AWS Canberra WWPS Summit 2013 - Opening Keynote


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AWS Canberra WWPS Summit 2013 - Opening Keynote

  1. 1. 2013 AWS WWPS SummitCanberra, AustraliaIntroduction to Government and EducationCloud ComputingSteve HalliwellGM, WW Public Sector
  2. 2. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23What is Amazon Web Services?AWS Global InfrastructureApplication ServicesNetworkingDeployment & AdministrationDatabaseStorageCompute
  3. 3. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23AWS Cloud Adoption in the Public Sector500+Government Agencies2,000+Education Institutions
  4. 4. Over 14,000 AWS customers in Australia & New Zealand …
  5. 5. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud IaaSGartner “Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure a Service,” Lydia Leong, Douglas Toombs, Bob Gill, Gregor Petri, Tiny Hayn, October 18, 2012. This Magic Quadrant graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research note and should be evaluated in the contextof the entire report.. The Gartner report is available upon request from Steven Armstrong ( Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendorswith the highest ratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartners research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of
  6. 6. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23• $5.2B e-commerce company• 7,800 employees• A whole lot of servers!Every day (on average), AWSadds server capacity equivalentto that entire $5.2B enterprisePerspectives on Scaling: Compute
  7. 7. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Q4 2006 Q4 2007 Q4 2008 Q4 2009 Q4 2010 Q4 2011 Nov 2012 Apr 2013Time Sequence of Total Number of Objects Stored inAmazon Simple Storage Service (S3)2.9 Billion 14 Billion 40 Billion102 Billion262 Billion762 BillionCurrent Peak Rate:1.1 Million Requests per Second1.3 TrillionPerspectives on Scaling: Storage2 Trillion
  8. 8. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 231. Pay for Infrastructure When You Need It, Not UpfrontOn-Premises$0 to get startedPay as you go
  9. 9. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 232. Lower Total Cost of ITScale allows us to constantlyreduce our costsWe are comfortable running a highvolume, low margin businessWe pass the savings along toour customers in the form oflow prices
  10. 10. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23More Reliable and ¼ the Cost of On-Premise Solutions
  11. 11. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 233. Don’t Guess CapacitySelfHostingWasteCustomerDissatisfactionActual demandPredicted DemandRigid ElasticActual demandAWS
  12. 12. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 234. Increase Innovation: Experiment Fast, Low Costs & RiskOn-PremisesExperiment InfrequentlyFailure is expensiveLess InnovationExperiment OftenFail quickly at a low costMore Innovation$ Millions Nearly $0
  13. 13. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 235. End Undifferentiated Heavy LiftingBuy and install new hardwareSetup and configure new softwarebuild or upgrade data centersWe take care of it… So you don’t have to …Data CentersPowerCoolingCablingNetworkingRacksServersStorageLabor
  14. 14. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 236. Go Global in Minutes
  15. 15. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Security and Compliance is a Shared ResponsibilityFacilitiesPhysical securityCompute infrastructureStorage infrastructureNetwork infrastructureVirtualization layer (EC2)Hardened service endpointsRich IAM capabilitiesNetwork configurationSecurity groupsOS firewallsOperating systemsApplicationsProper service configurationAccount managementAuthorization policies+ =CustomerWorking together, we can achievesystems validated and certified atthe highest levels
  16. 16. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 239 AWS regions39 AWS edge Locations SydneyGlobal Infrastructure
  17. 17. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23The Full Benefits in the AWS Cloud
  18. 18. 2013 AWS WWPS SummitCanberra, AustraliaNetwork Powered BusinessMikkel Hippe BrunTradeshift,Co-founder / VP of Global Strategy
  19. 19. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23E-invoicing in Danish Government built onAWS• EasyTrade (since 2007)• 15m invoices, 30,000 institutions,150,000 suppliers• Central E-invoicing registry on AWS
  20. 20. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Pan European Public Procurement Online(PEPPOL)• €30m roaming infrastructure 4 service providers• Supports the full “procure to pay” cycle• Central registry on AWS
  21. 21. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23What if you could connect all thecompanies in the world and enablebusiness interactions to occur inreal-time, friction-free?
  22. 22. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Today’s AP OrganizationsAP overloaded & businesspenalized for delays inprocessingConsolidation of ERPsystems and increase useof electronic documentsSupplier networks costmoney to join.Status quo costs nothing.
  23. 23. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23The disruptive Tradeshift modelFree transactions forsuppliersWhich increasesupplier adoptionAnd increase the customerbusiness caseCreating better supplychain relationsWhich reduce cost andincrease value for bothsuppliers and customer
  24. 24. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Tradeshift Breaks The CycleFreeSupplierConnectivityEliminatePaper-relatedprocessesGlobalCompliancecoveragePlatformExpand yourbusinessprocesses
  25. 25. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Tradeshift Enterprise Platform
  26. 26. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23
  27. 27. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Tradeshift: Born in the cloud• We want to connect all thecompanies in the world on oneplatform• We believe in solving hardproblems using technology• We believe the future of supplychains is open and cloud based• Build on Amazon Web ServicesThe numbers• 500.000 buyers and sellers areconnected directly on the Tradeshiftplatform• 5 million companies are connectedthrough our platform partners• We are the fastest growing b2b platformin the world today with more than 1000suppliers joining every week• Largest global footprint, with active usersin 190 countries.• More than 1 million businesstransactions completed every month
  28. 28. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23From garage to global in 3 years
  29. 29. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Public Sector Adoption of AWS
  30. 30. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Forrester Foresights Survey data , Q3 2012Self-service Portals Resource Automation Resource Tracking Cost ChargebackHave you implementedthese cloud Features? 24% 27% 29% 14%Not Achieving Objectives with the Private Cloud
  31. 31. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Private ConnectionsWorkload MigrationsAccess Control IntegrationWork with ExistingManagement ToolsOn-Premises AppsYour Data CentersCloud AppsOur “Hybrid” Focus: Tools to Support Hybrid IT Architectures
  32. 32. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Active DirectoryVMware ImagesNetwork ConfigurationYour DataYour On-Premises AppsUsers & Access RulesVM Import/ExportYour Private NetworkOur StorageYour Cloud AppsDirect ConnectVPCIAMStorage GatewayOur “Hybrid” Focus: Tools to Support Hybrid IT ArchitecturesYour Data Centers
  33. 33. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Typical Workloads First Moved to the Cloud• Development and test infrastructure• Web sites, web apps, cross-organization collaboration apps• Big data analytics, high performance computing workloads• Backup, archive, third tier storage• Disaster recovery/continuity of operations (DR/COOP)• Eventually: migration of LOB applications• Quickly: SaaS vendors are already in AWS (e.g., TradeWorx, ESRI, TradeShift)
  34. 34. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Public Sector Adoption of AWSWeb sites and web apps; dev& test; collaboration sites; bigdata; new apps & missionsMigrate existing apps & data;augment on-prem resources(“bursting”); DR/CooPTraining, knowledge transfer;architecture; security andcompliance; first workloads…
  35. 35. 2013 AWS WWPS SummitCanberra, AustraliaICRAR, SKA and AWSKevin VinsenResearch Associate Professor, (ICRAR, UWA)
  36. 36. One Observatory - Two sitesSKA Phase 1~10% full SKA2016-2020In Mid West WASurvey Facility atLow and Mid FrequencyMWA x 10036 dish ASKAP +60 more disheswith PAFsIn Karoo RSADetailed deep field facilityat High Frequency64 dishMeerKAT +190 moredishesGood low frequency site Good high frequency site
  37. 37. ICRARWhat’s next• 2012 - 2015 Pre-construction design– ANZ lead involvement in 3 areas– Industry Opportunities in design– SKA project + construction staff build up• 2016 - 2020 Phase 1 Construction 10%– ANZ contracts (institutions + industry)– SKA construction + operations staff build up• 2020 - 2024 Phase 2 Construction 100%– SKA 1 operations + SKA 2 construction
  38. 38. ICRARSpectral Line Datacube• Aperture Arrays– Assume 40,000 channels– 28,000 x 28,000 x 40,000 x 4– ≈125TB• Stokes parameters and Weighting Map– Multiple by 5– ≈ 625TB
  39. 39. ICRARSurveys• ∼1000 Cubes to survey the whole sky - takenthroughout the year.• Ultra deep surveys look atthe same point again,and again, and again.• The images are thenstacked to produce asingle cube.
  40. 40. ICRARData sizes after a yearScience Case Raw data Line Cube Continuum PolarizationNeutral IGM in EOR 86EB 22TB 1.2TBGalaxy evolution over cosmic time 11EB 7.7PBGalaxy evolution in the nearby universe 8EB 1.3PBWide area HI emission 35EB 78PBDeep extragalactic HI emission stacking 86EB 290TBWide field continuum observations 425EB 23.9PBWide field polarization observations 425EB 300PB
  41. 41. ICRARProjected Performance1 TFlop10 TFlops100 TFlops1 PFlop10 PFlops100 PFlops1 EFlop10 EFlopsSource: Top500.orgASKAPSKA Phase 1
  42. 42. ICRARtheSkyNet Pan-STARRS1 OpticalGalaxy Survey (POGS)• Pixel-by-pixel spectral energy distribution fitting– UV, Optical, IR, and Radio– Local stellar mass surface density– Star formation history– Age– Extinction– Dust attenuation• Start with ~100 million pixel SEDs– Each pixel SED takes between 5 and 10 minutes– It would take between 950 and 1,900 years on a single core
  43. 43. ICRARtheSkyNet Pan-STARRS1 OpticalGalaxy Survey (POGS)
  44. 44. ICRARFabric and Boto# Setup NAGIOSsudo(chkconfig nrpe on)sudo(service nrpe start)# Setup the HDF5with cd(/usr/local/src):sudo(wget -xvzf szip-2.1.tar.gz)sudo(wget -xvzf hdf5-1.8.10.tar.gz)sudo(rm *.gz)
  45. 45. ICRARPuppetDoes all the yum updates you need and createsdirectories and userspackage { httpd:ensure => installed,}package { httpd-devel:ensure => installed,}user { apache:ensure => present,groups => [ec2-user],}service { httpd:ensure => running,enable => true,require => Package[httpd],
  46. 46. ICRARScaling BOINC - AWS to the rescue
  47. 47. ICRARScaling BOINC - AWS to the rescue
  48. 48. ICRARScaling BOINC - AWS to the rescue
  49. 49. ICRARScaling BOINC - AWS to the rescue• You MUST think about scalability from the beginning• Zooniverse - crashed due to load in the first 4 hours• theSkyNet - crashed due to load in the first 6 hours• theSkyNet POGS crashed due to load from a BOINCchallenge (after 6 months) - was up and running againin 3 hours
  50. 50. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Example: CDC BioSense 2.0Tracks public health problems to better prepare for and coordinateresponses to safeguard the wellbeing of the American people.Watch the video:
  51. 51. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Big Data & High Performance ComputingRuns genomesequencing projecton AWSRuns parallelcomputations andimage processing onAWS• Build a 30,000 core super-computer for $1279/hour• Build a 12 teraflop cluster for $35/hour• Eliminate queuing for HPC resources and accelerate time to science• Latest Intel processors, GP-GPUs, 10gb network and placement groupsDevelop, test, andexplore cuttingedge technology atrealistic scale.
  52. 52. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Cloud Storage and Backup“The adoption of elastic storage with Amazon S3 atStanford is a strategic development in achieving andmaintaining a significantly improved data andsecurity environment which highly leverages currentstate-of-the-art cost-effective technologies in aneasily accessible and manageable framework.”— Horace Greeley, Systems Group, StanfordUniversity
  53. 53. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Obama for America’s Mission Critical Apps on AWSDonor CollectionSystemVolunteerManagementSystemVoter File“The AWS Cloud letus build solutionsfor an environment thatmoves so rapidlythat you can’t planfor it.It made a big difference to thesuccess of the campaign.”- Mike Slaby, Chief Integration andInnovation Officer, Obama for AmericaMillions of UsersServedCall ToolMicro-targetingDashboardOver 200applications builton the platformScaled up, andscaled downSee
  54. 54. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23LOB Applications• Small public school district in Fish Creek, Wisconsin• Needed to upgrade servers running everything from studentdatabases to library management system• IT department estimated that new equipment and 4 years of upkeep wouldhave cost close to $50,000—a lot for a cash-strapped institution• After moving LOB infra to AWS, on track to save 25% over thetypical 5 year lifespan of on-premises infrastructure• IT department had initial AWS workloads running within 20 minutes, andfully operational within 6 hours
  55. 55. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23SAFRA – Singapore’s NS45 Portal• Honoring Those Who Have Served– Celebrating the 45th anniversary of Singapore’s National Service– MINDEF providing $100 million of benefits to more than 900,000current and past National Servicemen• One-stop NS45 Portal Powered by AWS– One month initial implementation– Subsequent deployments in a matter of hours– Reduced number of physical servers by about 50% per project– High availability despite dramatic growth in number of active users
  56. 56. 2013 AWS WWPS SummitCanberra, WaughDirector Coordination and Gov 2.0
  57. 57. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Operating Systems Languages & Libraries CertifiedApplicationsOpen and Interoperable
  58. 58. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Supporting a Very Wide Range of Technologies
  59. 59. 2013 AWS WWPS Summit,Canberra – May 23Partners Ready to Help
  60. 60. 2013 AWS WWPS SummitCanberra, Australia