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Animal chapparal carla
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Animal chapparal carla


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  • 1. By Carla
  • 2. FISHING BIRD The chaparralbird got adopted as the officialstate bird of new Mexico.
  • 3. GRAY FOX The Gray Fox lives in four Deserts of the Southwest American and beyond. The Gray Fox is the only dog family that can climbtrees . They can reach a speed of 28 mph for short distance.
  • 4. AARDWOLFThe Aardwolf are very hairy animals. They have long front leg and short back leg. They are in the same family as the dogs. The Aardwolf mostly live in south Africa.
  • 5. JACK RABBIT The Jack rabbits are hares. The Jack rabbit mostly lives in deserts and chaparrals too. They have huge ears andthey can hear from far away. They hide inplaces where they can see if predators are coming.
  • 6. CACTUS WREN The cactus wren lives in southern united state. They are found below 4000 feet high. The females prefer lownesting thenhigh nesting. They always make secret entrance sothe predators does notcome in their house.
  • 7. GOLDEN JACKALThese kind of wolfs are very small animals. They havevery long hair and they havea very fluffy tail. In the wolf family the Golden Jackal probably has the most pointed ears. Their bodylength is about 70 to 80 cm.
  • 8. ISLAND GRAY FOX The Island grayfox are related to the Gray foxfamily. They havemany names and they are: short-tailed fox, Dwarf fox, and channel fox. The IslandGray Fox can live up to 10 years. They can also about tiny kits.
  • 9. PUMA The Puma’s can be allcolor . They can varyfrom gray to brownish red. The Puma’s can make theirwiegh up to700 pounds. They have the longest legs in thePuma family.
  • 10. SAN JOACHIM KIT FOX You mostly find the Kit fox in grassy lands in California. These animals has huge ears and they can hear so far away. They probablyare the only family that has the longest legs. The pads of the paw are very hairy and very fluffy.
  • 11. SPOTTED SKUNK All of the spotted skunk all live inColombia. They live in the holes in theground. The types of skunk are the same as cats. Their bodysize is about 21 to 25 inches.
  • 12. BEZOR GOATThey are mostly fond in South America. Theirsize is about 130 to 300pounds. They have long back legs. There are many kind of BezoarsGoat like: Black Bezoars Goat, Brown Bezoars Goat, red, and white.
  • 13. MACARONI PENGUINThese kind of penguins areone of the six species that is crested. This penguin are related to the Royal penguin. The yellow thingthat they have on their head is a distinct. The yellow thing that they have grows when you are about 3or 4.
  • 14. THE HARP SEAL PUP These pups lives only in cold areas like Antarctica… These kind of animal are whitefrom their fur. When the seal is older their furbecomes gray. They have a lot of fur and that is why they can resist cold.
  • 15. THE ROYAL PENGUINThis penguin is also related to theMacaroni penguin . This animal got discovered byHermann Shelegel.They eat only fishesand meat( they are Carnivore). Their Genus are Eudyptes.