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AWS Customer Presentation - How TubeMogul uses AWS


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Adam Rose, CTO of TubeMogul discusses how TobeMogul uses AWS at the AWS Startup Tour - SV - 2010

Adam Rose, CTO of TubeMogul discusses how TobeMogul uses AWS at the AWS Startup Tour - SV - 2010

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. © 2010 TubeMogul Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. TubeMogul and AWS Cloudy Scaling
  • 2. What's a TubeMogul? © 2010 TubeMogul Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. OneLoad - The nexus of online video Hyper-syndication Upload video to 25 video sharing sites in one shot In-player video analytics Provides in-depth reporting back to site owner and content creators
  • 3. Challenges - Why AWS? Challenges AWS Solution Small Engineering / Ops teams No hardware to maintain Limited budget Linear scale cost Requirements constantly in flux Easy to change configurations System size unknown at outset Godsend here 24/7 SLAs Uptime perception was a concern (notorious S3 outages, etc.) -> Can you do better???
  • 4. Evaluation Process
    • Already successful with our syndication platform
    • Disk I/O
      • Bonnie i/o tests
      • MADM and LVM striping
      • EBS first-use penalty!
    • Network throughput
      • Long-running tests to ensure consistent performance
    • Elastic Load-Balancer
      • Had packet drops with traffic bursts
    • Cost
      • TCO analysis is complex – weight lower CapEx against additional OpEx and opportunity cost
      • AWS has regular cost reductions
  • 5. InPlay Architecture August 24, 2009 Metacafe Dailymotion Brightcove App-01 App-02 App-nn LB-01 LB-02 Had-01 Had-02 Had-nn MySQL-01 MySQL-02 MySQL-nn Load Balancers App Servers Hadoop Cluster MySQL Cluster REST API EC2 WWW Video Players RAID0 striped EBS HAProxy Elastic IPs Needed web scale-out and resiliency!!
  • 6. Lessons Learned
    • LDAP and DNS needed for large systems
    • Multi-EBS nodes require serious management
    • SSH auth only! Make sure this is bullet-proof!!
      • May have dependencies on DNS, LDAP, etc.
    • Ops guys need to be coders
    • Need deployment scripts on top of AMIs
    • EC2 instances can and do fail
      • Make sure your architect accordingly! Make backups!
    • Use elastic IPs for well-known addresses, even on private interfaces
    • Consider monitoring requirements – more is better!
  • 7. Lessons Learned
    • ELB didn't work well for our application at the time
      • Haven't re-evaluated this
    • AWS does not provide free support
      • Posting instance IDs on public forums!
    • Network and CPU performance has been stable and consistent. :)
    • Overall as a startup, it's an amazing thing...
  • 8.
    • Thanks!
    • Adam Rose
    • CTO, TubeMogul
    • [email_address]