Indian Case Studies - How AWS Customers Have Successfully Built and Migrated a Variety of Applications to the AWS Cloud


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Indian Case Studies - How AWS Customers Have Successfully Built and Migrated a Variety of Applications to the AWS Cloud

  1. 1. Indian Case Studies How AWS Customers Have SuccessfullyBuilt and Migrated a Variety of Applications to the AWS Cloud Rick Harshman Sales Manager, APAC Amazon Web Services
  2. 2. Why AWS?• Faster Time to Market• Elasticity of Infrastructure• Ability to focus on core competency• Lower costs, OPEX only model• Scale and Global Footprint• Flexibility of platform, pricing models, reach of services and ecosystem providers• Pace of Innovation and Security
  3. 3. Enterprise grade backup and archiving EC2 S3 CloudWatch“AWS was the clear choice for us. They enabled usto launch our cloud solution quickly with reliable, RDSuninterrupted, secure service to our customers.”Jaspreet Singh, Founder & CEO Support
  4. 4. and the video platform Tubaah EC2 S3 CloudWatchAWS gives us flexibility in terms of scaling ourhardware based on our day to day requirements. RDSKawaljit Singh Bedi, CTO NDTV Convergence Wowza
  5. 5. Mobile Ad Network Spot + RI EC2 S3 CloudFront“We use AWS to simplify our infrastructuremanagement, save costs, and free our time to Supportfocus on our core competence.“ CloudWatchAshay Padwal, CTO
  6. 6. DTH (Direct to Home) satellite television provider in India EC2 S3“The single biggest driver for us to use AWS is agility – CloudWatchthe ability to scale up and down rapidly from a purecapacity standpoint. The admin tools are icing on thecake.” SupportKL Mukesh, Chief Business Officer, Tatasky Zeus (LB)
  7. 7. Indian travel agency RI EC2 S3“By scaling up and down dynamically, we maintainperformance as well as minimize cost. AWS gives us an overallcost benefit of about 30-40%.” RDS“By hosting in the APAC (Singapore) region, gainedsignificantly in terms of website performance by way of SESreduced latency (about 4x).”Charan Padmaraju, CTO, redBus Support
  8. 8. Bollywood publisher and producer Spot + RI EC2 S3“We can accelerate our innovation process and speed-to-market in rolling out our services worldwide.The flexibility to scale both up and down, and not sit on RDSunneeded, excess capacity at any time has reallyenabled us to cater to the sudden spurts in business in a SQStimely fashion.”Manan Chhatrapati, CTO Support
  9. 9. 2011 NASSCOM EMERGE #1 Top SaaS Apps Hotel Management System EC2 S3 CloudWatch“We chose AWS primarily for the flexibility itoffers.”Prabhash Bhatnagar, HMS Infotechs founder
  10. 10. Digital and e-commerce platform EC2 S3“AWS allows us to take care of our most critical CloudWatchrequirements – the ability to scale for a given clientand the ability to scale our entire infrastructure Supportseamlessly as we continue to grow.Nitin Padmawar, CTO
  11. 11. Asia Pacific customers
  12. 12. How to get started?• Identify a few workloads or applications• Test the platform – free tier• Talk to our customers today to get their opinion• Talk to AWS people in the room.