Drive Digital Media Innovation with AWS Cloud - Kingsley Wood, Amazon Web Services


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Drive Digital Media Innovation with AWS Cloud - Kingsley Wood, Amazon Web Services

  1. 1. Drive  Digital  Media  Innova0on   with  AWS  Cloud Kingsley Wood Business Development
  2. 2. Wait  –  Don’t  you  sell  books?  
  3. 3. Consumer  Business   Seller   Business   IT  Infrastructure   Business   Tens  of  millions  of   ac1ve  customer   accounts   Sell  on  Amazon   websites   Cloud  compu1ng   infrastructure  for   hos1ng  web-­‐scale   solu1ons     Eight  countries:   US,  UK,  Germany,   Japan,  France,  Canada,   China,  Italy   Use  Amazon   technology  for  your   own  retail  website   Leverage  Amazon’s   massive  fulfillment   center  network     Hundreds  of   thousands  of   registered  customers   in  over  190  countries  
  4. 4. AWS  provides  infrastructure  and  applica1on  services   that  enable  you  to  move  media  processing,  storage   and  delivery  into  the  cloud  
  5. 5. Magic  Quadrant  for  Cloud  Infrastructure  as  a  Service   (August  19,  2013)  
  6. 6. Low-­‐cost  U0lity  Compu0ng   Reduced Prices More Customers Ecosystem Lower Infrastructure Costs More AWS Usage Global Footprint New Features New Services Infrastructure Innovation Economies of Scale More Infrastructure 38 Price Reductions Since 2006
  7. 7. You Don’t Need to Guess Capacity Actual demand Actual demand Self Hosting Predicted Demand Waste Rigid Elastic
  8. 8. Dramatically Increase Speed And Agility Old World: Infrastructure in Weeks AWS: Infrastructure in Minutes Instance Type M3 X-Large # of Instances 1,000 Availability Zone US-West-2b Launch
  9. 9. Increase Innovation When The Cost of Failure Approaches Zero   Old world: Experiment infrequently AWS: Near $0 Experiment often Failure is expensive Fail quickly at a low cost Less innovation More innovation
  10. 10. Transforming  Media  
  11. 11. Many  Op0ons  for  Media  Consumers…   ! ! ! !  More  content  choices    More  devices  to  consume  media    Many  ways  to  get  the  content  to  devices    New  experiences  
  12. 12. Media  Is  Complex  
  13. 13. Securing  the  Crown  Jewels  
  14. 14. •  Encrypt at source and maintain your own keys •  Use secured network transfer (SSL, VPC) •  S3 encrypts at REST using AES-256 Local Encryption Network Encryption At Rest Encryption •  Integrate certificatedbased DRM through third parties •  Integrate digital watermarking •  MPAA Content Security Best Practices Watermarking Certifications & Audits Digital Rights Management
  15. 15. File-Based and Live Workflows
  16. 16. Bridging  Into  the  Cloud   The  challenge  comes  down  to  bridging  these   physical  world  broadcas0ng  systems  with  the   virtual  world  of  the  cloud   ?  
  17. 17. Media  Ingest  Solu0ons   Partner  Solu1ons   AWS  Solu1ons   Amazon  S3   (Mul0part  Upload)   AWS  Direct   Connect   AWS  Storage   Gateway  Service   AWS  Import/   Export  
  18. 18. Data Ingest 1. AWS Import / Export
  19. 19. Data Ingest 2. AWS Storage Gateway
  20. 20. Data Ingest   3. AWS Direct Connect
  21. 21. Tiered Storage Services Glacier   11  x  9’s  Durability   1c  /  GB  /  month   Simple  Storage  Service   11  x  9’s  Durability  
  22. 22. Scalable  Media  Processing   Instance     Store   EBS   Simple   Storage     Service   EC2     Virtual   Servers   Amazon   Machine Image   Amazon  Elas1c  Transcoder   Easy-­‐to-­‐use  scalable  media  transcoding  
  23. 23. Amazon  Elas0c  Transcoder   Core  Value  Proposi1on   !   Easy-­‐to-­‐use   !   Management  console   !   API  and  SDKs   !   Pre-­‐defined  transcoding  presets   !   Scalable   !   Designed  from  the  outset  to   scale   !   Transcoding  Pipelines  for   parallel  transcoding   !   Cost  Effec1ve   !   No  minimums,  no  commitments   !   Simple  per  minute  pricing   !   Managed   !   Codecs,  processing  and  licensing   baked  into  service  offering  
  24. 24. ABR  VOD/Live  Streaming  
  25. 25. Content  Delivery  with  Op0mized  User  Experience   Amazon  CloudFront   Served from S3 3 World-­‐wide  content  distribu1on  network   /images/* Easily  distribute  content  to  end  users  with  low   latency,  high  data  transfer  speeds,  and  no   commitments.   Sta1c,  Dynamic  &  Streaming  Content   2 London Served from EC2 *.php Paris 1 Single CNAME NY
  26. 26. Global  Infrastructure   Deployment  &  Administra1on   App  Services   Compute   Storage   Database    46  Edge  Loca1ons   To  deliver  content  to  end  users  with  lower  latency     Networking   AWS  Global  Infrastructure   A  global  network  of  edge  loca1ons   Supports  global  DNS  infrastructure  (Route53)  and   Cloud  Front  CDN  
  27. 27. Partner  Solu1ons  
  28. 28. Digital  Media  Partner  Ecosystem   hps://­‐providers?business_so`ware_id=5&selec1on=business_so`ware_id&type=isv    
  29. 29. Case  Studies  
  30. 30. Customer:  Ne`lix   Ne`lix  Runs  Nearly  100%  of  its  Online  Video   Service  on  AWS,  Achieves  Near  Zero  Down0me   Use  of  AWS:   •  Runs  nearly  100%  on  AWS   •  Leverage  most  of  the  AWS  Services     Business  Benefits:     •  Near  zero  down1me   •  Scaled  to  handle  Neelix’s  rapid  growth,                37x  in  2010   •  50  Billion  Events  per  day   “AWS  is  the  market  leader  and  has  been  able  to  create  a  con1nuous  and  virtuous  cycle.”      –  Kevin  McEntee,  VP  Content  Engineering,  Ne`lix  
  31. 31. Customer:  Public  Broadcas0ng  Service   AWS’  Reliable  Infrastructure  Makes  it     Easier  to  Focus  on  Other  Tasks     Use  of  AWS:   •  Delivers  over  2.5PB  per  month  of  video   through  Amazon  CloudFront   Business  Benefits:     •  Greater  reliability  than  other  CDNs   Customer  tes1monial:     hp://­‐Cw     “As  with  all  the  AWS  services  we  leverage,  using  Amazon  CloudFront  is  so  simple  and  reliable  that  the   team  doesn’t  have  to  think  about  it.  It  all  just  works,  freeing  us  to  focus  on  building  cool  applica1ons.”  
  32. 32. Customer:  upLynk   Problem:     •  ABC/Disney  needed  end  to  end  solu0ons  that  handle   the  complexity  and  scale  of  their  video  delivery   Solu1on:     •  AWS’s  scalable  and  resilient  services  enable  upLynk  to   provide  a  service  solu1on  providing:   •  One  mul1-­‐bitrate  encode  for  all  devices   •  Low-­‐bandwidth  secure  signal  acquisi1on   •  Automated  CC  processing  and  packaging     •  Live  on-­‐the-­‐fly  program  and  ad  removal   •  Dynamic  ad  serving  into  live-­‐linear  playback   •  So`ware  controlled  live  signal  delay   Business  Benefits:   •  Opera0onal  efficiencies,  conver0ng  capex  to   opex,  new  revenue  opportuni0es    
  33. 33. Customer:  Ul0mate  Figh0ng  Championship   Problem:     •  Uploading  and  streaming  content  was  complex  &   expensive   Solu1on:     •  AWS  scale  and  worldwide  presence  enabled  UFC  to  :   •  Upload  and  publish  videos  quickly  from  even  the   worst  internet  connec1ons  all  over  the  world   •  Find  and  send  video  from  any  device  (smart  phone,   tablet,  desktop)  from  anywhere   Business  Benefits:   •  By  switching  from  Akamai,  saved  $50k  per  month  in  first  2   months   •  Uploading,  finding,  sending  video  to  partners  now  can  be   done  by  anyone  with  system  access  in  moments   •  Non-­‐technical  people  can  search  and  publish  video  in  any   format  from  anywhere  
  34. 34. Customer:  Samsung   Samsung  runs  its  Smart  Hub   applica0on  on  AWS,  saving  $34M   Problem:     •  Needed  to  reduce  IT  costs  for  new  applica1on   Solu1on:     •  AWS’s  low,  pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐go  prices  &  reliable   services.   •  With  every  user’s  request,  the  Smart  Hub   applica1on  authen1cates  devices,  delivers  apps   and  content,  and  pushes  no1fica1ons  across   mul1ple  devices.       Business  Benefits:   •  Saved  $34M  in  hardware  and  maintenance   expenses,  85%  less  than  running  on-­‐premises   •  Reliability  of  AWS  cloud  has  enabled  Samsung  to   be  highly  available  to  meet  their  SLA  targets.  
  35. 35. Summary  
  36. 36. AWS  Value  Prop  for  Media   ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !   Elas0cally  scalable,  global  infrastructure     Pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐go  u1lity     Secure  pla`orm  including  MPAA  Content  Security  Best  Prac1ces     Quickly  ingest  content     Infinite,  0ered  storage  for  large  media  catalog  and  archives     Processing  of  media  content  at  scale     Global  CDN  -­‐  op1mized  user  experience     Vibrant  Partner  Ecosystem  -­‐  known  and  trusted  solu1ons  
  37. 37. Gelng  Started  with  AWS   ! hps://­‐media    
  38. 38. Thank  You!