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AWS Customer Presentation- University of Maryland

AWS Customer Presentation- University of Maryland



Michael Schatz, Researcher, University of Maryland talks about using AWS for dna research

Michael Schatz, Researcher, University of Maryland talks about using AWS for dna research



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AWS Customer Presentation- University of Maryland AWS Customer Presentation- University of Maryland Presentation Transcript

  • CloudBurst: Highly Sensitive Read Mapping with MapReduce Michael Schatz May 27, 2009 AWS Start-Up Event
  • Searching Wikipedia
    • How do you find all pages with your name in the Wikipedia
      • 4M pages x 250 words / page = 1B words to search
    • Sequentially searching every word is too slow, we need an index
      • Is the query Q present, and if so, where?
      • Are there any partial or approximate occurrences of Q?
    Michael Schatz Michel Schatz Michal Schatz … Michael Shatz Michael Schats Michael Schantz
  • Indexing with MapReduce
    • Inverted Index
      • Record source of every word in the corpus
      • Index size may be significantly larger than original original text
    • Construction Algorithm
      • Map function emits (word, position)
      • Different pages can be indexed in parallel on different machines
      • Similar to word counting example
    • Searching
      • Online search queries answered efficiently
        • Index stored on multiple disks
      • Bulk queries answered in reducer
        • Already cataloged words shared by Apple and Zebra
    Apple Zebra Apples are the fruit of the apple tree with black seeds. Zebras are equids with black and white stripes. … Apples 1 Apple 7 And 6 Are 2 , 2 Black 10 ,5 Equids 3 Fruit 4 Of 5 Seeds 11 Stripes 8 The 3 , 6 Tree 8 White 7 With 9 ,4 Zebras 1
  • Indexing DNA with MapReduce
    • Genome of an organism encodes the genetic information in long sequence of 4 DNA nucleotides: ACGT
      • Bacteria: ~5 million bp
      • Humans: ~3 billion bp
    • Current DNA sequencing machines generate 1-2 Gbp of sequence per day
      • Millions of short reads (25-300bp)
    • Recent studies of individual human genomes analyzed 3.3 (Wang, et al., 2008) & 4.0 (Bentley, et al., 2008) billion 36bp reads
      • Mapped reads to reference human genome to discover variations between people
      • Many more studies underway
    Chr 1 Chr X CATGCTGCGAATA TATGAATTCC … AAT 10 ,5 ATA 11 ATG 2 , 2 ATT 6 CAT 1 CGA 8 CTG 5 GAA 9 ,4 GCG 7 GCT 4 TAT 1 TCC 8 TGA 3 TGC 3 , 6 TTC 7
  • Personal Genomics
    • How does your genome compare to Craig’s?
    Heart Disease Cancer Loves Portuguese Water Dogs
  • CloudBurst Architecture
      • Map: Catalog K-mers
        • Emit every k-mer in the genome and non-overlapping k-mers in the reads
        • Simultaneously index the genome and join with the reads
      • 2. Shuffle: Coalesce Seeds
        • Hadoop internal shuffle groups together k-mers shared by the reads and the reference
        • Conceptually build a hash table of k-mers and their occurrences
      • 3. Reduce: End-to-end alignment
        • Locally extend alignment beyond seeds by counting mismatches, or with Landau-Vishkin k-difference algorithm to allow for indels.
        • If read aligns end-to-end, record the alignment
    Human chromosome 1 Read 1 Read 2 map shuffle … … reduce Read 1, Chromosome 1, 12345-12365 Read 2, Chromosome 1, 12350-12370
    • CloudBurst running times for mapping 7M reads to human chromosome 22 with at most 4 mismatches on the local and EC 2 clusters.
      • Local cluster shows near linear speedup over optimized C program
    • The 24-core Amazon High-CPU Medium Instance EC2 cluster is faster than the 24-core Small Instance EC2 cluster, and the 24-core local dedicated cluster.
      • As the number of cores increase, the running time decreases with near linear speedup.
      • The 96-core cluster is 3.5x faster than the 24-core, 100x faster than original
    Amazon EC2 Evaluation
  • Grand Challenge of Biology
    • “ NextGen sequencing has completely outrun the ability of good bioinformatics people to keep up with the data and use it well… We need a MASSIVE effort in the development of tools for “normal” biologists to make better use of massive sequence databases.”
      • Jonathan Eisen – JGI Users Meeting – 3/28/09
    • Moving Forward
      • More sophisticated genome indexing & matching with Hadoop Streaming
      • Large scale DNA network analysis with Hadoop
    • More Information
      • http://cloudburst-bio.sourceforge.net
  • Acknowledgements Mihai Pop Ben Langmead Jimmy Lin Steven Salzberg
  • Thank You!