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AWS Partner Presentation - StorSimple - Cloud-Integrated Storage, AWS Summit 2012 - NYC

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  • 1. Flattening Enterprise Storage Problems with Cloud-integrated Storage A Customer Perspective
  • 2. What are we talking about today?A Chronic pain in the data center: data growthB Cloud-integrated StorageC A customer’s perspective: The First Church of Christ, ScientistD Q&A
  • 3. Chronic pain in data center: data growth Storage costs Data protection Flat IT headcount
  • 4. Cloud-integrated Storage Call it out as S3Not cloud storage – a solution to enterprise data growthOn-premises storage & seamless cloud storage integrationEnterprise technology & cloud data management
  • 5. Eliminating redundant storageTraditional Storage Cloud-integrated Storage Cloud Integrated Primary SAN Storage Automated CaaT Archival (Cloud-as-a-Tier) Thin, Reduced Backup / Disk Snapshots Cloud Snapshots Backup / Tape Recover in Cloud or Replicated Data in any Data Center Use Cloud as Operations Secondary Data Center $$$$$ $
  • 6. Cloud data management The working set Inactive data Backups SSD + SAS Archives Automated Tiering Disaster Recovery Snapshots Thin Restores
  • 7. Data reduction cuts costs Data reduction A B C A D B D C A Deduplication A B C D A B C D Compression
  • 8. Data integrity and security Encoding Fingerprints Encryption
  • 9. By the numbers… Reduces storage capacity by 40% to 80% Reduces storage TCO by 60% and 80% Encrypts 100% of all data stored in the cloud Protects 100% of data that enters the system Over 90% of the data is unstructured data Eliminates 90% + of backup administration
  • 10. Moving to Cloud StorageThe First Church of Christ, ScientistThe Christian Science MonitorPresented by: Terry Barbounis
  • 11. The First Church of Christ, Scientist Non-Profit, Faith Based Organization HQ: Boston, MA 556 Employees 1800+ Branches in 75 Countries Members in 130 Countries
  • 12. The Christian Science Monitor International Media Organization HQ: Boston, MA Founded in 1908 csmonitor.com / Weekly Print Edition 7 Pulitzer Prizes
  • 13. Current Infrastructure Tier II Datacenter (onsite) 100 Physical Servers 70 Virtual Servers (VMWare) Microsoft Server/Redhat Linux OS 15TB FC SAN Dual, 100Mbp/s Internet Connections Offsite Storage: Iron Mountain
  • 15. 2006: By The Numbers 400 SERVERS 350 SOFTWARE LICENSES 1500 DESKTOPS 100 IT STAFF $17M IT BUDGET
  • 16. 2011: By The Numbers 170 400 SERVERS 200 350 SOFTWARE LICENSES 600 1500 DESKTOPS 25 100 IT STAFF $7M $17M IT BUDGET
  • 20. WE CUT $$$...
  • 21. …WE Optimized Resources...
  • 23. …AND HOW WE DO IT
  • 24. Good Start Using Cloud Resources AWS EC2 - Development Instances Google Apps/Gmail - Enterprise Rollout Oracle On-Demand - Financials Salesforce.com - CRM/Databases Replicon - Time Tracking
  • 25. Operating Principals – Moving Forward Simplify, Simplify, Simplify Elastic, On-Demand, Usage-Based Cost Networked, Outsourced Enterprise Implement/Manage to Configure/Develop IT Manages Agreements, Not Technology Embrace Consumerization
  • 26. WHAT’S NEXT?
  • 27. Unstructured & Volume Data Docs, Spreadsheets, Audio, Video, Graphics SAN: ~60% unused File Share Data: 2+TB Server Volume Data: 4+TB 20% - Files Not Accessed for 1+ Years 53% - Files Not Accessed for 2+ Years
  • 28. Cloud Storage: Our Requirements Continue to Move from CAPEX to OPEX Reduce Overall Cost of Onsite Storage Reduce Need for Expensive Resources Departmental, Usage-Based Billing Model Robust Disaster Recovery Eliminate Tape and Offsite Storage High User Adoption, Frictionless Data Access
  • 29. What is a Cloud Gateway? Hardware or software based appliance Customer premise or co-location facility Bridge between local applications/servers and cloud service providers
  • 30. Cloud Gateway: Our Requirements Fully Redundant, Hardware Appliance At-Rest/In-Flight Encryption Access to Multiple Cloud Service Providers Local Storage Performance / SSD Enabled Thin Provisioning & Elastic Volumes Local & Cloud Snapshots/Clones Non-intrusive Software Updates Ease of Use, Centralized Management
  • 31. Why StorSimple? ClES “First Mover” VMWare Ready/MSFT Server Certified Well-Funded by Prominent VCs Best Combination of Features and Price Savvy, Articulate Client/Engineering Team Value Before Purchase = Partnership
  • 32. Proof of Concept StorSimple 5020 AWS S3 w/ Multiple Regions 2TB Data Sample Clustered, Virtual Fileservers 20Mbp/s Network Bandwidth Limit Multiple Cloud Accounts
  • 33. Proof of Concept: Results Appliance Setup: 30 Minutes POC Timeframe: 2 Weeks + 2 Weeks Overall Deduplication Ratio: 12.5x Deduplication Ratio of Volume Date: 3.5x Data Tiered to AWS: 285GB AWS Costs for POC: ~$300 Storage Process Failover: Almost Instant Fileserver Cluster Failover: Almost Instant
  • 34. Cost Savings & Benefits 75% Reduction Over Current Environment Cost Per GB: $1.00+ to ~$.25 Administration Moved to Service Desk User Requests for Restore: Within 15 Min. Existing SAN/Tape: To Be Decommissioned
  • 35. Next Steps Complete File Share Production Migration Migrate Entire Virtual Environment Eliminate Current SAN/Backup Hardware
  • 36. THANK YOU