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AWS Summit London 2014 | Customer Stories | Shop Direct
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AWS Summit London 2014 | Customer Stories | Shop Direct


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In this session, learn how Shop Direct is leveraging the cloud to drive success in digital retail.

In this session, learn how Shop Direct is leveraging the cloud to drive success in digital retail.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. © 2014, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. May not be copied, modified, or distributed in whole or in part without the express consent of, Inc. Customer stories: Shop Direct Chris Elleman, Solutions Architect – AWS Andrew McKinnon, Environment Architect –
  • 2. Provides  architectural   guidance  and  training   Helps  customers  receive   the  best  value  from  AWS   services   Provide   technical   support  and   guidance   Provide   accounts  /   billing     support  and   guidance   AWS   Professional   Services   AWS   Partners   Technical   Account   Manager   Enterprise   Support   Engineers   Concierge   Team   Solu;ons   Architects   Account   Manager   Customer   <customer>@amazon   AWS account team for Shop Direct
  • 3. AWS support Basic Developer Business Enterprise Customer Service - 24x7x365 ü ü ü ü Support Forums ü ü ü ü Documentation, White Papers, Best Practice Guides ü ü ü ü Access to Technical Support Support for Health Checks Email (local business hours) Phone, Chat, Email, Live Screen Sharing (24/7) Phone, Chat, Email, Live Screen Sharing, TAM (24/7) Response Time <12 hours <1 hour <15 minutes 3rd Party Software Support - Beta ü ü AWS Trusted Advisor - Beta ü ü Infrastructure Event Management Contact Us for Pricing ü Direct Access to Technical Account Manager (TAM) ü
  • 4. Supporting activities through peak Starting in Development 1. Cloud Surgeries • Regular cadence – every week on-site • Attend morning stand-ups • AWS service updates • Deep-dive on AWS topics – HA on singleton instances During Testing and Peak Trading Days 2. Infrastructure Event Management (IEM) •  Whilst non functional test runs were happening •  During Peak Trading Days (Cyber Monday) •  Heightened level of support from AWS engineers Continued Operations 3. Service Review Calls •  Held with the Ecommerce team •  Track activity and issues •  Run through open and closed Support Calls Cloud Surgery
  • 5. Andrew McKinnon Environment Architect, Shop Direct Shop Direct: leveraging the cloud to drive success in digital retail
  • 6. Our purpose
  • 7. Our brands ! •  Explosive growth ! •  Very largest brand £0.7bn! •  Heritage proposition! •  Limited growth online! •  Huge market potential! •  Double digit growth ! YOUNGER FAMILIES! STRIVING FAMILIES! MATURE 50+!
  • 8. Our transformation SURVIVAL-LED! 2003-07! Integration and consolidation! BUSINESS-LED! 2007-12! Catalogue to! etail capabilities ! CUSTOMER-LED! 2012-today! Vision for world! class digital !
  • 9. Why cloud? Scale of our business! Fluctuating customer demand! Reduce ! cost base!
  • 10. Why AWS? •  Flexible and dynamic •  Efficient and reliable •  Highly cost-effective
  • 11. Project goals Improve stability! Increase flexibility! Enhance agility! Reduce costs!
  • 12. The project itself
  • 13. The different stages •  Provisioned supporting environment •  Produced standalone ‘test’ offering for (former international brand) •  Repeatedly built and tore down environments based on configuration in Amazon accounts •  Class size selection •  Brand by brand migration
  • 14. The challenges Starting from nothing! Scaling! up! Decoupling systems! Keeping on track!
  • 15. Overcoming the challenges •  Support of AWS and Oracle Consulting •  Automation – repeatable build •  Flexibility to fail fast •  Building blocks for innovation
  • 16. The benefits Increased site availability! Record order! rates recorded! Increase in online sales!
  • 17. The long term picture Optimised! storage! Personalisation via big data! Experimentation! at scale!
  • 18. A few pointers •  Don’t change for change’s sake •  S3 as delivery mechanism •  Decouple – use application web service calls wisely •  Use your Amazon account team
  • 19. Supporting activities going forward Cloud Surgeries • Regular cadence – every 2 weeks on-site • Deep-dive on AWS topics – blue green deployment and scaling Environment Right-Sizing and Cost Reduction •  Utilise new Instance Types •  Using new Billing and Cost Management Information •  Exploring Reserved Instances Support New Strategic Initiatives •  Professional Services Team Engaged •  Leveraging cross industry knowledge Cloud Surgery