   Elastic MapReduce! CloudFormation!   Cluster Compute!   And many others, with more to come…
  16. 16. VPN Connectivity Options!   Hardware VPN - $0.05 per VPN Connection Hour •  $36 per month. •  Cisco, Juniper, Yamaha, Astaro, Fortinet, Vyatta,etc (even Windows 2008 R2 instance) Internet!   Now supports both BPG & static-routing!   Setup via the console!   Runs two VPN tunnels by default from your router to cater for routine maintenance!   Up to 10 VPNs per VPC
  17. 17. DirectConnect: Private X-Connect to AWS!   Dedicated bandwidth to AWS border network in 1Gbps or 10Gbps chunks.!   Full access to public endpoints, EC2 Internet standard & VPCs. •  VLAN tagging maps to public side or VPCs!   Benefits: •  Faster / more consistent throughput •  Increased isolation and control!   Great companion technology to VPC.
  18. 18. Dedicated Instances!   Option to ensure physical hosts are not shared with other customers Single Tenant Compute Instance!   $10/hr flat fee per Region + small hourly charge!   Can identify specific Instances as dedicated!   Optionally configure entire VPC as dedicated
  19. 19. 15 Daily Newspapers 50 Web Sites 62 MM unique users per monthOver 1 Billion page views per month
  20. 20. NYTimes EC2 Expansion (April 2011) Amazon EC2 Courtesy NYTimes
  21. 21. NYTimes EC2 Expansion (April 2011) Amazon EC2 Courtesy NYTimes
  22. 22. NYTimes: EC2 Capacity vs Cost4540353025 Percent201510 5 0 Capacity Cost
  23. 23. Let’s Create a VPC in Less than 90 Seconds
  24. 24. A VPC in Less Than 90 Seconds…
  25. 25. Let’s Build a VPC and an Instance with SoftwareInstalled in One Easy Step
  26. 26. All in one…
  27. 27. Let’s Check What We Built…
  28. 28. Example: SharePoint with On-Premises Active Directory
  29. 29. Extra Good Technical Stuff!!   Elastic Network Interfaces •  Maintain the state of a network interface separately from the lifecycle of an instance •  Enable same instance to be part of multiple subnets •  Static MAC address, etc •  Up to 8 ENIs depending on instance size!   Multi-IP •  Relies on ENI •  Up to 30 addresses per ENI •  Private & Public addresses!   DHCP Option Sets •  Specify your own domain name for instances •  Specify your own DNS & NTP!   And lots more!!
  30. 30. Migrating to the Cloud Cloud New Build a Benefits Cloud-Ready applications Design Zero upfront investment Cloud On-demand provisioning Strategy “No-brainer to Instant scalability move” Apps Existing Auto scaling and elasticity Applications Planned Pay as you go Phased Removes undifferentiated Migration heavy lifting Developer productivity Automation
  31. 31. “No-brainer to move” Apps •  Dev/Test applications •  Self-contained Web Applications •  Social Media Product Marketing Campaigns •  Customer Training Sites •  Video Portals (Transcoding and Hosting) •  Pre-sales Demo Portal •  Software Downloads •  Trial Applications
  32. 32. Cloud Migration : a Phased-drivenStrategy Whitepaperhttp://aws.amazon.com/whitepapers
  33. 33. A Bridge to the IT Capabilities Your Business Needs
  34. 34. Questions & Answers@simon_elishahttp://aws.amazon.com/podcast