AWS Partner Presentation – StorSimple – AWS Cloud Storage for the Enterprise 2012


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StorSimple and BMC presentations at AWS Cloud Storage for the Enterprise event in NYC on June 6, 2012.

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AWS Partner Presentation – StorSimple – AWS Cloud Storage for the Enterprise 2012

  1. 1. AWS STORAGE SUMMIT BMC Software Showcase Ursheet Parikh, CEO, StorSimpleBrad Kern, VP Corp Dev, BMC Software
  2. 2. StorSimple: Cloud Integrated Enterprise Storage Leader • Certified for Windows Server 2008 R2 • First and Only Cloud Integrated Storage Appliance on the list • Certified for VMware • First and Only Cloud Integrated Storage Appliance on the list • Storage Magazine - Product of the Year 2011 • Gold Award – Storage Systems • VMWorld 2011 – Best of Show Finalist Award • Only Cloud Storage Solution on the list • Microsoft BizSpark Partner of the Year 2011 • For Enabling Rapid Customer Deployment and Success with Azure • Gartner Cool Vendor 2010 • The First & Only Gartner Cool Vendor on Cloud Storage • Others • Best Cloud Company 2011 – The Execulence Award • Grand Prize for Best of Show – Interop Japan 2011 • Most Promising Cloud Solution at the UP Cloud Computing Conference • Best Storage Hardware Award from SQL Server Magazine 2011
  3. 3. StorSimple Cloud Integrated Enterprise Storage Connects Windows & VMware Servers to Cloud Storage in minutes with no application modificationApplications in Virtual Servers F: StorSimple iSCSI Cloud Datastore Benefits • One appliance that consolidates primary storage, archive, backup, DR through seamless integration with the cloud • Cloud Snapshots that enable revolutionary speed, simplicity & reliability for backup, recovery. • Reduce enterprise storage TCO by 60-80% Cloud Storage Services
  4. 4. StorSimple Focus Applications and Workloads Capacity CapEx, OpEx Traditional Storage User data grows exponentially (50-60% annually) CapEx, OpEx StorSimple However, most I/O happens to the “Working Set” data Time Archives Shared Drives SharePoint Email Content Virtual• Media • Collaboration Management Machines • File Servers • Content & • Exchange• Engineering • • NAS Records DAG Replica & Documentum • VM Sprawl• Logs, Records • • CIFS Management Archive Livelink • Regional• EMR / PACS • Opentext • NFS • Business Folders Office Storage• Legal • Intelligence • Email Archives Filenet • VM Archives• Construction
  5. 5. Next Generation Simplified Storage One appliance that consolidates all storage functions integrated into cloud storage Virtualized Virtualized Applications Applications Storage Today Cloud Storage + Cloud Integrated SAN Storage Primary Storage StorSimple Automated CaaT (Cloud-as-a-Tier) Archival Storage Disk Based Backup Thin, Reduced Snapshots Storage Cloud Snapshots Tape Infrastructure & Management Recover in Cloud or in any DataReplicated Storage for Center Disaster Recovery Use Cloud as Secondary Data Offsite Locations Center Geo-Resilience $$$$$ $
  6. 6. BMC Software IT Background• Founded in 1980, 8th largest independent software company with over $2.0 billion revenue• Leader in Business Service Management software• 6000 employees, operating in more than 30 countries with 38 offices in the US• BMC IT delivers a total of 21 distinct business services• IT manages 18,878 virtual servers (primarily VMware) and 1 petabyte of on-prem storage
  7. 7. BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Creates a Highly Automated, Dynamic, and Self-Service Virtual Environment• Self-service implies rapid creation and teardown of virtual images• Images are not always in use, but often needed on-demand
  8. 8. BMC Software Addressing VMware Storage Sprawl BMC CLMChallenges• VM “sprawl” – managing 13,000+ VM images• Highly automated environment managed by BMC’s Cloud Lifecycle Management solution• Most VM images are not active, but needed to be available immediately if required• Backup window not large enough to backup all VM Images• Shortage of power and cooling capacity• Cost of the storage infrastructureSolution• Using VMware Storage DRS with storage pools• Existing NetApp storage for high performance / high utilization VMs• Cloud-as-a-Tier for VMs using StorSimple Taking Storage vMotion to the• Off-load the data-center and defer the need for a new Cloud data-center build out More details at
  9. 9. BMC Software Improving VMware Storage at Remote Offices• Already implemented StorSimple in “BMC realized a 5X savings, in data-center for VMware Sprawl capital expenses, over a• Leveraging that – installed StorSimple conventional SAN appliance in remote offices – Provided primary storage, archive, backup and We got the ability to restore disaster recovery at a fraction of the cost data from off-site backups in• Used cloud snapshots to have data minutes instead of 5 days” available at DR sites in minutes Gus Chavira,• Ideal solution for remote sales offices Virtualization Architect – All storage functions in one BMC Software appliance with DR in the cloud – Simple remote office management
  10. 10. Recovery times with Cloud Snapshots enablescloud based DR for enterprises
  11. 11. BMC Software Benefits Summary• BMC is focused on delivering Business Service Management to our customers• Internal IT capabilities are critical to our credibility customers – Build and manage highly complex, dynamic cloud environments• Required a storage/backup solution that minimized cost while meeting SLAs driven by our internal cloud• StorSimple’s solution allowed us to support our business goals with cloud while reducing cost – a true win/win More details at