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AWS Summit 2013 | Auckland - Powering Start-ups with AWS
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AWS Summit 2013 | Auckland - Powering Start-ups with AWS



Join this session to find out how AWS empowers start-up businesses around the world.

Join this session to find out how AWS empowers start-up businesses around the world.



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AWS Summit 2013 | Auckland - Powering Start-ups with AWS AWS Summit 2013 | Auckland - Powering Start-ups with AWS Presentation Transcript

  • Joe ZieglerPowering Start-ups with AWSStartup Business Development Manager APAC
  • Who are we and what do we do?What will it cost to innovate on AWS?How can I get to MVP fast?
  • Who are we and whatdo we do?
  • The APAC Startup TeamJoe ZieglerStartup Business Development Manager APAC@jiyosubPieter KempsBusiness Development and Venture Capital APAC@p_kemps
  • Powering Startups Across APAC and World Wide
  • Strong Partnerships in ANZ
  • Innovation Acceleratorusing Startup best practice@getviableSign up at:aws.getviable.com
  • What will it cost toinnovate on AWS?
  • AWS lowers the cost of InnovationTimeScaleScenarioSmall team with initial idea for Mobile app3 months to get to launchUnknown customer/problem/solutionNo cash….
  • • Internal testing with your team• 2 Tier Web - Database Servers• Use t1.micro InstancesDev / Test EnvironmentTimeScaleAverage Spend$0p/m
  • • Release to small group of ‘core testers’• 2 Tier Web & Database Servers• 2 x t1.micro InstancesAlpha ReleaseTimeScaleAverage Spend$15p/m
  • • First public release – limited audience• Master / Slave DB setup• m1.small Instances• Auto-Scaling Instances(2 Instance minimum)Beta Release / MVPTimeScaleAverage Spend$235p/m
  • Getting to MVP for $250TimeScaleTotal Spend to MVP$250$235$15$0• 3 months dev/test/release• Serving Beta customers• Ready for full productionand scale
  • • Full production, ready to scale to 1000s of users• Multi AZ Web & DB Servers• m1.medium Web Instances & Read Slaves• m1.large DB Master Server• Auto-Scaling Instances (2 Instance minimum)Production (v 1.0)TimeScaleAverage Spend$1000p/m
  • How can I get to MVPfast?
  • AWS Elastic BeanstalkforStartups
  • What’s AWSElastic Beanstalk?
  • Think of it as a Container for your Application
  • User ApplicationApplication ServiceHTTP ServiceLanguage InterpreterOperating SystemHostWe Create the EC2 InstanceYou Focus on Developing Your App
  • Beanstalk takes care of the environment…
  • …adding Elastic Load Balancer…
  • …Auto Scaling groups
  • …and launching instances
  • …all wired into the Beanstalk framework
  • …and published under a CNAME
  • …with logs and app versions held in S3
  • Easily Manage your Versions and Environments
  • .NetPHPJavaPythonNode.jsRubyFlexibility to Choose your Stack
  • As a Startup what are 2 things youcan’t afford to waste?
  • AWS Elastic BeanstalkHelps Save Both
  • ApplicationprototypeOne-clickdeploymentProduction ready AWS infrastructure
  • Idea App
  • Idea AppHeavy lifting70%
  • 30%Idea AppInfrastructureservices
  • Idea AppElastic Beanstalk
  • Elastic BeanstalkIdea App
  • AWS Elastic BeanstalkHelps Save BothNo AdditionalCost
  • Beanstalk is a platformfor Startups
  • How do you create anapp forAWS Elastic Beanstalk?
  • Like any otherJava / .Net / PHP / Python / Node.jsapp
  • No dependencies on AWS inherentfor Beanstalk deploymentSourceuploaded andexecuted inAWSSourcedownloadedand executedlocally
  • Java .war fileMicrosoft WebDeploy packagePHP .zip filePython .zip fileGit integrationIDE pluginsPackage up as normal
  • Console deployments, versioning, and updates
  • CheckDNSAvailabilityelastic-beanstalk-check-dns-availabilityCreateApplicationelastic-beanstalk-create-applicationCreateApplictaionVersionelastic-beanstalk-create-application-versionCreateEnvironmentelastic-beanstalk-create-environmenteb initwizard to initialize an applicationeb start/stopstart/stop an applicationeb updateupdate application versioneb statusget status of a running applicationCommand Line Tools and Wizards
  • Eclipse Integration
  • Visual Studio Integration
  • Git Integration
  • Container Configuration
  • Full admin access on underlyingresourcesEC2 instances, AMIs, AutoScaling groups…Never Lose Control
  • AWS SupportingStartups
  • Learn Morehttp://aws.amazon.com/start-upshttp://aws.amazon.com/elasticbeanstalk/http://aws.amazon.com/free/