What have you learned from audience feedback


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What have you learned from audience feedback

  1. 1. What have you learned fromaudience feedbackEvaluation
  2. 2. During the research and construction stages ofmy music video, Ive taken feedback frompotential audience members, through seriesof questionnaires. (All questionnaires aredisplayed on my blogger,)
  3. 3. Firstly, I asked a group of potential audience to carryout a questionnaire on their views on musicThe first result, enabledme to understand thatmy potential audience onaverage do like music. Asa result I learned that mytarget audience (18-25)was a sufficient choice.From the second question, Ilearned that my targetaudience listen tom music on adaily basis, which proves to besignificant, as I am targetinggenuine music consumers.This question is the mostimportant, within reference toaudience feedback, since it allowsme to understand the genre ofmusic which is most appealing tomy potential audience. As a resultit shows that that Pop is the mostpopular genre of music. However,as Rock was the second favouritegenre, I believed it would be bestfor my audience if i combined thetwo genres, into Pop/Rock, as thenmy music video will appeal to alarge scale of my Target audienceFrom this question, Imerely learned that myaudience like listening totheir music via musicvideo. This is an significantresponse since it highlightsthat my target audience isan adequate choice, asthey like music videos.
  4. 4. Secondly, I then constructed a questionnairethat would determine the result of the bandnameThe band names which are not highlighted, are theones which were in consideration for the band name.Then, I constructed a questionnaire, and the mainquestion was what name do you think the bandshould carry out.As a result, I learned that the name the audience believedwas best to pursue in was Burrito Dorito.
  5. 5. However, I came to a conclusion that the name BurritoDorito, was not suitable for the message the band wastrying to achieve.So I then constructed a newquestionnaire, which woulddetermine a more sufficient choicefrom my target audience.These were the 5choicesFrom this I learned that:
  6. 6. 1st Draft questionnaireI learned from this question that my audiencebelieved that the first draft was heading in the rightdirection in terms of the narrative.From this question, I learned that the colourcontrast imagery works adequately withinreference to appealing to my target audience.I learned that how well the role of Harry wasplayed had mixed views from my potentialtarget audienceThis question enabled me to understand thenarrative from the audience’s perspective,and that it has a realist approach.As all participants have mixed views, I didn’t really learn muchfrom this question.
  7. 7. This question enabled me to understand that mymusic video is seen to be inspiring to my potentialtarget audience.From this question I learned that the concept plaque could bemade more clearer.I also asked the participants to conveyto me what they believed worked well:And the parts which did not workwell:
  8. 8. How this helped with the changes ofmy music videoI got rid of the BrickScene with Harry, asthe audiencebelieved it wasn’trealisticI made the concept of theplaque more clearer.I filmed and edited more clipsof the artist
  9. 9. Then I created a questionnaire to determine the recordlabel for my digipak (but also my poster)From the first question I realized that thedigipak has quite a lot of an influence on theperception of the artist.From this question, I learned that the digipakshould have significance to the band.From this I learned that the record labelshould be a significant feature on the digipakFrom this question I learned that the minimumrecord labels I should have is 1, and the maximumlabels is 2From this question, I learned that ifI was going to pursue in one recordlabel, I was going to use “TrudasMusic Entertainment.” However, asi then decided on using 3 recordlabels, I learned that “Kwirkproductions” and “Amasentertainment” were adequatechoices.
  10. 10. How I used the audience feedbackI used the record labels, which were liked bymy target questionnaire participantsThe sun represents rising tothe top, which links to thesignificance of the band inthe digipak.
  11. 11. Also, I created a questionnaire, to help meunderstand my audience views on postersFrom this I learned that mypotential audience buy postersFrom this question, I learned that myaudience believe that the poster helpsadvertise the artistFrom this I learned that the themeof Nature should be evident in myposterThis question is the most significantfor my audience feedback, withinreference to the poster, since theanswer emphasizes that i should carryout the same theme which isproduced in my digipak and my musicvideo.
  12. 12. From this question, Ilearned that the messageconveyed in the digipak andthe music video,emphasized by the imageryof nature. As a result, I havelearned that the imagery ofnature is a winning method;thus, should not bechanged.I learned from thisquestion that myaudience are not tobothered on whetherthe music videoshould feature in myposter.As a result, I learned that my audience, do not careif my artist features to much.
  13. 13. How the poster results helpedconstruct my posterThe audience answeredthat they liked the colourcontrast, so I maintainedthis imagery in my poster.As there was mixed views onthe artist featuring, Ibelieved that he should, ashe does not featuresignificantly in the digipakI fulfilled the audience’sdemands of the naturalimagery