AWS Enterprise Day | Running Critical Business Applications on AWS


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The Cloud Journey for many enterprise customers starts with an initial migration of websites and mobile applications to AWS, followed by deployment of their critical business services. These services, such as SAP and Oracle, are typically more complex and underpin many business processes in the customer's organisation and may be deployed as hybrid solutions, integrated closely with other internal and external services. To do this, customers need to have fast and reliable connectivity to existing on-premise networks, as we covered in the previous session. Let's look at how we can now build on that to help you understand the benefits that many customers have achieved when they moved their business applications to AWS.

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AWS Enterprise Day | Running Critical Business Applications on AWS

  1. 1. Running Business Critical Applications Karim Hopper
  2. 2. 5minutes   1person   $ 0 nothing   Networking Compute Storage Virtualization Security Infrastructure Management Etc.  
  3. 3. Session Roadmap StepsUse Cases SolutionsCustomers AWS Resources Partners AWS Support AWS Value Proposition Enterprise Applications Getting Started DEMOS Oracle RDS / SAP Hana / Jaspersoft
  4. 4. Become More Agile The end of hardware refresh cycles Never plan and manage a hardware refresh again Provision in minutes Not days or weeks Eliminate capacity planning and guess work With virtually unlimited on-demand compute, storage and networking Global footprint Deploy your apps globally in 10 regions around the world (and growing) Simplify procurement Costs are transparent and predictable, you can do fewer RFIs and RFPs
  5. 5. 5 year cost savings of 72% vs. on-premise and a 626% ROI Unplanned downtime reduced by 32% vs. on-premise Lower cost and better reliability Industry Research
  6. 6. Migrating data centers to AWS contributes to a global saving of $100M in infrastructure costs “We’ve halved storage costs. We’re looking forward to saving hundreds of millions of dollars” Customer Stories Lower cost and better reliability
  7. 7. Reduced prices More customer s More AWS usage More infrastruc ture Economi es of scale Lower costs Automatic Price Reductions As we grow and innovate, you save money !   42 price reductions in 8 years !   No contracts to renegotiate !   Savings take immediate effect
  8. 8. Speaking of Lowering Costs… Amazon S3 Object-based storage 51% reduction on average Introducing our 42nd price reduction Amazon EC2 Compute (virtual servers) 38% reduction on M3 30% reduction on C3 10-40% on others Amazon RDS Managed database service 28% reduction on average
  9. 9. S3 25 TB of storage $2,125 EC2 RDS Enterprise Application Example 5x m3.xl Instances* 1x Oracle 11gR2 Cluster (Multi-AZ)** SCENARIO $2,620 * Singapore region, m3.xl, 4vCPU, 15GiB RAM, Linux, SSD storage – on demand pricing ** Singapore region, m2.2xlarge, 4vCPU, 35GiB RAM, 500gb DB, Multi-AZ with bundled licensing – on demand pricing Mar-14 (OD) $750 $1,850Apr-14 (OD) $1,440 $2,305 $750 $1,320(Reserved Instance) $370 Operating costs
  10. 10. Business Critical Applications What AWS can do for you
  11. 11. When To Talk to AWS !   Greenfield projects !   Major application upgrades or if you are planning a hardware refresh !   During re-platform (Solaris/AIX/HPUX – Linux/Windows etc.) !   Out of capacity – data center, server, storage etc. Engage us early
  12. 12. Common Use Cases Production Development and Test Disaster Recovery Enterprise applications run great on AWS
  13. 13. Running business critical systems on AWS Flight Operations & Passenger Reconciliation Systems
  14. 14. Production on AWS Enterprise grade infrastructure !   Oracle, Microsoft and SAP applications are fully supported !   Ease of deployment !   Push button scalability !   License portability !   World-class security !   Fast time to market !   SLA backed products !   Auditing and logging
  15. 15. Availability Zone A Region Availability Zone B High availability across data centers Flexible In-Cloud Architectures
  16. 16. High availability across regions Availability Zone A US East Region Availability Zone B Availability Zone C Availability Zone A US West Region Availability Zone B Availability Zone C Regional Load Balancers Regional Load Balancers Flexible In-Cloud Architectures Geo-located Geo-located
  17. 17. Rapid recovery and self-healing Availability Zone A Region Availability Zone B Amazon S3 Backups & Images Flexible In-Cloud Architectures
  18. 18. Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) Managed database service !   Managed availability, performance, security and maintenance !   Push button to deploy and scale !   Click to cluster !   Bundle (pay by hr.) or BYO license !   99.95% uptime SLA !   Also managed Postgres and MySQL
  19. 19. SAP Solutions !   SAP Business Suite !   SAP HANA One !   SAP Business All-in-One !   SAP BusinessObjects !   SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) !   SAP Afaria !   SAP Business One !   SAP HANA (on-demand) on CR1 up to 1.22TB Certified for production
  20. 20. “We’re able to take our software and put it in (AWS) the world’s best, most reliable, (and) economical infrastructure” -  Sanjay Poonan President and corporate officer SAP
  21. 21. SAP Solutions !   One click deployment via AWS Marketplace or SAP Marketplace !   Pay per the hour for the infrastructure and SAP Hana license ($0.99) per hour !   High performance instance types – 32 vCPU, 60GiB RAM Hana One: in-memory analytics
  22. 22. SAP Business Suite on AWS !  Production implementation !  Multi-region deployment (for DR) TCO 50% cost reduction Time to market Implemented in 2 months Hoya (Japan) specializes in advanced optical technology
  23. 23. Oracle Solutions Flexible and open JD EDWARDS PEOPLESOFT E-BUSINESS SUITE MIDDLEWARE SOA SUITE FULLY SUPPORTED CLOUD BACKUPSMANAGED DB License portability Pay per hour Golden Gate support Native RMAN and Amazon S3 integration Oracle GoldenGate to RDS ORACLE LINUX AMI
  24. 24. “AWS has helped us eliminate the complexity of managing infrastructure and we no longer have to manage multiple vendors for our infrastructure needs.” -  Prakash Nihalani, Engagement Manager KPIT Oracle E-Business Suite on AWS
  25. 25. Microsoft Solutions Integration and control ACTIVE DIRECTORY SHAREPOINT EXCHANGE DYNAMICS SQL SERVER Externalize Sharepoint document libraries to Amazon S3 Deploy a multi-tier Sharepoint application in 90 minutes using our templates AWS CLOUDFORMATION Fully Supported
  26. 26. Microsoft Solutions Integration and control ACTIVE DIRECTORY SHAREPOINT EXCHANGE DYNAMICS SQL SERVER Fully Managed BYOL or Pay Per Hour Amazon RDS
  27. 27. Microsoft Sharepoint on AWS Saved $350,000 by running Microsoft Sharepoint on AWS and can launch new sites in minutes, globally
  28. 28. Enterprise SaaS on AWS Hosting industry leading solutions Enterprise Software ERP, HCM, SCM, CRM Content Management Managed Drupal Enterprise Drop Box Collaboration, mobile, sync and share Cloud Data Analytics Real-time operational analytics Enterprise Software ERP, HCM, Analytics
  29. 29. Disaster Recovery More cost effective in the cloud
  30. 30. Disaster Recovery on AWS Don’t pay for idle capacity !   No large secondary site expense – pay for use only !   Backup to the cloud (decommission tape) !   Add geo-disaster recovery capability to your organization !   Scale up and down with ease !   Replicate application environments into the cloud
  31. 31. Example architecture Region Availability Zone Amazon S3 Corporate Data Center IPSEC VPN or Direct Connect Backups Cloud On-Standby
  32. 32. AWS and Partner Solutions Disaster recovery tools !   Database replication (SQL Mirroring, Oracle DataGuard and GoldenGate) !   Oracle RMAN Secure Backup Module !   AWS VM Import and AWS Storage Gateway Drag and drop Disaster Recovery Full server, real-time protection and recovery into AWS
  33. 33. Development & Test Lower costs and increase productivity
  34. 34. Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Quickly deploy .NET/Java/etc. applications to AWS AWS Toolkits Visual Studio .NET and Eclipse Deploy your app from the IDE! Development environments are seldom used – often less than 30% of the time Idle Development and Test Pay as you go, rapid deployment Deploy your dev and test environments on demand Give developers their own environments – increase productivity On-demand
  35. 35. Development and Test Third party solutions Drag and Drop on-premise VM environments into AWS No app changes Set lifecycle policies to prevent environment or server sprawl
  36. 36. Support How it differentiates us as business
  37. 37. Amazon strives “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company”
  38. 38. Leaders start with the customer and work backwards. They work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust. Although leaders pay attention to competitors, they obsess over customers.
  39. 39. Work With Us And put our resources at your disposal AWS Solution Architects RFI/RFP Proof of concept TCO and ROI assistance Account Management Enterprise Agreements Plan Build Amazon Partner Network Architecture and cost optimization Professional training Enterprise Support Professional Services Infrastructure Event Management Technical Account Manager (TAM) Go-Live AWS Premium Support TAM Ops
  40. 40. Professional Training And Certification Instructor led classes
  41. 41. ASEAN Partners
  42. 42. Get Started Try AWS
  43. 43. Start With A Proof Of Concept It’s a learning experience POC     Experienc e  the   Pla1orm   Analyze   the   Results   Establish   the     Business   Case   Deploy     Develop ment   Deploy   Produc?o n   You usually start here But with cloud you should start here
  44. 44. Simple POC Ideas !   Move a development environment into the cloud !   Leverage one of the AWS Test Drive Programs to deploy a business app !   Try one click deployment with AWS Marketplace, like SAP Hana or Jaspersoft !   Deploy an RDS instance !   Try Amazon Elastic Beanstalk (developers) After you have setup your VPC and connectivity