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AWS Summit 2013 | India - Media Industry Use Cases on AWS, Santanu Dutt
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AWS Summit 2013 | India - Media Industry Use Cases on AWS, Santanu Dutt


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This session will walk you through numerous solutions related to media use cases including high speed media ingest, storage, processing, transcoding, analytics, streaming and low latency content …

This session will walk you through numerous solutions related to media use cases including high speed media ingest, storage, processing, transcoding, analytics, streaming and low latency content delivery scenarios on the AWS cloud. Also find out how media companies are using AWS today to vastly improve their offerings with faster time to market.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Santanu Dutt Media Industry Use Cases on AWS
  • 2. Aaj mere paas Videos hain …. Streaming hain …. Rendering hain …. Content hain ….Analytics hain …. Tumhare paas kya hain …?
  • 3. Customers change viewing habits fast
  • 4. So you need to build and adjust fast
  • 5. Ingest and Storage • High speed ingest • Library storage and archiving Processing • Encode/Transcode • Encryption, watermarking • Rendering Manage • Content/asset management • Analytics, reporting, log analysis • Workflow Management, job scheduling, automation Delivery • Audio and video streaming of Live and VOD content • Static image distribution (web page chrome and images) Media Workloads on AWS
  • 6. Media Industry Requirements • Ingest and Storage – cost & speed, storage & archival • Scalable Compute – processing and workflow • Standard formats delivered at low latency – reach all devices & users • Analytics and Reporting – monetize and manage • Partner ecosystem – trusted solutions
  • 7. Ingest and Storage – cost & speed, storage & archival
  • 8. Media Ingest & Storage Architecture
  • 9. Requirement: Ingest and Storage • Tiered storage – Current library (source and output formats) on site, back catalog archived on tape offsite, etc. • Content owners cannot keep up with scale – being forced to look to outside storage solutions – More content, higher resolution=larger files, more output formats, etc. • Need fast, inexpensive ways to move content into the cloud
  • 10. 1,000,000 Media Files 1,000,000 Media Files1,000,000 Media Files
  • 11. Ingest and Storage Solutions Requirement AWS and/or Partner Solution Tape conversion to digital • Partners (Inception Digital, Technicolor, Deluxe, Fotokem, etc.) High speed transfer • Aspera, TsunamiUDP, AWS Direct Connect Scalable storage for source/output formats • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Archive/tiered storage solutions • Glacier, Panzura, AWS storage gateway Media content management • Partner DAM/MAM (Alfresco, Magnolia, etc.) Metadata management • Partner CMS (Drupal, Wordpress, or OVP solution), AWS DynamoDB, AWS RDS
  • 12. Scalable Compute – processing & workflow Raw Media Job Amazon S3 Transcoding Workflow Amazon SQS Website / CMS EC2 SPOT Farm Results / Failures Transcoded O/P Amazon SQS Amazon S3 Reports Website
  • 13. Requirement: Processing / Workflow • Many types of processing tasks – En/transcode, encryption, watermarking, packaging/segmentation • Processing one file vs. an entire catalog • Managing the process – workflow, automation, job scheduling • Cloud can enable: – New business models – New pricing models – Non-linear solutions
  • 14. • Fully Managed Transcoding Workflow • Elastically Scalable • Cost Effective & Pay/Min. • Integration to AWS Services Amazon Elastic Transcoder
  • 15. Processing / Workflow Solutions Requirement AWS and/or Partner Solution En/transcode • Amazon Elastic Transcoder • SaaS on AWS: Zencoder,, Sorenson • Run on EC2: Elemental, Telestream, Rhozet, others DRM • PlayReady, Adobe Access, Adobe PHDS, Widevine • SaaS: BuyDRM, Irdeto Workflow • AWS Simple Work Flow (SWF) End-to-End Solutions • Ooyala, Kaltura, upLynk, Irdeto
  • 16. Standard formats delivered at low latency – reach all devices & users • Progressive Download (YouTube) • Traditional streaming formats (RTSP, RTMP, etc.) • Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) - HTTP Streaming – Microsoft Smooth Steaming - Xbox, Windows Phone, etc. • Microsoft maintained/supported AMI available – Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) – iOS devices • Segmenters for live and VOD only run on iOS – Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) - Flash • Adobe maintained/supported AMI available – MPEG DASH • Future industry standard Video Delivery Formats
  • 17. Requirement: Distribution • Customers need low latency, global distribution • Ensure user experience to increase viewing times, monetization opportunities • Content caching to reduce load on origin • Reduce delivery costs • Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to help scale video distribution
  • 18. Video Format Solutions Requirement AWS and/or Partner Solution Delivery to Flash clients • RTMP VOD: FMS AMI, CloudFront Streaming Distribution, Wowza • RTMP live: FMS Live Streaming CloudFormation • HDS: FMS AMI, Wowza Delivery to Microsoft clients • Live and VOD: Smooth Streaming: IIS Media Services AMI, Wowza Delivery to iOS clients • HLS pre-chunking, FMS, IIS, Wowza
  • 19. Content Delivery with Amazon CloudFront • Global presence and Fast • Can be used for static, dynamic and streaming content • Elastic and Cost Effective • Supports variety of protocols and devices
  • 20. Analytics and Reporting – monetize and manage • Customer / User stickiness • Do you realize the potential in your data? • Increasing digital content each day
  • 21. Big Data on the Cloud Amazon Elastic Map Reduce • Managed Hadoop Offering in the Cloud • Integration with AWS services and 3rd party tools • 1000s of customers ran over 5.5 million clusters on EMR last year
  • 22. Partner ecosystem – trusted solutions • Large media customers need solutions to their media needs – They may love the benefits of AWS, but need higher level solutions • Encoding, encryption, live streaming, etc. • For AWS to be successful in the media industry, it is critical to build a rich partner solution ecosystem on AWS – Partners will also bring opportunities to us
  • 23.
  • 24. Mogambo … Khushh huaa !!
  • 25. • One of the largest aggregator & publisher of Bollywood content • Transcoding, mps3s/videos, gamebox, bollywoodhungama • Benefited with faster time to market & the pay per use model Hungama runs on AWS
  • 26. • Video Streaming on AWS including and NDTV Video • NDTV Video which was a greenfield project on the Cloud servers 10 million+ requests a month • Moved other projects like NDTV Profit, NDTV Social • Mobile Streaming on AWS with Wowza and EC2 AWS gives us flexibility in terms of scaling our hardware based on our day to day requirements. ---- Kawaljit Singh Bedi, CTO NDTV Convergence
  • 27. Samsung runs Smart Hub on AWS, saves $34M Problem: • Needed to reduce IT costs for new application Solution: • AWS’s low, pay-as-you-go prices & reliable services. • With every user’s request, the Smart Hub application authenticates devices, delivers apps and content, and pushes notifications across multiple devices. Business Benefits: • Saved $34M in hardware and maintenance expenses, 85% less than running on-premises • Reliability of AWS cloud has enabled Samsung to be highly available to meet their SLA targets.
  • 28. More than 25 Million Streaming Members 50 Billion Events Per Day ~ 25% of US Internet ~ 100% on AWS
  • 29. S3 EMR Prod Cluster (EMR) Ad-hoc analysisRecommendation Engine ~ One PB of data Personalization
  • 30. Questions ? @san_dutt