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AWS Summit Tel Aviv - Enterprise Track - Backup and Disaster Recovery
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AWS Summit Tel Aviv - Enterprise Track - Backup and Disaster Recovery



Published in Technology
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  • 1. Rules for Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud Jeff Barr Chief Evangelist
  • 2. Agenda • Prologue The need for Backup and DR • Rules Backup and DR with AWS • Customer Reference Ausenco and NZ Post
  • 3. The need for Backup and DR
  • 4. Some “natural” examples…. Coronation Drive, Milton, QLD.… after Brisbane Floods – January 13th 2011 Photos:
  • 5. Some “natural” examples…. Coronation Drive, Milton, QLD.… after Brisbane Floods – January 13th 2011 Photos:
  • 6. Some “natural” examples…. Coronation Drive, Milton, QLD.… after Brisbane Floods – January 13th 2011 Photos:
  • 7. Some “natural” examples…. Manchester & Glouchester Street, Christchurch....Christchurch Earthquake - Feb 22nd 2011 Photos:
  • 8. Some “natural” examples…. Breezy Point, Queens, NY, USA.… after Hurricane Sandy – October 29th 2012 Photos:
  • 9. What about “human-made” examples…. “Everything fails, all the time” Werner Vogels, CTO,
  • 10. Backup and DR with AWS Drivers for Backup and DR with AWS
  • 11. Business and Technical Drivers with AWS…. Reduce costs Reduce on-premises Slash DR budgets by up to 50% Eliminate 30%+ of on-premises physical equipment Consolidate sites Remove aging technologies Eliminate the need to run a secondary site Eliminate tape for backup and archive
  • 12. Utility, on-demand datacenter The fundamental economic model… Primary Site Routers Firewalls Network AWS Secondary site costs Routers Firewalls Network Application Licenses Application Licenses Operating Systems Operating Systems Hypervisor Hypervisor Servers Servers SAN SAN Primary Storage Snapshot Storage Backup Backup Archive Archive
  • 13. You can have different DR solutions • • • • Easy to integrate existing vendors with DR on AWS Approach: One vendor/hybrid/multiple vendors One region/multi-regions (if you need geo-diversity) Different DR Architectures Backup & Restore Pilot light Warm standby in AWS Multi-site solution in AWS & onpremises
  • 14. DR & business continuity Assets will sit on a spectrum of technical complexity… Rebuild when required from offsite backup Run hot-hot configuration with auto-failover Recovery Time Objective (RTO) Recovery Point Objective (RPO) How quickly you need this asset to be recovered? How ‘fresh’ the recovery must be for the asset? e.g. 1min? 15min? 1hr? 4hrs? 1day? e.g. zero data loss, 15mins out of date?
  • 15. Backup and DR with AWS Backup and Storage Options
  • 16. Storage Options Elastic Block Store Simple Storage Service Glacier High performance block storage device Highly scalable object storage Long term object archive 1GB to 1TB in size 1 byte to 5TB in size Extremely low cost per gigabyte Mount as drives to instances with 99.999999999% durability 99.999999999% durability snapshot/cloning functionalities Very fast ‘instance’ disks Fast web object storage Slow, rare access
  • 17. Storage Gateway – Connect On-Prem with the AWS Cloud 1. Local, low-latency access to the most frequently used files while storing all data in Amazon S3 (Cached-Volumes) Or 2. Scheduled off-site backups to Amazon S3 for on-premises data (Stored-Volumes)
  • 18. Storage Options *AWS Oregon pricing Cost ($/GB/month) Performance Durability Amazon S3 0.095   Amazon Glacier 0.01   AWS Storage Gateway 0.095 (+ 125/GW)   Amazon EBS 0.10   Amazon EBS (PIOPS) 0.125  
  • 19. Backup and DR with AWS Backup and DR Rules
  • 20. Backup Rules 1. My backup should be accessible 1. My backup should be able to scale 1. My backup should be safe 2. My backup should work with a DR policy 3. Someone should care about it
  • 21. Backup Rules – My backup should be accessible Public / AWS Direct Connect VPN AWS Import/Export
  • 22. Backup Rules – My backup should be accessible GW-Cached volumes GW-stored volumes “Cold” “Warm” storage
  • 23. Access both via SDKs and via third-party software Via 3rd parties Via SDK Internet Web Services API HTTP(S) S3 Glacier
  • 24. Backup Rules – My backup should be able to scale • • • • • “Infinite” scale with Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier Scale to multiple regions Seamless No need to provision Cost tiers (cheaper at scale)
  • 25. Backup Rules – My backup should be safe • • • • • • SSL Endpoints (Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier) Signed API calls Store encrypted files Server-side encryption Multiple copies across different data centers Local/cloud with AWS Storage Gateway
  • 26. Backup Rules – My backup should work with a DR policy
  • 27. Backup Rules – Someone should care about it • Clear ownership • Permissions with IAM: Users, groups  roles • Logs • AWS support
  • 28. Pilot light Stopped instances
  • 29. Pilot light Running instances
  • 30. Backup and DR with AWS A “Backup/Restore” & “Pilot Light” reference…
  • 31. Remember Brisbane, QLD….. Source:
  • 32. Brisbane - January 13th 2011 Ausenco Source:
  • 33. Makhteshim Agan Industries on AWS
  • 34. About Us • • • • • Makhteshim Agan is the world's leader in branded off-patent crop protection solutions. This is how we help solve one of the world's greatest challenges, a sustainable and secure food supply. Sales on 2013 – close to 3 Billion US $ to around 105 countries About 40 Subsidiaries around the glob Each subsidiary has its own IT infrastructure Centralized applications and data consolidation is done at MA headquarters. 34
  • 35. Our Main Challenges (before AWS) Large number of subsidiaries, each uses it’s own on premises infrastructure • • • • • • • • Physical Security Stable power (UPS and generators) Air Conditioning Hardware maintenance Server redundancy Reliable access Backup and disaster recovery Setup takes long time 35
  • 36. The Conclusion • • • • Move to a public cloud other than on premises AWS was the natural choice decision Find a strong AWS partner to work with Emind Systems, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner • Cloud Architects • DevOps & deployment team • 24/7 Cloud Operation team 36
  • 37. The Solution • • • • • • • • Secured cloud environment • Multiple VPC across multiple regions • Secure access over VPN Windows & Linux servers Full backup to the cloud Quick recovery Seamless expansion Always available, always accessible Flexible cost model Backup to cloud is fast 37
  • 38. MA is whole more flexible now • All new small subsidiaries are deployed on AWS • Hand-in-hand with Emind’s team • Constantly adding more services and application to the cloud • Just in time deployment of AD-HOC global projects and services 38
  • 39. Ausenco Offices • ASX200 company • Head office in Brisbane • 29 Offices in 19 countries • 3500 Employees
  • 40. The Result • • • Low effort Incremental rollout Cloud migration • • • Efficient, effective usage of bandwidth Application/database servers Regionalised deployment
  • 41. Backup and DR with AWS The new HA/DR continuum…
  • 42. The new HA/DR continuum… DR with High Availability
  • 43. The new HA/DR continuum… App DR with Standby
  • 44. Reducing Costs • AWS cost reduction (e.g, S3 cost reduction on Apr 2nd 2013) • Reduced redundancy (Amazon S3) • Retention policy • Hot/warm/cool/cold backup Reserved capacity/tiers Standard $/GB/Month Reduced $/GB/Month 0–1 TB 0.095 0.076 1–50 TB 0.080 0.064 50–500 TB 0.070 0.056 500–1,000 TB • Amazon S3 0.065 0.052 1–5 PB 0.060 0.048 5+ PB 0.055 0.037
  • 45. For More Information • AWS: • AWS Disaster Recovery: • AWS DR White Paper:
  • 46. Thank You! @jeffbarr