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  • The enterprise mobile apps in the hospitality industry can be really useful. Consider all the potential possibilities that not only improve the guest experience, but help sell the properties amenities, reduce personnel costs, and improve guest check-in and check out. Here are some examples to consider in designing your hotel mobile application: allow guests to see all room types, highlight all property services, allow orders and reservations, view all restaurant menus, place room service order, make reservation time for the restaurant, link to a Twitter feed that exclusively promotes property activities. Anything that can be reached on a room phone menu can be available through the app! You can have it all creating apps with Snappii!
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  • Mobile Keyword- Offer can’t-miss opportunities to entice new guests to dine at your restaurant- Post these promotional mobile keywords on storefront signs, flyers, newspaper ads, and your website to drive the most traffic possible- Ex. Text “TASTY” to “96362” to get 15% off your entire meal today!Social Media-Post pictures of delectable menu items with promotional messages to Facebook and Twitter-Post messages that encourage followers and fans to “like,” “share,” or “retweet” your posts to increase visibilityQR Codes-Print QR codes on to-go boxes, newspaper ads, and flyers to direct guests to your online menu or even your take out order webpage
  • Mobile Coupons-Offer exclusive deals and promos with mobile coupons to reel customers back in.Ex. “Be sure to stop in this week to get 15% off your entire meal! Your promo code is 1234. Show to Cashier to redeem!”Email Newsletters-Sendemail newsletters that highlight delectable new menu items, upcoming events, and important announcementsMobile eCards-Send guests mobile eCardson their birthdays or special holidays with attached discountsEx. “Happy birthday, Doug! Come by tonight with your family or friends to enjoy 50% off all appetizers as our gift to you!”-electronic birthday and holiday cards deliver immediate sentiment
  • Mobile Food Ordering Features:
- Allow customers to order from iPhone, iPad, Android, and all other smartphones
- Notifications made via email and small receipt printer integration (optional)
- Online food ordering widget available to place on restaurant website
- Customize currency, takeout / delivery, delivery fee, delivery radius, free delivery, convenience fee, times in which they can order, tax, and more.
- Payment integration with PayPal, Google Checkout, and
- Customize the mobile food ordering system’s look and feel
- And much more…How do restaurant customers benefit?
- Customers can make an order directly from home or office
- They can easily find and select restaurant locations and choose the preferred time for pick-up
- No waiting on hold, no standing in lines, no order mistakes as customers control the process
- Order history allows customers to select from past orders stored in the system
- Customers can easily customize their orders
- Integration with Google Maps allows them to have driving directions
- No need to go into the restaurant with curbside takeout convenience
- Easy and fast promotions, including specials, coupons and discounts, information about locations, hours of operation, menus, nutritional info…etc.

How do restaurant employees benefit?
- Employees no longer have to spend time on the phone
- With up-to-date online ordering solutions many tasks performed by staff are automated
- No need to handle money, payments are integrated inside the app
- Save your restaurant money by reducing time spent handling an orderStatistics supported by National Restaurant Association Survey:
-60% of adults 18 – 34 are more interested in home delivery than dining in the restaurant
- Half of the consumers said they would take advantage of a delivery service from their preferred restaurants if it were available
- 35% said they have or would order online from their favorite restaurant
- Nearly 20% of customers have already placed online orders and made online reservation
- Nearly 70% of operators regard online ordering as an up-and-coming order innovation
- Nearly 40% of customers say that they would like to receive an e-mail daily from their favorite local restaurant to know what the specials are for that day
- Nearly 20% of quick-service restaurants provide their clients with an online ordering option
- Most popular restaurant chains get about 25% of their orders through online and mobile orderingHow do restaurant owners benefit?
- More orders
- More money spent per order
- More repeat customers
- Increase restaurant bottom line
- Direct return on investment
  • SMS Texts Blasts- Ex. “Our seasonal menu is back! Come by and get a taste of our chef’s latest creations!”MMS Pictures-Ex. “Back by popular demand, the Pasta Bolognese! Only for a limited time, don’t miss your chance.” + PictureMobile coupons- Use mobile coupons to bring in more diners during slower times as well- Deliver time sensitive promotions to bring in immediate traffic!- Ex. “2-for-1 dinner from Mon-Wed this week! Present code HUNGRY to your server!”-Also, reach customers through their preferred channels of communication. This will increase responses and boost traffic further
  • SMS Appointment Reminder- Reduce “no-shows” as missed reservations means lost opportunity- You can schedule these reminders for any time (whether it be hours, days, or even weeks in advance)- If they can’t make their reservation, guests can simply text in a reply to cancel, freeing up tables for more businessEx. “Hi Peter, you have a reservation at 7:00pm for a party of 2. Please give us a ring for any rescheduling or cancellation. Thank you!
  • Mobile Keywords and Short CodeAdvertise your keywords onstorefront signs, flyers, menus, and even on receipts offering exclusive deal vouchers and text-to-win contests!Ex. Text “Fusion” to “96362” for a chance to win a $100 gift card!OSPsEx. Welcome to Dine Fusion! Subscribe to our VIP List to receive EXCLUSIVE specials from us! Facebook WidgetEx. Status update: “Hi Everyone! Make sure you fill out our widget to the left to receive exclusive deals and offers on your mobile phones!”Other ways to collect contacts through keyword use are:-conducting mobile votes/polls-using mobile coupons
  • Multi-channel Voting-Ex. “What would you like to see on the menu? Text (1) buffalo wings (2) fried shrimp (3) cheesy potato skinsOr vote on Facebook!Two-way Texting“Tell us how we can better serve you! Text BETTER followed by your suggestion to 96362!”
  • Mobile apps and marketing tools for the hospitality industry

    1. 1. ALL-IN-ONE APPLICATIONS Hospitality Industry Creative Commons 2.0 (by)
    2. 2. Amaze Mobile Solutions can help you…˃ Attract first time visitors˃ Bring in more repeat business˃ Increase dining and merchandise orders during visit˃ Make all seasons peak seasons˃ Minimize missed reservations˃ Automatically collect guest contact information
    4. 4. HOSPITALITY Industry Attract First Time Visitors Get 10% OFF your room reservation in February if you book today! PUSH NOTIFICATIONS BOOST YOUR SOCIAL QR CODES Entice customers to make MEDIA FOLLOWING Direct guests to your app reservations quickly Boost visibility with or web food ordering menu Facebook and Twitter with one quick snap 4
    5. 5. HOSPITALITY Industry Bring in More Repeat Business MOBILE COUPONS DYNAMIC CONTENT & MOBILE ECARDS Offer deals to visitors and NEWSLETTERS Build relationships by sending loyal customers Spark enthusiasm with promotional eCards on featured restaurant highlights special occasions 5
    6. 6. HOSPITALITY Industry Sell More Merchandise and Food MOBILE STORE MOBILE FOOD ORDERING Allow your users to buy Room service? Lunch to Go? Catering? Customers merchandise with a few clicks. order and pay with your app or on your website with our food ordering widget. 6
    7. 7. HOSPITALITY Industry Make All Hours Peak Hours Our summer menu Available for a is back! Come by limited time, our and get a taste of Pasta Bolognese! our chef’s seasonal Come in and creations! enjoy it today! PUSH NOTIFICATIONS OR MMS(PICTURE) BLAST SMS TEXT BLASTS Send tantalizing pictures with MMS Instantly alert diners of restaurant specials, new dishes, and discounts! 7
    8. 8. RESTAURANT Industry Minimize Missed Reservations Hi Peter, you have a reservation tonight at 7:00pm for a party of 2. Please give us a ring for any rescheduling or cancellation. See you soon! APPOINTMENTS & REMINDERS Easily remind guests to show up and keep your tables filled! 8
    9. 9. HOSPITALITY Industry Automatically Collect Contacts KEYWORDS & ONLINE SIGN-UP FACEBOOK WIDGETS SHORT CODE PAGE(OSPS) Anyone can sign up for Fast and easy way to Customizable forms for news and promotions right capture mobile numbers customer subscriptions on your Facebook Page 9
    10. 10. HOSPITALITY Industry Gain Valuable Feedback Would you recommend us to a friend?MUTI-CHANNEL VOTING TWO-WAY TEXTING GUEST SURVEYIdentify customer favorites through Open up communication to Collect information through aFacebook and mobile text! improve service and experience survey in your application. 10
    11. 11. Why Amaze Mobile Solutions? Affordable Mobile Applications for Every PlatformMobile Text, Email, Voice Broadcast, Chat, and Social Media  9 Channels cover more people in their preferred communication styles  Latest digital technologies to promote your cause and grow your membership  Expert marketing tools and customer service at an affordable price 11
    12. 12. Benefits  Powerful tools to transform your communication  Professional design, set up and training  Responsive support  Affordable packagesSee why so many Hospitality clients choose us for all of their communication needs!Contact us for a FREE QUOTE at 12