AWS Modernising Your IT with AWS IP Expo 2013


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Learn about the way enterprises around the world are using AWS through 6 strategies, from development and testing only, up to running everything on AWS.

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AWS Modernising Your IT with AWS IP Expo 2013

  1. 1. Modernising your IT with AWS James Brown Business Development Lead
  2. 2. AWS Global Infrastructure 9 regions 26 availability zones 42 edge locations
  3. 3. Broad & Deep Services to Support Virtually Any Cloud Workload Compute Networking Amazon EC2 Amazon EMR Amazon ELB Amazon Route 53 Amazon VPC AWS Direct Connect AWS Premium Support Storage & CDN Amazon S3 Amazon Glacier Amazon EBS AWS Import/Exp Database Amazon RDS Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Elasticache Amazon RedShift AWS Professional Services App Services Management Amazon CloudSearch Amazon SWF Amazon SQS Amazon SNS Amazon SES Amazon Elastic Transcoder AWS IAM Amazon CloudWatch AWS Elastic Beanstalk AWS Cloudformation AWS Data Pipeline AWS OpsWorks AWS CloudHSM AWS Trusted Advisor AWS Marketplace AWS Training
  4. 4. Hundreds of Thousands of Customers in 190 Countries
  5. 5. Every Imaginable Use Case Free steak campaign Facebook page Mars exploration ops Consumer social app Ticket pricing optimization SAP & Sharepoint Securities Trading Data Archiving Gene sequencing Marketing web site Interactive TV apps Financial markets analytics R&D data analysis Consumer social app Big data analytics Web site & media sharing Disaster recovery Media streaming Streaming webcasts Facebook app Consumer social app Web and mobile apps
  6. 6. Thriving Partner Ecosystem Consulting Partners Technology Partners Marketplace 25 categories 778 product listings
  7. 7. 2003 $5.2B retail business 7,800 employees A whole lot of servers 2012 Every day, AWS adds enough server capacity to power this $5B enterprise
  8. 8. Infrastructure as a Service Magic Quadrant 2013 “AWS is the overwhelming market share leader, with more than five times the compute capacity in use than the aggregate total of the other fourteen providers.”
  9. 9. AWS Adoption in the Enterprise
  10. 10. Quick Reminder on the Benefits of Cloud Computing Replace CapEx with OpEx Lower Overall Costs No More Guessing Capacity Agility / Speed / Innovation Shift Focus to Differentiation Go Global in Minutes ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
  11. 11. Many Enterprises Worry that These are the Only Two Choices Build a “private” cloud #1 #2 Rip and replace with AWS
  12. 12. The Good News is that the Cloud isn’t an ‘All or Nothing’ Choice On-Premises Resources Corporate Data Centers Integration Cloud Resources
  13. 13. Integrating AWS with Your Existing On-Premises Infrastructure Active Directory Network Configuration Your Private Network Encryption HSM Appliance Back-up Appliances Corporate Data Centers Users & Access Rules Cloud back-ups Your On-Premise Apps Your Cloud Apps AWS Direct Connect
  14. 14. Our Ecosystem Allows You to Use Your Existing Management Tools Management Tool Partners Single Pane of Glass On-Premises Data centers
  15. 15. How Enterprises Are Using AWS
  16. 16. Strategy 1: Cloud for Development & Test Environments SAP Microsoft Applications SAP Reduced deployment time from weeks to days Reduced dev & test environment costs 70% reduction in operational costs
  17. 17. Strategy 2: Build New Apps for the Cloud Faster to build Facebook App Mobile Streaming Consumer apps Financial record archiving Less expensive to run Easier to manage Distributed architectures for high availability Global Web Sites Social Games Genetic Sequencing Marketing Campaigns
  18. 18. Strategy 3: Use Cloud to Make Existing On-Premises Apps Better Elastic Map Reduce App 1 Analytics RedShift App 2 ... Corporate Data Centers App N Storage Gateway Backup Amazon S3
  19. 19. Strategy 3: Use Cloud to Make Existing On-Premises Apps Better Big Data Analytics Oracle databases Big Data Analytics Export operational data to AWS for analytics processing Automated backup to S3 with Oracle RMAN 50% cost reduction with 2X faster queries using Amazon Redshift
  20. 20. Strategy 4: New Cloud Apps that Integrate Back to On-premises Systems AWS serves up application content & data Hybrid App Integration back to Samsung Data Centers for financial transactions On-Prem Data Centers
  21. 21. Strategy 5: Migrate Existing Apps to the Cloud 1/3 of servers migrated to AWS Migrated 500 web properties in 5 months Migrated clinical trials simulations platform Saved 1-1.5 million GBP New product web sites in 2 days vs. 2 weeks Simulations in 1.2hrs vs. 60hrs 64% reduction in costs App Your Data Center
  22. 22. Strategy 6: All-in 100s of middle tier services & applications to support 33M+ global members 10,000s of EC2 instances in multiple regions & zones At peak consumes 1/3 of US Internet bandwidth
  23. 23. Strategy 6: All-in Obama for America Obama For America (OFA), the organization driving Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign for re-election as President of the United States, designed, built, and deployed an election-winning technology system by using Amazon Web Services. The campaign technology team built close to 200 applications that kept thousands of volunteers connected and collaborating across the United States
  24. 24. How to Choose a Cloud Provider
  25. 25. Thank You!