AWS Cloud School Introduction to AWS


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AWS Cloud School Introduction to AWS

  1. 1. #AWS #CloudSchool Welcome to Cloud School Ian Massingham –Technical Evangelist @IanMmmm
  2. 2. Thanks to our Sponsor
  3. 3. Learning about Cloud Computing with AWS What is Cloud Computing and its benefits? Who is using AWS and what are they using it for? What are the latest AWS services and how are customers using them?
  4. 4. What is Cloud Computing?
  5. 5. The Benefits of Cloud Computing with AWS CAPEX to OPEX Lower Total Cost You don’t need to Guess Capacity Increase Innovation No Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting Go Global
  6. 6. Who is using AWS and what are they using it for?
  7. 7. Powering the Most Popular Internet Businesses Find out more at :
  8. 8. Trusted by Enterprises Find out more at :
  9. 9. How can you get started with AWS?
  10. 10. We typically see customers start by trying our services Get started now at :
  11. 11. Strategy 1: Cloud for Development & Test Environments SAP Oracle Enterprise Applications SAP Reduced deployment time from weeks to days Reduced test environment costs 70% reduction in operational costs
  12. 12. Strategy 2: Build New Apps in the Cloud Faster to build Easier to manage Financial record archiving Global deals engine Product Prototyping & Design Hotel booking engine Video streaming App streaming Firmware upgrades Less expensive to run Distributed architectures for high availability Clinical trial simulations Global web properties Audience management & creative design Biological data research SIM card credit News distribution Mobile games
  13. 13. Strategy 3: Use Cloud to Make On-Premises Apps Better App 1 Analytics App 2 App 3 … Corporate Data Centers App N Elastic Map Reduce Amazon Redshift AWS Storage Gateway Backup Amazon S3
  14. 14. Strategy 3: Use Cloud to Make On-Premises Apps Better Big Data Analytics Oracle Databases Big Data Analytics Export operational data to AWS for analytics processing Automated backup to S3 with Oracle RMAN 50% cost reduction with 2x faster queries using Amazon Redshift
  15. 15. Strategy 4: Cloud Apps that Integrate with On-Premises Apps AWS serves application content & data Hybrid App On-Premises Data Centers Integration to Samsung data centers for financial transactions
  16. 16. Strategy 5: Migrate Existing Apps to the Cloud 1/3 of servers migrated to AWS App On-Premises Data Centers Migrated 500 web properties in 5 months Migrated clinical trials simulations platform Saved £1.5 Million New product web sites live in 2 days vs. 2 weeks Simulations in 1.2hrs vs. 60hrs 64% reduction in costs
  17. 17. Strategy 6: All In 100s of applications supporting 33M+ global members 10,000s of EC2 instances in multiple regions & zones At peak consumes 1/3 of US Internet bandwidth
  18. 18. $ From: Amazon Web Services [] Sent: 12 February 2014 13:46 To: Smith, Sam Subject: TEST | AWS Getting Started and Best Practices Webinar Want to know more about getting started? Webinar Details Dear Sir or Madam, Getting started with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is fast Date: Tuesday 19 February and simple. Join this Getting Started and Best Practices 2014 webinar which outlines the best practice guidance from AWS customers and the Amazon Web Services team. This Time: 10AM GMT / 11AM CET can help you launch your projects in AWS Cloud rapidly and ensure your applications are simple to manage, Presenter: Ian Massingham, resilient and cost effective. This webinar also explores how Technical Evangelist, AWS to set up accounts, use consolidated billing and how to securely control access through AWS Identity and Access Register Here » Management (IAM). Reasons to attend: Understand the best practices for getting started in Up & Coming Webinars in this Series the AWS Cloud Learn to build resilient, reliable, cost effective applications 18 March 2014 Learn more about secure control and access to Dev and Test in the AWS Cloud AWS for your users Discover how to structure your AWS accounts
  19. 19. What are the latest AWS services and how are customers using them?
  20. 20. Amazon WorkSpaces
  21. 21. Amazon AppStream
  22. 22. Amazon Kinesis
  23. 23. #AWS #CloudSchool Let’s Get Started
  24. 24. Thanks to our Sponsors