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The Enterprise Cloud Transition: Hybrid Options
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The Enterprise Cloud Transition: Hybrid Options


Published on

AWS Summit 2014 Melbourne - Breakout 1 …

AWS Summit 2014 Melbourne - Breakout 1

This session is recommended for anyone considering using the AWS Cloud to augment their current IT capabilities. Adoption of cloud computing provides access to the benefits of new deployment models. But for existing enterprises, in many cases, applications deployed to the cloud need to integrate with existing on-premises resources. This session outlines several key factors to consider from the point of view of a large-scale real IT shop executive. Since each company is unique, this session compares the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks of each model and then helps participants create new hybrid orchestration and deployment options for hybrid enterprise environments.

Presenter: Nick Walton, Enterprise Sales Manager, Amazon Web Services

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. The Enterprise Cloud Transition Nick Walton Enterprise Lead, Amazon Web Services © 2014, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. May not be copied, modified, or distributed in whole or in part without the express consent of, Inc.
  • 2. Websites Production Workloads Material Workloads Rapid Progress…
  • 3. Section 1 - The Enterprise In Transition
  • 4. Understand the value of cloud
  • 5. Understand the value of Amazon Web Services
  • 6. Know that they will be transitioning more to cloud sometime in the near future
  • 7. Know they can revolutionise the way they deliver and manage information technology
  • 8. This is Good!
  • 9. Today our customers: (Typically)
  • 10. Have physical datacenter resources
  • 11. Have legacy applications
  • 12. Have siloed teams and complicated processes
  • 13. This is Good! REALITY
  • 14. Painting the picture of a customer in transition
  • 15. Enterprise – Business Landscape Unprecedented levels of disruption Preference for mobile More informed consumers Cost pressures
  • 16. Enterprise – Goals 1. Innovate 2. Embrace mobile web & social 3. Leverage data assets 4. Streamline IT
  • 17. Benefits of Amazon Web Services Agile Elastic Low cost 1. Innovation
  • 18. Benefits of Amazon Web Services AWS Data Services Elastic Low Cost 2. Leverage data assets
  • 19. Benefits of Amazon Web Services Elastic Resilient AWS Mobile Services 3. Embrace mobile & web
  • 20. Benefits of Amazon Web Services Mature APIs No shelf ware Cost 4. Streamline IT
  • 21. Enterprise Reality Physical datacentres Legacy apps & infrastructure Siloed teams High cost & inflexible
  • 22. Declining Satisfaction
  • 23. here ??? there
  • 24. Section 2 – Hybrid Examples
  • 25. 1. Mix & Match Application Tiers
  • 26. Web Layer on AWS AWS region Web Layer Private Connection Your Data Center Internet App Layer Database Layer
  • 27. Solution Benefits • Build elasticity and resilience into the web tier • Reduce cost • Continue to leverage previous infrastructure investment • Unload traffic from your own internet links
  • 28. 2. Development & Test
  • 29. Development &Test Infrastructure Developers & Operations Internal Git CI Server Pre-commit Hook Testing Environment Subnet CI Workers Dev Environment VPC Subnet DEV WEB Dev Stack ELB Tier 1 Dev Stack Tier 2 Dev MySQL DB Instance DEV APP ELB VPN TUNNEL Dev Admin Instance VPN facing VPC Subnet Amazon S3 Virtual Private Gateway Monitoring NAT Instance Amazon DynamoDB Amazon SQS
  • 30. Solution Benefits • Speed to market - release from months to every day • Developer productivity • Reduced cost • Leverage previous infrastructure investment • On premise infrastructure sizing accuracy • Ready to migrate production when the time is right
  • 31. 3. Storage Gateway - GeoEngineers
  • 32. Storage Gateway Solution Storage iSCSI Gateway Backup Servers On-premise Host Production Systems AWS Direct Connect S3 Glacier Your Data Center AWS Direct Connect
  • 33. Solution Benefits • Cost • Secure • Durable 99.999999999 • Never face another storage infrastructure refresh again – Opex – Scale • Cost reduction over time
  • 34. AWS Virtual Private Cloud AWS Direct Connect VPN connection Internet gateway Virtual private cloud Web tier Crawl server Search DB Web tier Other apps Content DB Administration Query server Other data router VPC subnet VPC subnet VPC subnetVPC subnet Corporate data center AWS cloud
  • 35. Integrating AWS with Your Existing On-Premises Infrastructure Active Directory Network Configuration Encryption Back-up Appliances Your On-Premise Apps Corporate Data Centers
  • 36. Integrating AWS with Your Existing On-Premises Infrastructure Active Directory Network Configuration Encryption Back-up Appliances Users & Access Rules Your Private Network HSM Appliance Cloud back-ups Your On-Premise Apps Your Cloud Apps AWS Direct Connect Corporate Data Centers
  • 37. Section 3 – How to Start or Accelerate
  • 38. Tour the House • What is the current capability of IT staff? • What processes and tools are in place? • What is the current state of technology?
  • 39. Blueprint
  • 40. Develop the Blueprint Top Level Strategy Implementation Cloud Strategy Business Case – TCO/RIO/Soft benefits Risk & Security People Form the team – identify the champions Training plan developed Partners engaged Process Tools – assessment of current tools and future needs Process review and operating model developed Transition Plan Build the foundation Identify the obvious candidates to be migrated first Define application migration plan
  • 41. Build the Team • Transformation • Security • Big Data • Technical Account Manager • Trusted Advisor • System Integrators • MSP • ISV • Architecture Review • Addressing Barriers to Adoption AWS Solutions Architects AWS Partners AWS Pro Services AWS Enterprise Support
  • 42. System Integrators on AWS
  • 43. ISVs on AWS
  • 44. Expand your skills with AWS Certification Exams Validate your proven technical expertise with the AWS platform On-Demand Resources Videos & Labs Get hands-on practice working with AWS technologies in a live environment self-paced-labs Instructor-Led Courses Training Classes Expand your technical expertise to design, deploy, and operate scalable, efficient applications on AWS
  • 45. AWS Role Based Learning AWS Essentials Architecting on AWS Systems Operations on AWS Developing on AWS Courses available in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth
  • 46. 3 Large Australian Enterprises
  • 47. Strategy Business Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Project 4 Tactical Migration Case Application Assessment Risk & Compliance Operational Framework Continuous Feedback Future State Run Parallel Streams
  • 48. Lay the Foundation • Establish AWS Accounts • Set up monthly invoicing • Configure IAM • Build and deploy your VPC(s) • Establish VPN/Direct Connect • Deploy key infrastructure services • Authentication • DNS • Logging with AWS Cloud Trail • Review security AWS Enterprise Jump Start – Foundation Established in Days
  • 49. Build • Iterate • Measure results at every stage • Automate • Remove silos between people • Encourage lean practices • Move on to more sophisticated hybrid scenarios
  • 50. No Standing Still 1. AWS Continues to Innovate 2. Prices go down 3. Attitudes change
  • 51. Hybrid Needs to Be Flexible
  • 52. In Summary • You can bridge your current reality with an AWS cloud future today • Hybrid options exist that can deliver benefits now • There is a well defined path for enterprise cloud transition • AWS and AWS Partners are here to help
  • 53. THANK YOU