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AWS Cloud Kata | Hong Kong - Welcome and Opening Remarks, Pieter Kemps
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  • 1. AWS Cloud Kata Hong Kong, August 8 Start-Ups in The Cloud Pieter Kemps Business Development, Startups & Venture Capital @p_kemps
  • 2. Unleashing Creativity What if we re-invent… How people can access their favorite music?
  • 3. How people read magazines on the go? Unleashing Creativity What if we re-invent…
  • 4. Couch Surfing? Unleashing Creativity What if we re-invent…
  • 5. The way we explore other planets? Unleashing Creativity What if we re-invent…
  • 6. “Amazon Web Services is probably the most important thing that has happened to mobile and web app developers that the press just misses. Jeff Bezos has accidentally or maybe on purpose powered a whole generation of applications.” Steve Blank
  • 7. These HK startups … DURABILITY SECURITY SCALABILITY RELIABILITY AFFORDABILITY are getting the same… as these companies:
  • 8. “Cloud is like a fertilizer that creates Startups” Eric Ries
  • 9. 01 02 03 04 Idea MVP ProfitabilityScale
  • 10. 01 02 03 04 Idea MVP ProfitabilityScale Product? Do we have a product? Can we ship? How to develop faster? Better? Cheaper? Market? Do people buy? Do they pay? Can we scale? Can we deal with spikes? Profit? Can we monetize? How to keep costs down? When can we break-even? Can we get & stay profitable?
  • 11. Infrastructure in Minutes Lower Costs of Innovation Shorter Development Cycles Experiment More, Develop Cheaper, Ship Faster Add New Dev Environment Add New Production in US Add 1,000 Servers Remove 1,000 servers Number of Instances 1,000 Instance Type M3 Extra Large Availability Zone US-West-2b Launch aws.amazon.com/managementconsole
  • 12. Developer Centric AWS is fully focused on developers, with a broad scope of services, rich API’s, compatible with many open source tools, and an ability to automate everything. Infrastructure as Code Why AWS when you get from Idea to MVP?
  • 13. Android iOS Java nodeJS .NET PHP Python Ruby Rich set of APIs for your programming platform or language and specialized cloud tools integrated in your development environment Eclipse Visual Studio CLI Powershell Developer Centric Support for many language stacks & tools
  • 14. Developer Centric Wide breath and deep stack of services
  • 15. Orchestration framework ranging from coarse to granular control Rich API’s, so everything can be scripted, versioned, tested and repeated Developer Centric Automate Everything – True ‘Infrastructure as Code’ AWS OpsWorks AWS CloudFormation AWS Elastic Beanstalk DevOps framework for application lifecycle management & automation Templates to deploy & manage template-driven provisioning Automated resource management – web apps made easy Control Convenience
  • 16. EC2 EBS RDS ELB Upload your application Beanstalk deploys You still have control Developer Centric An Example – AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • 17. Grow faster, reach customers globally, scale easily Global Reach Infinite Scalability Amazon as a Channel
  • 18. Backbone of Giants AWS levels the playing field. We democratize security, Enterprise-grade architectures, and global footprint. You get the same backbone as Enterprises like NASA, Nasdaq, Shell, and Samsung, as well as successful startups such as Instagram, Dropbox, Pinterest, Spotify, Mailbox, Flipboard and many more. Why AWS when you get from MVP to Scale?
  • 19. Backbone of Giants Democratization of technology, scale, security and global footprint Same global infrastructure as Same security as Same scalability as Same durability as
  • 20. Backbone of Giants Solve for one, solve for all Security Infrastructure Infrastructure & Services Requirements Requirements Requirements Your Requirements “Be the best in Finance” “Be the best in Energy” “Be the best in Media”
  • 21. when it was a global $5.2B enterprise with 7,800 employees in 2003 adds the equivalent server capacity to power Backbone of Giants Large Scale Global Infrastructure Each Day Go Global in Minutes 9 Regions 25 Availability Zones 42 Edge Locations
  • 22. Backbone of Giants Powers the best enterprises and startups Social ecommerce Facebook page Mars exploration ops Consumer social app Ticket pricing optimization Gene sequencing File sharing Interactive TV apps Financial markets analytics R&D data analysis Web site & media sharing Disaster recovery Media streaming Web and mobile blogging Streaming webcasts SAP & Sharepoint Securities Trading Data Archiving Consumer social app Big data analytics Consumer social app
  • 23. Reduce Costs & Grow revenue Cost Aware Architecting Continuous Price Reductions Multiple Pricing Models
  • 24. Winning thru Innovation AWS constantly innovates on behalf of our customers. Our pace of innovation is fast and our economies of scale allow us to lower costs for our customers. The AWS team constantly with our customers to help them succeed. Why AWS when you get from Scale to Profit?
  • 25. 9 24 48 61 82 159 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 AWS Pace of Innovation Significant Feature and Service Releases by Year Winning thru Innovation Fast and focused technical innovation
  • 26. Winning thru Innovation Fast and focused technical innovation Jul 28, 2013 Amazon CloudFront and Route 53 Add India Edge Locations Mar 11, 2013 Announcing AWS Elastic Beanstalk for Node.js Feb 18, 2013 Announcing AWS OpsWorks Jan 28, 2013 Announcing Amazon Elastic Transcoder Jul 27, 2013 “I wish I could improve latency to India” Mar 10, 2013 “If I only I could use Beanstalk for my Node.js app!” Feb 17, 2013 “It’s hard to manage my Chef recipes” Jan 27, 2013 “If only AWS could make it easier to manage the transcoding process”
  • 27. Winning thru Innovation Continuous cost innovation – scale More AWS Usage More Infrastructure Economies of Scale Lower Infrastructure Costs Reduced Prices More Customers 37PRICE REDUCTIONS Leveraging scale to drop our prices continuously
  • 28. Winning thru Innovation Continuous cost innovation – purchasing models On-Demand Pay for compute capacity by the hour with no long-term commitments For spiky workloads, or to define needs Reserved Make a low, one-time payment and receive a significant discount on the hourly charge For committed utilization Spot Bid for unused capacity, charged at a Spot Price which fluctuates based on supply and demand For time-insensitive or transient workloads Free Tier Get Started on AWS with free usage & no commitment For POCs and getting started
  • 29. Winning thru Innovation Expert Enablement – Community
  • 30. Winning thru Innovation Expert Enablement – AWS Solution Architects optimize your architecture Account Managers optimize your cost structure Partner Managers Partnering & Go to Market
  • 31. Winning thru Innovation Expert Enablement – an example…
  • 32. AWS Cloud Kata Hong Kong, August 8 Thank You aws.amazon.com/start-ups aws.amazon.com/free