Appleby street final script


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Appleby street final script

  1. 1. Appleby Street Final Script
  2. 2. Meeting at the LamppostIntroduction to Ben Starts with:• “Hurry up were going to be late”• Then (Aimee walks up to meet Ben holding her Hood) with the sound of birds tweeting• (They meet at the lamppost)• Ben: “Alright”• Very Quietly Aimee replies “lets go”• “What way do you want to go”
  3. 3. On the journey• They walk down the road silently discussing (the sound is not available for the viewer.)• (A shot of the sky showing the darkness of the sky changing, progressively) with a sound of a (thunder roll)• A shot of them carrying on their journey in the dark.
  4. 4. At the start of the alleyway• Ben: “Aimee we should have really bought a torch”• Aimee replies: “Your never going to believe this Ben”• Ben replies Back “what?”• Aimee then states “there’s actually one right there”• Ben replies “oh yeah.”
  5. 5. Down the alley way• Shot of the torch.• Shot of Bens hand picking up the torch.• Ben asks Aimee “why did you think it was on?”• Aimee replies “maybe because of that old story”• Ben says in shock “what old story.”• Aimee then asks Ben “have you not heard about the man in the mask?”
  6. 6. Continued discussion down the alley• Ben quickly answers “no”• Aimee: “kills teenagers for the fun”• Ben answers again in shock “Your kidding me, arent you”• Ben states “thank god we finally finished”• Aimee replies “there’s another one yet”• Ben manly replies “arr you kidding me”
  7. 7. Continued down Alley• Ben “ is this alley way as long as the other one?”• Aimee replies “I thin it’s longer”• Ben childishly replies “arrr”• Ben then asks “cant we go that way?”• Aimee then replies in a bossy manner “but Ben that way is half an hour longer and were already late.• Ben again replies “arr”
  8. 8. Continued• Ben states “ar finnnaly”• Aimee then states “It werent that bad was it?”• Ben then replies “not that bad” with a scared look upon his face.
  9. 9. Way to Appleby• Music starts playing, a piano track called “beautiful melody”• Ben asks “do we have to go this way?”• Aimee replies in a bossy manner again “yes it is the only way.”• Ben unconfidently replies “oh right then” and then stated “Why did I come this way, what a doughnut.”
  10. 10. In Appleby• They then walk through the opening into the field, and a distinct scared look upon Ben’s face.• They are then standing there and then Aimee’s phone rings, and she then asks Ben to “oh, hang on a minute Ben, my phones ringing”• Aimee then answers the phone by saying “hello”
  11. 11. Continued• Ben then tells Aimee to “come on we have got to get going.”• Aimee then says “well I have to take this phone call.”• Ben then says to Aimee “alright you take the torch”, then walks on.• Aimee then says on the phone “yeah, yeah were like two minutes away.”
  12. 12. Continued further• Aimee then hears a loud grunting noise from Ben’s direction.• Then in shock, in a scared manner, Aimee repeatedly shouts “Ben Ben” and then realizes I am dead on the floor, and then states “oh my God are you okay”• She then runs of to the tree and hides there, until she is confronted by the killer.
  13. 13. Appleby street The script
  14. 14. EndingThank you for youre time