AWS for Start-ups - Case Study - Go Squared
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AWS for Start-ups - Case Study - Go Squared



Customer Case Study - GoSquared, Geoff Wagstaff, Co-Founder & CTO

Customer Case Study - GoSquared, Geoff Wagstaff, Co-Founder & CTO



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AWS for Start-ups - Case Study - Go Squared AWS for Start-ups - Case Study - Go Squared Presentation Transcript

  • Real-Time Web Analytics On Amazon Web Services @TheDeveloper Google Campus February 2013
  • Real-time web analytics
  • James Taylor Geoff Wagstaff James GillDeveloper + Co-founder CTO + Co-founder CEO + Co-founder
  • LiveStats
  • In 2009, our Server melted.
  • Conventional Hosting• Contractual lock-in. Fixed term subscription• Laborious and slow to provision resources• Restricted• Dedicated, but not bespoke• Boring
  • Business constraints• Experimental technology• Agility• Low budget• Inexperience• High barrier to entry in market
  • GET TO THE CLOUD!!!11!!one!
  • Why AWS? CloudWatch CloudFront StorageGateway S3 EC2 VPC CloudFormation Diverse + growing range of services RDS Data Pipeline DynamoDB SES SNS SWF SQS Glacier ElasticBeanstalk IAM Route53RedShift CloudSearch ElastiCache ElasticTranscoder
  • Why AWS?Flexible & Scalable
  • Why AWS?Pay-as-you-use Pricing
  • Why AWS?Platform agnostic
  • Why AWS?Reputable
  • Challenges• Daunting. Requires new skills and role changes• More moving parts• Architecting for cloud• Deployment - resources, software, data• Automation - scaling, failover, backup
  • Advantages• Full control - freedom, bespoke• Fosters good system design paradigms & avoids complacency• Abundant tools, services, community + documentation• Lowered barriers to entry: infrastructure for anyone• Reduced time to market
  • Gap Year project: Trends
  • Angels (2010)Series A (2011)
  • 6 Team MembersAverage age: 21
  • 25,000 sites and counting
  • Traffic100s Thousands concurrent visitors 100s Millions pageviews/month10s Thousands 99.9% Requests/second Uptime
  • Our Stack (tidier) Traffic Tiered, decoupled, load-balanced ELB Load Balancer clusters Reverse Proxy Auto-scaling. Spot instances Service-oriented architecture: Services Collectors, processing, API, Applications, Website Redis, MongoDB, Data Stores Fault tolerance, failover, backupsMySQL (RDS), EBS, S3AWS Services: EC2, S3, RDS, Route53, CloudWatch, SNS, IAM
  • How we do... Monitoring Graphite - Ganglia CloudWatch ServerDensityPagerDuty
  • Best PracticesScale only when necessaryAutomate wiselyDecouple using APIs + messagingMonitor and log everything
  • DestroyEverything
  • Thanks! Geoff Wagstaff @TheDeveloper