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AWS Summit 2011 : Opening Keynote State of the Cloud Werner Vogels
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AWS Summit 2011 : Opening Keynote State of the Cloud Werner Vogels






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AWS Summit 2011 : Opening Keynote State of the Cloud Werner Vogels Presentation Transcript

  • 1. State of the Cloud AWS Summit, New York Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO Amazon.com
  • 2. Amazon’s Three BusinessesConsumer (Retail) Seller IT Infrastructure Business Business BusinessTens of millions of Sell on Amazon Cloud computingactive customer websites infrastructure foraccounts hosting web-scale Use Amazon solutionsEight countries: US, technology for yourUK, Germany, own retail website Hundreds ofJapan, France, thousands ofCanada, China, Italy Leverage Amazon’s registered customers massive fulfillment in over 190 countries center network
  • 3. Our MissionEnable businesses and developers to use web services(what people now call “the Cloud”) to build scalable,sophisticated applications
  • 4. AWS Pace of Innovation » Amazon Simple Notification Service » EC2 Reserved Instances » RDS Multi-Availability Zone Support » New SimpleDB Features » S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage » IBM on EC2 » New Locations and Features for » Windows Server 2008 on EC2 CloudFront » Premium Support » Amazon RDS » S3 Bucket Policies » Amazon CloudFront » Amazon Virtual Private Cloud » Cluster Instances for EC2 » EC2 Elastic IP addresses » Amazon Elastic MapReduce & Availability Zones » EBS Shared Snapshots » Amazon EC2 » Windows Server, MySQL, » Monitoring, Auto Scaling & » Amazon S3 Oracle, & JBoss on EC2 Elastic Load Balancing for EC2 » Amazon Linux AMI » Developer Portal & » Lower Data Transfer Costs » AWS Import/Export » Oracle on EC2 Forums » New EC2 Features » SUSE Linux on EC2 » Micro Instances » AWS Services in N. California » Lower Pricing for EC2 » Amazon SimpleDB High Mem Instances » AWS Multi-Factor Authentication » Amazon Flexible Payments Service » Identity & Access Management » AWS Management Console » S3 in Europe » AWS Economics Center » AWS Services in Singapore » EC2 new instance types » AWS in Education » RDS Reserved Database Instances » AWS Start-Up Challenge » AWS Security Center » RDS Read Replicas & Lower Pricing » SAS70 Type II Audit » Lower Outbound Transfer Pricing » More services in EU » Data Transfer Usage Tiers » Public Data Sets » Lower EC2 Pricing » Elastic Block Store » Consolidated Billing for AWS» Amazon SQS » Lower S3 Pricing » Amazon S3 Versioning Feature» Amazon Mechanical Turk » EC2 SLA » Lower pricing for » EC2 in EU » EC2 High Memory Instances Outbound Data Transfer » S3 Tiered Pricing » AWS Solution Provider Program
  • 5. AWS Innovation in 2010 » Free Monitoring EC2 » Amazon SNS » RDS Reserved » Amazon Route 53 » Combined AWS Data Transfer » CloudFront Default Root » PCI DSS Level 1 Certification Savings » Startup Challenge 2010 » Mobile SDKs (Android, iPhone) » Amazon EMR BootStrap Actions » Cloudfront Invalidation » Large Object S3 Support » Amazon ELB Session Stickiness » Florida POP » Amazon RDS in EU » Import/Export APAC » New Singapore Region » AWS Elastic Beanstalk » CloudFront HTTPS » Amazon RDS Read Replicas » Amazon Simple Email Service » NYC Edge Location » Suse EC2 Linux » Improved AWS Support “Bronze” » Lowers Pricing HTTP » Amazon SNS Console » Amazon CloudWatch Console » EMR JobFlow Debugging » AWS Import Export GA » Amazon SNS » Amazon ELB HTTPS » VM Connector » Simple DB Consistent Reads » Amazon S3 Console » AWS Free Tier » Tokyo Region » Simple DB Conditional Puts » Amazon EBS Cloudwatch » EMR Resizing Cluster » AWS Support JP » Amazon SQS Longer » Amazon S3 Lowered Pricing » AWS Java SDK retention, Free Tier » CloudFront GA, SLA » Windows BYOL Amazon S3 Bucket Policies » S3 MultiPart » Singapore Pop » Amazon VPC IP Address » GPGPU Instance Types » CloudFront » Cluster Compute Instances » ISO27001/2 Certification Private Streaming » Amazon S3 RRS Notifications » Lowered Pricing EC2 » AWS CloudFormation» Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances » AWS IAM » Amazon S3 Static Websites » VPC in EU with Windows, Extra Large High » Amazon VPC Console » AWS IAM Website Login » Amazon RDS in US-west Memory Instances » Micro Instances » Paris Edge Location » Amazon CloudFront Access» Amazon S3 Versioning Feature » Amazon Linux AMI Logs» Consolidated Billing for AWS » Amazon EC2 Tagging, » Amazon RDS Multi-AZ» Lower pricing for Outbound Data Filtering, Idempotency, » Amazon S3 RRS Transfer » Oracle Certified AWS » Amazon RDS Console » AWS PHP SDK
  • 6. CloudFront Pace of Innovation » Price Drop » HTTPS Support » Lower 1-Hour TTLs » Access Logs for Streaming » Access Logging Capability » New York City Edge Location » CloudFront Management Console » Custom Origins » Service Level Agreement » Private Content » Jacksonville Edge Location » Streaming Video on Demand » Route 53 Public Beta» CloudFront Public Beta » New Lower Pricing Tiers » Singapore Edge Location » Paris Edge Location » Private Streaming » (IAM) Identity & Access Management » Enhanced CloudFront Logs » Default Root Object » Invalidation
  • 7. The Platform is Expanding Your Application
  • 8. AI Enterprise Architecture Presentation – Web Center Enhanced Shipment Inventory BOM Manage Order Landing Customer Tracking Management Entry RFQ Entry Pad Data Form Form Form Form Form Form Web 2.0 ..... Business Functions - BPEL Order Billing Inventory Engineering Sourcing Order Shared Workflow Entry Payables Management Documents RFQ Tracking Folders Notifications ..... Web Services from Oracle and Bespoke Message & Routing Bus - Workflow & Notification Services Data Transformation Service XML Parser Event Manager OSB Validate Get Write Get Write Get Write Send Build Login Customer Customer Order Order Part Part Email RFQ ..... Technology Layer Oracle Oracle Oracle Doc Outside Active MS Oracle EDI Telecom CAD eBusiness BI Beehive Man Web Dir Office Agile Gateway SMS CAM ....CustomerOrderFinance Oracle Oracle Oracle MySQL Internet MSSQL Folders Oracle Internet 8 PSTN Folders
  • 9. AWS Regions Amazon Edge Locations Ashburn, VA Amsterdam Hong KongUS East (Northern Virginia) Dallas, TX Dublin Tokyo Jacksonville, FL Frankfurt SingaporeUS West (Northern California) Los Angeles, CA LondonEurope (Dublin) Miami, FL Paris Newark, NJAsia Pacific (Singapore) New York, NYAsia Pacific (Tokyo) Palo Alto, CA Seattle, WA St. Louis, MO
  • 10. AWS Cloud Architecture
  • 11. Billions of Objects in Amazon S3 Peak Requests:
  • 12. Each day AWS adds the equivalent server capacity to power Amazon when it was a global, $2.76B enterprise (circa 2000)
  • 13. The Key to Success?Listening to Our Customers
  • 14. You Asked For… Expanded Global Footprint Lower Prices & New Pricing Features Make it Easier to Use Improved Support Offerings New Instance Types Expand Platform Up and Out
  • 15. Expanded Global Footprint Singapore Region Tokyo Region New POPs for CloudFront & Route53 (New York, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Jacksonville)
  • 16. Lower Prices and New Pricing Features Lower Outbound Data Transfer Prices Consolidated Billing Combined Data Transfer Prices Lower Prices for S3 and Reduced Redundancy Storage (lower price/less durability) Lower Prices on Gold & Silver Support
  • 17. Make It Easer To Use More Services Available in AWS Console CloudFormation New SDKs: Java, PHP, Android AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • 18. New Instance Types Extra Large High Memory Cluster Compute & GPUs Micro
  • 19. Expand Up & Out VM Import Route53 S3 Large Object Support &Versioning CloudFront SLA, Custom Origin &HTTPS Support RDS Multi-AZ Deployments, ReadReplicas, & RIs Simple Email Service Security Features & Compliance:AWS Identity and Access Management(IAM), PCI Compliance, ISO 27001 Free Monitoring of EC2 Instances And More…
  • 20. Some Big Priorities for 2011 Add more geographies Make it easier to build and manage applications on AWS Release new database offerings Broaden support offerings Add billing, user management, and identity features
  • 21. AWS Management ConsoleDeveloper Tools & SDKs
  • 22. AWS CloudFormationAWS CloudFormation enables system administratorsand developers to create repeatable AWSinfrastructure deployments (Stacks) usingcustomizable architecture templates. Define a JSON Create an AWS template stack (Console, CLI, API) CloudFormation Stack
  • 23. AWS CloudFormation: Service HighlightsFully declarative systemDocument based infrastructure specificationLogical naming conventionAtomically creates / destroys groups of AWS objectsDeploy multi-tier and multi-AZ stacksHandles the bookkeeping and muck of provisioningmultiple related resourcesFocuses on AWS resources, while sys admins anddevelopers focus on OS and application provisioning  Customers can use existing automation tools like Opscode Chef, Puppet Labs, Capistrano
  • 24. Your Application Goes Here Elastic Beanstalk Amazon Linux AMI CloudWatch Auto-Scaling Route53 Simple Notification Service Elastic Load Balancer Elastic Cloud Compute Elastic Block Store Simple Storage Service
  • 25. What Makes AWS ElasticBeanstalk Different?Developers retain ownership and full control over their AWS resources.• Root access to your EC2 instances• Easily manage configuration changes in one place  EC2 instance type, security group, load balancer settings, auto-scaling, multi-AZ, notifications, and other settings.• Use any database  Amazon RDS, Amazon SimpleDB, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle.• Create custom AMIs• Run other services side-by-side in EC2• Easily move your application out of Elastic Beanstalk
  • 26. AWS Elastic Beanstalk Under-the-Hood http://myapp-staging.elasticbeanstalk.com/ Version Environment AWS Elastic Beanstalk Application Auto Scaling Version Version Apache Elastic Beanstalk Host Manager Tomcat Your Running Application Amazon Linux AMI
  • 27. What do Cloudformation andAWS Elastic Beanstalk cost?
  • 28. Amazon RDSRelational Database Service
  • 29. Multi-AZ Deployments Read Replicas Highly Available, Durable, & Scalable MySQL Deployments
  • 31. • SAS70 Type II Audit• ISO-27001 Certification• PCI Level 1 Service Provider• FISMA A&A• Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliant Platform
  • 32. Identity and Access Management (IAM)Create and Manage UsersImproved Security  Multiple users, with individual permissions  Secure by default  Individual security credentials (access keys, password, MFA)Improved Control  Centralized control of user access  Fine-grained permissions  Control Users’ access to APIs and AWS ConsoleIntegrated  No changes to service APIs
  • 33. Amazon VPC Customer’s isolated AWS resources Subnets Router VPN Gateway Amazon Web Services Cloud Secure VPN Connection over the Internet Customer’s Network
  • 34. CurrentVPC
  • 35. NewVPC