AWS Summit 2013 | Auckland - Scalable Media Processing on the Cloud


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In this session, see how you can utilize AWS to manage your end-to-end media process. This includes ingest, storage, transcoding, DRM wrapping and finally delivery.

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AWS Summit 2013 | Auckland - Scalable Media Processing on the Cloud

  1. 1. Scalable Media Processing & Delivery in the CloudSimon ElishaPrincipal Solutions Architect, AWS
  2. 2. Media EvolutionHow Cloud Scalability can beuseful for media workflows…Media workflows in the CloudReally…
  3. 3. Media EvolutionAnalog VCD DVD 720p 1080p (3D) 2K 4KSIZEUSERSFORMAT IngestionStorageProcessingDelivery
  4. 4. Media is getting Harder…
  5. 5. Media is getting Harder…
  6. 6. Media is getting Harder…
  7. 7. Media is getting Harder…
  8. 8. We need tools that can scale for Media…
  9. 9. ManagedservicesSecureHigh availabilityMassive scale
  10. 10. Media StorageAmazon S3Your files- Faster access to massive compute capabilities- Many external products (hourly or BYOL)- Access to other processing vendors withouthaving to move files around- Scalable Media Delivery (piece of cake!)
  11. 11. Media Storage (in the Cloud)Amazon S3 Amazon GlacierObject lifecycle policiesSingle API access (regardlessof the storage class)>Durability>>Scale>>>Cost
  12. 12. Media Storage (Hybrid)Amazon S3HTTPSAWS StorageGatewayCorporate Data CenterUsersClient On-Premises Storage
  13. 13. Media IngestAWS Import/ExportAmazon S3(multi-part Upload)AWS StorageGateway ServiceAWS DirectConnect
  14. 14. Media IngestS3 BucketS3 clientS3 ServersideS3 multi-part UploadFiles
  15. 15. Media IngestS3 BucketEC2 InstanceRunning AsperaFilesAspera on-Demand ServerFASPInstance RAMFASP Gateway
  16. 16. Media IngestS3 BucketEC2 InstancesRunning Aspera farmFilesEIPEIPEIPElasticNetworkInterfaceElasticNetworkInterface
  17. 17. Media ProcessingEC2 InstanceI/O
  18. 18. Media ProcessingAMIEBSInstanceStoreEC2 Instance
  19. 19. Media ProcessingAMIEBSInstanceStoreEC2 Instances
  20. 20. Media ProcessingAMIEBSInstanceStoreSteady State TranscodersEBSInstanceStoreSpot TranscodersTranscodeQueue
  21. 21. Media ProcessingAMIEBSInstanceStoreSteady State TranscodersTranscodeQueueEBSInstanceStoreSpot TranscodersAuto ScalingCloudWatchalarm
  22. 22. Media ProcessingTimeCapacityLaunch of new device1000’s of transcoders
  23. 23. Media ProcessingElasticCLOUD capacityTraditionalIT capacityYour needsTimeCapacity
  24. 24. SPOT & More Complex Workflows – Transcode PartTranscodeQueueTranscode WorkerTranscode WorkerTranscode Worker (Spot)Transcode Worker (Spot)Input files in S3
  25. 25. SPOT & More Complex Workflows – Slicer PartTranscodeQueueTranscode WorkerTranscode WorkerTranscode Worker (Spot)Transcode Worker (Spot)Input files in S3SlicerCMS
  26. 26. Media WorkflowSNSSQS SWF
  27. 27. ProcessingQueueAmazon SWFTranscode WorkerTranscode Worker (Spot)Input files in S3SlicerCMSMedia WorkflowAWS Import/ExportDRM WrapperDRM Wrapper (Spot)SNSStreaming Server
  28. 28. ProcessingQueueAmazon SWFTranscode WorkerTranscode Worker (Spot)Input files in S3SlicerCMSMedia WorkflowAWS Import/ExportDRM WrapperDRM Wrapper (Spot)SNSStreaming Server
  29. 29. Amazon SWFInput and output in S3Media WorkflowAWS Import/ExportDRM WrapperDRM Wrapper (Spot)SNSStreaming ServerAmazon Elastic Transcoder
  30. 30. Input andoutput in S3Media TranscodingAmazon Elastic Transcoder• Video transcoding in the cloud• Familiar development in AWS SDKsfor Python, Node.js, Java, .NET,PHP, and Ruby• Supports H.264, AAC, MP4,MPEG-2, FLV, 3GP, HLS, VP8,Vorbis, and AVI• Free Usage Tier
  31. 31. Media Delivery (in the Cloud)Amazon S3RTMP Streaming orDownload DistributionProcessed Media Files>Pay as you go>>Performance>>>CostHTTP/HTTPSAmazon CloudFront
  32. 32. Media Delivery (Hybrid)CloudFront Custom OriginCorporate Data CenterUsersClient On-Premises StorageAmazon CloudFrontServer
  33. 33. CDNEdge LocationsDallas (2)St.LouisMiamiJacksonvilleLos Angeles (2)Palo AltoSeattleAshburn (2)NewarkNew York (3)DublinLondon (2) Amsterdam (2)StockholmFrankfurt (2)Paris (2)Singapore (2)Hong Kong (2)Tokyo (2)Sao PauloSouth BendSan JoseOsakaMilanSydneyHaywardMadrid
  34. 34. Media Delivery (Streaming)HDS/HLS/SmoothStreamingAmazon CloudFrontEBSInstanceStoreEC2 Streaming InstanceAmazon S3
  35. 35. Media ReportingAmazon CloudFrontAccess LogsAmazon S3EMRAmazonRedshiftBusinessSmarts
  36. 36. Media WorkloadsRegion GovCloud RegionSnapshotAMIS3 bucketAWS CloudFormationSnapshotAMIS3 bucketS3 CopySnapshot copyAMI CopyStack
  37. 37. Webcasting with AWSScott JudsonCTO, Future TechJordan GreigSolutions Architect, Future Tech
  38. 38. Who are we?• Mission critical live video streaming from any camera to any deviceanywhere• Established in 2009• Focus on live video technology• Global customer base• Market validation with Funeral Homes
  39. 39. Why we chose AWS?• Cost effective– Pay as you grow– No upfront capital expense– Spot instances– Cost effective• High compute instances for videotranscoding– Hgh CPU XL, 8 cores• Scalable, low cost storage– S3– EBS– Glacier
  40. 40. Why we chose AWS?• Datacenters & PoP’s in coremarkets– US, UK, APAC• Link existing onpremiseinfrastructure with cloud– VPC– VPN connectivity• Ability to scale to the n– Vertical & horizontal autoscaling• Global CDN– Pay as you go– Global reach throughout United States,Europe, Asia, and South America.• Load testing– Ability to scale up huge infrastructure tostress test application
  41. 41. What we useAmazon EC2Amazon VPCAmazon S3 Amazon GlacierDynamoDB Amazon RDSCloudWatch Amazon SES
  42. 42. Architecture
  43. 43. WorkflowSite sends streamto local PoPLocal PoPaggregatesstreams via VPNgatewayUser schedulesevent in portalResourcemanager bids forspot instanceTranscoder pullsstream from siteCDN broadcastsstream to anydeviceStream is saved toS3 for archiveStream is saved toglacier atexpiration date
  44. 44. =zMedia can be made Scalable…>> Secure>> Flexible>> Managed>> Highly Available>> CheapYour Media In the Cloud Peace of mind
  45. 45. Webcasting with AWSScott Judson Jordan GreigCTO Solutions Architect@dvint1 @jordangreig