AWS Cloud Kata | Manila - Getting to MVP on AWS

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  • 1. Manila Getting to MVP on AWS Oliver Segovia, CEO Raphael Quisumbing, Web Architect AWS Cloud Kata for Start-Ups and Developers
  • 2. Home of Beautiful Things
  • 3. Why AWS? •  AWS provides the same tools as large corporations use for the small enterprises o  in terms of architecture, there is no difference of available resources •  AWS has provided great Philippine Support o  speakers in AWS User Philippine Group o  free trainings given (limit slots)
  • 4. What AWS? EC2 (Demand,Spot,Reserved), RDS (Demand,Reserved), ELB, Route53, S3 (RR), CloudFront, Dynamo, ElasticCache, SQS, SNS, CloudWatch, Autoscaling
  • 5. Growth = Scaling AWS Autoscaling provides us the capacity to grow with the demand. There is no hassle for lock-in periods when additional compute capacity is needed. Other services also makes us more efficient in serving our customers thru different locations. Our technology expenses are maximized to its potential.
  • 6. Numbers 30-50% increase in load time 20-40% cost savings if same architecture was used on other hostings
  • 7. Thanks Home of Beautiful Things
  • 8. Getting to MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • 9. Traditional World customer is known features are known solution is known
  • 10. Traditional World is not where we live
  • 11. Most startups Know the problem, but not the solution Many don't even know precisely what problem they solve
  • 12. Lean Startups: LEARN & ADAPT
  • 13. 1.  Focus on a simple implementation of your idea
  • 14. 1.  Focus on a simple implementation of your idea 2.  Start with a minimal core set of features
  • 15. 1.  Focus on a simple implementation of your idea 2.  Start with a minimal core set of features 3.  Release and listen to your users
  • 16. 1.  Focus on a simple implementation of your idea 2.  Start with a minimal core set of features 3.  Release and listen to your users Minimum Viable Product
  • 17. MVP Smallest thing I can do to test my idea?
  • 18. a prototype shouldn't require big investments
  • 19. It should be cheap and validate ideas
  • 20. This Session From 0 to MVP in 30 minutes
  • 21. What matters most? Cost of Innovation Focus
  • 22. « Want to increase innovation? Lower the cost of failure » Joi Ito
  • 23. AWS enables you to Fail Forward Fail Faster Fail Cheaper
  • 24. Scale Product Development MVP Time
  • 25. Scale Innovation & Iteration MVP Time
  • 26. Innovation & Iteration Now: re-written as app. Photo sharing is just one feature photo app. Sold to FB for 1bn Scale Started: burbn, location-based mobile Time
  • 27. Innovation & Iteration Now: micro-blogging, podcasts 500M users, >10Bn valuation Scale Started: odeo, site to create & share Time
  • 28. Innovation & Iteration Now: raised $42M, successful. But then game 52… downloaded 1B times, 25% paid, best sold game on AppStore Scale Started: developed 51 games, none very Time
  • 29. “Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder
  • 30. AWS lowers the cost of Innovation Scenario Scale Small team with initial idea for Mobile app 3 months to get to launch Unknown customer/problem/solution No cash…. Time
  • 31. Dev / Test Environment Average Spend Scale $0 p/m Time
  • 32. Alpha Release Average Spend Scale $15 p/m Time
  • 33. Beta Release / MVP Average Spend Scale $235 p/m Time
  • 34. Getting to MVP for $250 Total Spend to MVP Scale $250 $0 $15 $235 Time •  3 months dev/test/release •  Serving Beta customers •  Ready for full production and scale
  • 35. FOCUS! Your application Your business & what makes you unique Innovation, not undifferentiated heavy lifting Spending developer time in the right place Automate as much as you can (Deep insight alert: Developer Time = Money) Build apps, not infrastructure
  • 36. "Startups are all about focus. AWS enables focus" Ray Bradford, Kleiner Perkins, Caulfield & Byers
  • 37. “Your users around the world don’t care that you wrote your own DB” Mike Krieger, Instagram Cofounder
  • 38. Focus requires Automation AWS Elastic Beanstalk AWS OpsWorks AWS CloudFormation DIY / On Demand Automated resource management – web apps made easy DevOps framework for application lifecycle management and automation Templates to deploy & manage templatedriven provisioning DIY, on demand resources: EC2, S3, customer AMI’s, etc. Convenience Control
  • 39. DEMO   Your  MVP  on  AWS  Elas3c  Beanstalk  
  • 40. What’s  AWS  Elas3c  Beanstalk?  
  • 41. We  Create  the  EC2  Instance   You  Focus  on  Developing  Your  App     User  Applica,on   Applica,on  Service   HTTP  Service   Language  Interpreter   Opera,ng  System   Host  
  • 42. Flexibility  to  Choose  your  Stack  
  • 43. We’re  going  to   build  this…  
  • 44. Thank You­‐ups