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Bootstrapping - Session 2 - Supporting & Optimising Your AWS Experience
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Bootstrapping - Session 2 - Supporting & Optimising Your AWS Experience


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This presentation will help you learn how to take advantage of unique properties of the cloud and how to ensure you have expert engineering help along the way. We'll tell you about the AWS global …

This presentation will help you learn how to take advantage of unique properties of the cloud and how to ensure you have expert engineering help along the way. We'll tell you about the AWS global support operations and how they can assist you 24x7, show you the fantastic set of checks available in our automated Trusted Advisor tool and give you tips and tricks on how to realise cost aware architectures. And don't just take it from us, hear from customers too on how they have used AWS support services to get the best out of the platform.

Adam Alexander, AWS Support Site Leader, AWS

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • hispresentationwillhelpyoulearnhowtotakeadvantageofuniqueropertiesf thecloudandhowtoensureyouhaveexpertengineeringhelpalongthewayWe'lltellyoubouttheAWSglobal ...
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  • 1. Adam Alexander, AWS support site leader, AWSSupporting & optimising yourAWS experience
  • 2. Different levelsof support tomatch thesupport needs ofour customersSupport ProductFeature Matrix
  • 3. Built on top of Legacy of Customer Obsession
  • 4. AWS Support is a Global OrganizationCurrent Sites2013 ExpansionRemote TAMOur team consists of professional, highly skilled engineers with locations in NorthAmerica, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.
  • 5. AWS Support is much more than traditional, reactive troubleshooting.In addition to 24/7/365 reactive break-fix with highly skilledengineers, support subscriptions includes an unlimited number ofcases to:1. Help you get started with AWS2. Get recommendations to be more secure, lower cost, and moreavailable3. Discuss your architecture and best practices4. Ask questions on how to successfully integrate the 200+ annualAWS feature releases5. Configuration help for a growing list of 3rd Party SoftwareMore Than Just Break-fix
  • 6. Customer Use Case:• Would like to leverage EMR to analyse log files, coming at the problem with no background on thetechnologyLeveraged a Support Case to go over their use case and interact with an EMR expert on the DublinSupport TeamThorough support, ended up causing us to no longer need a 1 day EMR 101 BootcampIn their own words, from start to finish:• “Ive just picked up the EMR task this morning and have zero experience with it.”• – Jan 23, 2013 12:08 AM• “… your example goes that much further and is going to be very useful thank you …youve been very helpful so far!”• – Feb 13, 2013 8:30 AM• “… this is great progress. Youre a bit of a Legend Dag thanks :)”• – Feb 19, 2013 2:57 AMProactive support in action
  • 7. Infrastructure Event Management• Designed for short-term, tactical engagements• Assigns a TAM or high-level Support Engineer to help a customerprepare for a known event that will scale or challenge theirinfrastructure beyond normal limits, i.e. a public campaign/event,seasonal usage spikes, viral/DDoS, etc.• Engagements will start with discovery, proceed with planning andexecution, and end with a review• IEM is included with Enterprise-level, but can be purchased forone-time events along with Business support
  • 8. Customer StoriesHarper Reed, CTO at Obama for AmericaTo make sure that we were successful, we relied extensively on the support options thatAmazon Web Services offered. We worked closely with AWS Support to troubleshootand solve the varied issues that arose. One of the keys to our success was having aTechnical Account Manager who knew our infrastructure and advocated for our needsto all the internal AWS groups. Our TAM was monitoring our AWS resources during highvolume events like the debates and Election night and proactively mitigating potentialissues before they impacted our users. Our experience was well beyond the traditionalbreak-fix reactive support mode, instead we truly felt we had a partner with our TAMand the entire AWS support team. They were as much committed to our success as wewere.Jason Titus, CTO, ShazamA large contributor to the success of Shazam’s Super Bowl event was the work donebeforehand with the help of AWS Enterprise Support. Working hand in hand with adedicated Technical Account Manager, the support team provided real-time assistance,ensuring our application would scale to meet the anticipated demand of the event. Inaddition to the upfront support, the AWS Enterprise Support team also provided aroundthe clock monitoring and assistance from the US and Europe during the event, and hadAWS engineering resources on standby should their assistance be required.
  • 9. Customer StoriesNASA JPLPrior to the landing, JPL engaged the AWS Support and their Infrastructure andEvent Management (IEM) program to review software architectures, availablecapacity and operational practices and work closely with the Solution Architects.As the Curiosity rover was landing on Mars and provided live images from thesurface of the Red Planet, the world participated via solutions developed byNASA/JPL and hosted on AWS. AWS and JPL teams worked side-by-side to quicklyidentify and resolve any issues that arose. The assistance provided by an on-siteAWS Support Technical Account Manager and Solution Architects who werefamiliar with JPLs environment allowed AWS to rapidly engage additionalresources as needed. Both JPL and AWS teams continuously monitored Curiositysoperational and outreach systems.
  • 10. AWS Trusted AdvisorWhat is Trusted Advisor?• An online service offered by AWS Support that provides best practice recommendations that willimprove the performance, security, and fault tolerance of your application and save you money.How does it work?• 27 individual checks within four categories that test your AWS application against specificoperational criteria. Depending on how you score we’ll recommend action , suggest follow-upwith a warning , or tell you that everything is good .Why did we create Trusted Advisor?• Customers don’t want to repeat the same mistakes made by others – Trusted Advisor allows us topass along learnings of other customers and best practices for each service.• Provide proactive recommendations to customers to detect and avoid issues before they happen.How will Trusted Advisor help me?• During the month of March, customers followed 53% of savings recommendations, 42% ofperformance enhancements, 31% of fault tolerance best practices, and implemented 20% ofrecommended security changes. Overall, 329K recommendations were viewed, and customers tookaction that resulted in $22M in annualized savings.
  • 11. The Four CategoriesCost Savings• The goal of this category is to save customers money by identifying AWS resources that areunderutilized, idle, allocated but unused, and by recommending opportunities to save by committingto resources over a period of time (1 year, 3 years).Security• Less than optimal security practices put your AWS application at risk. The checks in this categoryfocus on security best practices and highlight areas where you may be exposed or not takingadvantage of security features designed to make your account more secure.Fault Tolerance• With the cloud comes great flexibility and scale but not all customers use theses capabilities to theiradvantage. Fault tolerance checks are designed to recommend actions that will make yourapplication more resilient by avoiding common mistakes made when transitioning to the cloud.Performance• Our newest category, this section focuses on ensuring that you get the performance that you pay forby indicating over-utilized instances and sub-optimal configurations.
  • 12. Demo - Accessing your ReportWe encourage you to follow along with the livedemo and view your own report in real timeTrusted Advisor can be accessed through theSupport Center, which can be reached via theconsole by clicking on “Help -> Support” in theupper right menu or navigating directly to is a “Trusted Advisor” widget at the bottomleft of the page. Click on “Managed all TrustedAdvisor checks” to see the dashboard or the linkwithin each category to jump straight to therelevant section.Alternatively, you can type in and bookmark
  • 13. Customer FeedbackAmit Vora, CTO, HungamaAWS Trusted Advisor helped Hungama save over 12% on ourmonthly bill with AWS. We will continue leveraging featuresand checks such as "Underutilized Instances" and "ReservedInstance Recommendations" to keep optimizing ourinfrastructure and costs on AWS.Cyrus Durgin, Director of Engineering & Infrastructure,Meteor EntertainmentTrusted Advisor is awesome! Just poked around at the Trusted Advisordashboard and Im really impressed. Another terrific customer-facingservice to help us understand where our costs are and get a holisticoverview of where we can improve cost, security and performance.Very cool!
  • 14. Enterprise Account TeamEnterpriseSupportTAMSupport TeamSolutionsArchitectAccountManagerDedicated enterpriseengineer for technicalinquiries and escalationsWorks with the TAM to providearchitectural help with projectsand design needsHelps ensure customers arereceiving the best value fromAWS services365x24x7 Team ofEngineers Available
  • 15. Common Customer TAM RequestsOrchestrate resources within AWS to help Enterprise customers in the best possiblewayResource optimization review – prepare recommendations to help increaseavailability, reduce costs, and improve securityNew product introduction review – highlight where new products benefit thecustomer’s use case and architectureKeep the customer aware of AWS roadmap and advocate for their developmentinterests with the right AWS teamsEvent Management – coordinate AWS service teams and AWS Support for importantlaunchesConsultation on resource planning and operational plans for instance managementRegular meetings to review support cases & general technical queriesParticipate in meetings as an AWS expert
  • 16. Support Center & Trusted Advisor APIsCustomers can use their existing ticketing systems to manage theirsupport cases, receive case updates, and access AWS TA results.Announcing General Availability of Support Center and TrustedAdvisor APIs starting today!
  • 17. Questions?
  • 18. Customer Feedback – Twitter“Have I mentioned, lately,how much #aws PremiumSupport just plain rocks?@awscloud”“Just did my first ‘live chat’support with AWS Premiumsupport. Got a real person inseconds, and my EIP limitincreased. #aws #support”“Amazon AWS has incrediblecustomer service. ‘Werereaching out because ofyour tweet about AWSavailability’”“Opened two premium supporttickets on AWS today. Theresponse was the best supportIve ever gotten. Worth everypenny!”“I just wanna say. AWSsupport rocks! A lot can besaid about a company thatcares enough to ensurepost-sales is as good as itssales.”“Very impressed by the qualityof @awscloudssupport/helpdesk. Thats howit should be everywhere. #aws#cloud #support #impressive”“Impressed with #aws tech support. Responsive, knowledgeable and helpful.”
  • 19. Please give us your feedbackThank you!