12 amazing ideas for your annual marketing plan


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Time to dust off the old brain and start the marketing plan for next year. Here's some golden nuggets that have worked like a charm for clients large and small.

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12 amazing ideas for your annual marketing plan

  1. 1. Tania Mulry DDx Media, Inc.
  2. 2. Founder of edRover.com USC Professor Award Winning Mobile Apps Best Selling Author of “The Cause: The Power of Digital Storytelling for Social Good” Worked for MasterCard, AT&T, JCPenney, GameStop, Nintendo, State Farm, Chili’s, Huggies, the US Air Force, tech start-ups, local businesses, professional sports teams, schools and non-profits
  3. 3.  Put a sticker on your product: “Get the most out of your experience by calling this number or scanning this QR code”  Captures the contact information of your customers  Deliver an audio or video message to train them on more reasons to use your product and service  Up-sell/cross-sell services
  4. 4.  Design a program to attract new leads and builds loyal customers for your business  Provide a juicy incentive to capture their opt-in  Deliver special offers, discounts, samples, exclusive access or premium information via email, text or video  Easy to automate and inexpensive to promote
  5. 5.  Hold a drawing for a killer prize  A free service  A gift certificate  A hot product like an iPad, Kindle or an XBOX One  Enter by text, email, Twitter, Facebook or an online form  Reach out to friends and complimentary businesses to help promote the contest  Make sure you are compliant with rules & regulations
  6. 6.  Create a valuable free gift that can be delivered easily when someone opts-in to your website  Free report  Video course  Audio course  Workbook or template  Discount or coupon  Set up an automatic message to deliver the gift  Follow up with a series of messages to build trust and offer additional services
  7. 7.  Plan your core social media content for the year  Program the posts in advance so that you don’t have to worry about being clever every day  Promote key Facebook posts for added reach  Spend your time on social media interacting and providing great customer service  Depending on your target market and goals, I recommend building a plan for the big 6: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  8. 8.  Everyone of your customers is going to be glued to a mobile phone for more than 2 hours today, and 2/3 or more have powerful smartphones  Do you have a mobile strategy?  Get noticed and reach new customers through:     Text messaging Mobile website Mobile advertising Mobile application with push notifications
  9. 9.  You are an expert in your field  You have a message to share with the world  Your training would be a dream come true to many people who want to know what you know  Package it up as a book, video or audio lessons with a workbook and sell it as a product  Sell it on a website, and make money while you sleep
  10. 10.  Forget business cards – no one ever follows up  When you meet them, ask people to text, email or scan a QR code to get your free gift  Reply with qualifying questions about their business  Send a series of trust building information and regular newsletters
  11. 11.  Do you speak in front of groups?  Chamber of Commerce  Professional Networking Group  Conferences or Meetups  Tell the audience that you have a free gift, or that you’ll send the slides  In the reply message, prompt the people that the first one to ask you a specific question will win another free gift (a book, a gift card)  You can get 50-80% of the group to opt-in
  12. 12.  Grab a microphone and start recording talks about your expertise  Add a logo, professional intro and outro  Publish them to iTunes and your website  Transcribe talks and turn them into blog articles  Incredible search engine value
  13. 13.  Host an educational talk answering FAQs about your subject and broadcast it for free on Google +, YouTube and your website  Automatically stores the session as a video on YouTube  Turn video into a book or eBook  Turn video into a podcast  Break it down into mini-video series
  14. 14.  Less expensive than recruiting new customers  “It’s my fault, but I want to make it up to you”  Significant discount  New program  Bonus products and services  Follow up a few ways: mail, email, text, voicemail, card, video
  15. 15.  