AWSome Day Kuala Lumpur - Opening Keynote, Rick Harshman


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AWSome Day Kuala Lumpur - Opening Keynote, Rick Harshman

  1. 1. Opening Keynote Rick Harshman, Head of ASEAN
  2. 2. AGENDA •  •  •  •  Amazon’s move into the Cloud Amazon Web Services overview The adoption of Cloud Computing Customer Case Studies
  3. 3. AGENDA •  •  •  •  Amazon’s move into the Cloud Amazon Web Services overview The adoption of Cloud Computing Customer Case Studies
  4. 4. Consumer  Business   Seller   Business   IT  Infrastructure   Business   Tens  of  millions  of   ac1ve  customer   accounts   Sell  on  Amazon   websites   Cloud  compu1ng   infrastructure  for   hos1ng  web-­‐scale   solu1ons     Eight  countries:   US,  UK,  Germany,   Japan,  France,  Canada,   China,  Italy   Use  Amazon   technology  for  your   own  retail  website   Leverage  Amazon’s   massive  fulfillment   center  network     Hundreds  of   thousands  of   registered  customers   in  over  190  countries  
  5. 5. How  did  Amazon…   ?   …get  into  cloud  compu1ng?  
  6. 6. Enablement  of  sellers  on  Amazon  with  open   API’s     Internal  need  for  scalable  deployment  environment   ‘Service  Oriented  Architecture’  with  scalable,  de-­‐coupled   services   Open  API’s  to  Amazon  technology  for  storage  and  compute  
  7. 7. AWS  Mission     Enable  businesses  and   developers  to  use  web   services*  to  build  scalable,   sophis1cated  applica1ons.         *What  people  now  call  “the  cloud”    
  8. 8. Where  are  we  as  a   business  today?  
  9. 9. 2003   $5.2B  retail  business   7,800  employees   A  whole  lot  of  servers…  
  10. 10. A  Ques1on….   How  oaen  does  AWS  add  the   equivalent  server  capacity  to  power   companies  like  Amazon  when  it  was  a   global,  $5.2B  enterprise?    
  11. 11. Every  Day…   2003   $5.2B  retail  business   7,800  employees   A  whole  lot  of  servers…   Examples  of  some     companies  with     revenues  right  around     $5  billion  today:   •  Charles  Schwab   •  Clorox   •  Harley  Davidson   •  9.8%  of  Global  1000   •  33.3%  of  Global  2000  
  12. 12. “AWS  is  the  overwhelming  market   share  leader,  with  more  than  five  ,mes   the  compute  capacity  in  use  than  the   aggregate  total  of  the  other  fourteen   providers  in  this  Magic  Quadrant.”     Magic  Quadrant  for  Cloud  Infrastructure  as  a  Service   August  2013  
  13. 13. Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (2011-2013) Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service,” Lydia Leong, Douglas Toombs, Bob Gill, Gregor Petri, Tiny Haynes, August 19, 2013. This Magic Quadrant graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research note and should be evaluated in the context of the entire report.. The Gartner report is available upon request from Steven Armstrong ( Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner's research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. 14  
  14. 14. Objects  in  our  Simple  Storage  Service  (S3)   Over 2 Trillion Total Objects 1.1M peak requests/sec
  15. 15. Solving Problems for Organizations Around the World
  16. 16. E-­‐Commerce   Consumer  Web  ApplicaBons  
  17. 17. Enterprise   Gaming  and  Media  
  18. 18. Global Partner Ecosystem
  19. 19. ASEAN Partner Ecosystem
  20. 20. AGENDA •  •  •  •  Amazon’s move into the Cloud Amazon Web Services overview The adoption of Cloud Computing Customer Case Studies
  21. 21. What is AWS? Deployment & Administration Application Services Compute Storage Networking AWS Global Infrastructure Database
  22. 22. AWS Global Infrastructure 9  Regions   25  Availability  Zones   Con1nuous  Expansion  
  23. 23. Global  Content  Delivery   43 Edge Locations London(2) Seattle South Bend Palo Alto New York (2) Newark Dublin Amsterdam Stockholm Tokyo Seoul Frankfurt(2) San Jose Paris(2) Ashburn(2) Los Angeles (2) Milan Osaka Jacksonville Hong Kong Dallas(2) Mumbai St.Louis Chennai Miami Singapore(2) Sao Paulo Sydney
  24. 24. Networking Services Amazon  VPC   AWS  DirectConnect   Amazon  Route  53   Amazon   CloudFront   Private,  isolated   sec1on  of  the  AWS   Cloud     Private  connecBvity   between  AWS  and   your  datacenter   Domain  Name   System  (DNS)  web   service.   Distribute  content   globally   Availability   Zone  A   Availability   Zone  B  
  25. 25. Compute Services Amazon  EC2   Auto  Scaling   ElasBc  Load   Balancing   Elas1c  Virtual  servers   in  the  cloud   Automated  scaling     of  EC2  capacity   Dynamic  traffic   distribuBon   EC2   Actual  
  26. 26. Storage Services Amazon  EBS   Amazon  S3   Amazon  Glacier   AWS  Storage  Gateway   Block  storage  for  use   with  Amazon  EC2   Internet  scale   storage  via  API   Storage  for  archiving   and  backup   Integrates  on-­‐ premises  IT  and  AWS   storage   S3,   Glacier   EBS Images   Videos   Files   Binaries   Snapshots   Images   Videos   Files   Binaries   Snapshots  
  27. 27. Database Services Amazon  RDS   Managed  relaBonal   database  service   DBA   Amazon  DynamoDB   Managed  NoSQL   database  service   Amazon  ElasBCache   Managed  Database   caching  service  
  28. 28. Application Services (Orchestration Deployment  Tools  for  Faster  Development  Tools) AWS  Elas1c   Beanstalk   AWS   OpsWorks   Automate  resource   management  –   web  apps  made   easy   DevOps  framework   for  applica1on   lifecycle   management  and   automa1on   AWS   CloudForma1on   Templates  to  deploy  &   manage  for  template-­‐ driven  provisioning   DIY  /                           On  Demand   Do  it  Yourself,  on   demand  resources:   EC2,  S3,  customer   AMI’s,  etc.   Web  App   Enterprise   App   Database   Convenience   Control  
  29. 29. Big Data Services Amazon  EMR     (ElasBc  Map  Reduce)   Amazon  RedshiY   AWS  Data  Pipeline   Hosted  Hadoop   framework   Petabyte-­‐scale   managed  enterprise   data  warehouse   service   Move  data  among   AWS  services  and  on-­‐ premises  data  sources  
  30. 30. Deployment  &  Administra1on   Amazon   CloudWatch   Monitor  resources   AWS  IdenBty  &   Access  Mgmt   Manage  users,   groups  &   permissions   Premium  Support  
  31. 31. AGENDA •  •  •  •  Amazon’s move into the Cloud Amazon Web Services overview The adoption of Cloud Computing Customer Case Studies
  32. 32. Why  are  Businesses   adop1ng  cloud  compu1ng?  
  33. 33. Real Impact CEO   Staff   Func1ons   Business   Units   CFO   CIO   MORE   LESS   Speed  &  Agility   Costs   New  Business   CAPEX   InnovaBon   Capital  Inefficiency    
  34. 34. 1. Pay For Infrastructure as you Need it, Not Up Front On-­‐Premises   $0  to  get  started   Pay  as  you  go  
  35. 35. 2. Lower Total Cost of IT 37   Price   Reduc1ons  since  2006   We  pass  the   savings  along  to  our   customers  in  the   form  of  low  prices  
  36. 36. Many purchase models to support different needs On-­‐Demand     Free  Tier     Get  Started  on  AWS   with  free  usage  &  no   commitment         For  POCs  and     gewng  started     Pay  for  compute   capacity  by  the  hour   with  no  long-­‐term   commitments       For  spiky  workloads,     or  to  define  needs   Spot   Reserved     Make  a  low,  one-­‐ 1me  payment  and   receive  a  significant   discount  on  the   hourly  charge       For  commiued   u1liza1on     Bid  for  unused   capacity,  charged  at   a  Spot  Price  which   fluctuates  based  on   supply  and  demand       For  1me-­‐insensi1ve   or  transient   workloads  
  37. 37. 3. You Don’t Need to Guess Capacity Actual demand Actual demand Customer Dissatisfaction Self Hosting Waste Predicted Demand Rigid Elastic
  38. 38. 4. Dramatically increase Speed & Agility
  39. 39. 5. Get Rid of Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting We  take  care  of  it…   Data  Centers   Power   Cooling   Cabling   Networking   Racks   Servers   Storage   Labor   So  you  don’t  have  to  …   Buy  and  install  new  hardware   Build  or  upgrade  data  centers  
  40. 40. 6. Go Global in Minutes
  41. 41. AGENDA •  •  •  •  Amazon’s move into the Cloud Amazon Web Services overview The adoption of Cloud Computing Customer Case Studies
  42. 42. “We  avoided  significant  costs  including  RM  100,000     in  CapEx  and  hardware/data  center  costs  with     significant  improvement  in  SAP  applica1on  performance     and  security  compliance  for  10  remote  sites  and  HQ”       –  Chong  Tze  Hau,  Unit  Manager  
  43. 43. Mission-Critical Platforms on AWS •  AWS ALLOWED THE SYSTEMS TO BE •  EASILY AND QUICKLY SCALED (UP OR DOWN) •  TOOK ONLY DAYS •  AND THAT THE DEPLOYMENT OF SYSTEMS TO THE CLOUD - Larry C Matias Warehouse Management System (Infor WMS) Advanced Supply Chain Planning System (Oracle ASCP) Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) Web Delivery System (Open Source) Chief Information Officer "Anything  that  leads  to  demand  spikes,  where  we  cannot  forecast   hardware  and  storage  requirements,  can  be  put  on  the  cloud” “To  miBgate  security  and  downBme  risks,  organiza1ons  should  be   responsible  for  the  reliability  and  security  of  their  own  network”
  44. 44. Bankinter uses HPC on AWS for Monte Carlo Simulation “Bankinter uses AWS as an integral part of our credit-risk simulation application; We need to perform at least 5,000,000 simulations to get realistic results” Credit Data Average simulation time went from Javier Roldán 23 hours to 20 minutes Director of Technical Innovation © 2013 Amazon Web Services LLC and its affiliates. All rights reserved. May not be copied, modified or distributed in whole or in part without the express consent of, Inc.
  45. 45. No More Delays or Downtime ”We  needed  to  have  in  place  a  culture  of  conBnuous   integraBon  and  deployment” ..DON’T HAVE TO WAIT TWO WEEKS TO A MONTH TO BUILD A NEW FEATURE IN. THE WHOLE PROCESS FROM CHECKING IN CODE TO PRODUCTION HAS BEEN ”AWS  presence  across  the  globe  enabled  more  efficient   service  delivery  to  customers  in  each  region” GREATLY SIMPLIFIED - Girish Premchandran Principal Software Dev. Engineer ”We’ve  never  seen  down1me  caused  by  servers’  inability  to   handle  the  load” hup://­‐and-­‐expedia-­‐take-­‐travel-­‐clouds  
  46. 46. Enable Rapid Growth 4TB/day   Amazon   S3   24/7   Archival  -­‐   Amazon   Glacier   Hadoop   clusters   EC2  
  47. 47. In Summary… DO  MORE…   WITH  LESS…   Speed  &  Agility   Costs   New  Business   CAPEX   InnovaBon   Capital  Inefficiency    
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