AWS Summit 2013 | India - AWS Enabling the Development Lifecycle, Pieter Kemps

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Find out how we help startups and developers to develop faster as they progress from the ideation stage to production, and ultimately, a lean, scalable, global deployment. We will also address some of …

Find out how we help startups and developers to develop faster as they progress from the ideation stage to production, and ultimately, a lean, scalable, global deployment. We will also address some of the key concepts of EC2 and how it differs from 'old guard' approaches to infrastructure. For example, we will help you understand that an EC2 instance is much beyond CPU & memory with included functionality on Scalability, Monitoring and Security.

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  • 1. AWS Enabling the Development Lifecycle Pieter Kemps – Alagappan MS – Ganesh Raja
  • 2. You begin your Startup in a garage…
  • 3. …and build a fantastic app
  • 4. people love it!
  • 5. and everyone wants to use it… Now what?!
  • 6. Which company… …grew to 14million users in just over a year …reached 150million photos & terabytes of data …signed up 1.0million users in 12 hours after launching an Android app …over 100million active users in January 2013 …with only 3 engineers?
  • 7. HOW?
  • 8. “Cloud is like a fertilizer that creates Startups” Eric Ries, author of NY Times bestseller “The Lean Startup” =
  • 9. “Amazon Web Services is probably the most important thing that has happened to mobile and web app developers that the press just misses. Jeff Bezos has accidentally or maybe on purpose powered a whole generation of applications.” Steve Blank, author of “The Four Steps to Epiphany”
  • 10. “a whole generation of applications on AWS” E-commerce Social Media Media Sharing SaaS Gaming Mobile Apps Big Data – Hadoop, HPC, etc Ad hosting and analytics Storage, backup, and disaster recovery Life Sciences (sequencing, simulation, etc.)
  • 11. These Indian companies… DURABILITY SECURITY SCALABILITY RELIABILITY AFFORDABILITY are getting the same… as these companies:
  • 12. These Indian companies benefit from AWS… E-COMMERCE CONSUMER APPS GAMING ENTERPRISE SAAS MEDIA just like these companies:
  • 13. 01 02 03 04 Idea MVP ProfitabilityScale Product? Do we have a product? Can we ship? How to develop faster? Better? Cheaper? Market? Do people buy? Do they pay? Can we scale? Can we deal with spikes? Profit? Can we monetize? How to keep costs down? When can we break-even? Can we get & stay profitable?
  • 14. Launch your infrastructure in a few clicks so you can Reduce Time to Market Pay only what for you use, with no commitment and lock in, so you can Experiment More at Lower Costs Leverage SDK’s, libraries, deployment tools and more to achieve Shorter Development Cycles Experiment More, Develop Cheaper, Ship Faster
  • 15. Sample Code & Libraries, SDK’s
  • 16.
  • 17.
  • 18.
  • 19. “AWS provided us with such an environment which has allowed us to prototype and deploy new features rapidly and efficiently, and quickly validate them in the market. Today, our roll-outs are 60 % faster….” Kunal Ashar, Head of Product Development
  • 20. Getting Started = FREE “AWS Free Usage Tier = more startups. Awesome” Tweet by Eric Ries Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Simple Storage Service (S3) DynamoDB & SimpleDB Simple Workflow (SWF) Simple Queue Service (SQS) Simple Notification Service (SNS) Relational Database Service (RDS) CloudWatch Data Transfer
  • 21. Global Reach, Infinitely Scalability Leverage AWS to go global in minutes and reach a global audience Amazon’s Cloud platform is of the largest scale and all services offer full elasticity for maximum scalability Reach a large global customer base by leveraging the AWS Partner Network and MarketPlace
  • 22. Go global in minutes to reach a larger audience Fast & Easy customer acquisition leveraging AWS regions & CDN Application
  • 23. 9 Regions 25 Availability Zones Continuous Expansion AWS Global Infrastructure
  • 24. 40 CloudFront Edge locations AWS Global Infrastructure Seoul
  • 25. Elasticity = Scale up Easily Scale to 1000s of servers in minutes Add billions of objects with Amazon S3 Globally distribute petabytes of data Select any level of desired throughput Fully automate the process of scaling up & down
  • 26. “AWS is great for scalable requirements, whether you need to scale up quickly, or even to scale down quickly, if required.” Vishal Gondal, CEO of Indiagames
  • 27. 70:30 Reduce Costs & Grow Revenue Pay only what for you use, with no commitment and lock in, so No Up-Front Capital Expense Leveraging our large scale, we have reduced our prices 34 times in the last years, leading to Low Costs AWS removes undifferentiated heavy lifting – allowing you to focus on your business and Generate Revenue
  • 28. "With the time savings that the IT and development staffs obtain from the solution, AWS gives us an overall cost benefit of about 30-40%.”
  • 29. AWS Enabling the Ecosystem
  • 30. 3rd Party Startup Events
  • 31. AWS re:Invent
  • 32. Training & Enablement
  • 33. Accelerators, Incubators, Angels, Seed Funds, VC’s
  • 34. “… the whole AWS eco-system made the platform robust and scalable to handle millions of users today with just a handful of developers” Deepak Diwakar, CTO of MindTickle
  • 35. What’s Next?
  • 36. Next Session From 0 to Production in 40 minutes
  • 37. How Start-Ups Benefit from AWS Mohit Saxena, CTO, InMobi Nikhil Soman, Founder, Playblazer Indian Entrepreneurs Going Global: Now or Never Shekhar Kirani, Accel Partners
  • 38. 02 03 MVP Scale Scaling Seamlessly and going Global
  • 39. Running Lean with Optimized Architecture 03 04 ProfitabilityScale
  • 40. Before we get started Some Basics…
  • 41. • Basic unit of compute capacity • Range of CPU, memory & local disk options • Many instance types available, from micro to cluster compute Feature Details Flexible Run windows or Linux distributions Scalable Wide range of instance types from micro to cluster compute Machine Images Configurations can be saved as machine images (AMIs) from which new instances can be created Full control Full root or administrator rights Secure Full firewall control via Security Groups Monitoring Publishes metrics to Cloud Watch Inexpensive On-demand, Reserved and Spot instance types VM Import/Export Import and export VM images to transfer configurations in and out of EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)