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Presentation prepared for the 2013 Central Texas PRSA Professional Development Conference: “Advancing Your Brand in a Digital Age.” Discuss what I do and how I got there, social roles at Dell and tips …

Presentation prepared for the 2013 Central Texas PRSA Professional Development Conference: “Advancing Your Brand in a Digital Age.” Discuss what I do and how I got there, social roles at Dell and tips for building your social persona. #Iwork4Dell

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  • 1. Global MarketingConfidential1 Social Roles in the Enterprise Amy Tennison, Social Training & Activation Global Lead Twitter: @AmyTennison
  • 2. Global Marketing The Social Media Revolution • Video Link: Confidential2
  • 3. Global Marketing “It’s not ‘media,’ it’s simply communication. Think of it more like the telephone than the TV.” - Amy Jo Martin, Digital Royalty CEO Confidential3
  • 4. Global Marketing Social media will make you better at your job even if it’s not “doing social media” Harvard Business Review weighs in • The most expensive employees spend: – 28% of their time reading/replying to emails – 19% of their time tracking down information – 14% of their time collaborating with co-workers – Social media could represent a 20-25% increase in efficiency in these activities • “Dig out the dark matter” – High-value knowledge is hidden in oral traditions or buried on hard drives • Source: medias-productivity-pay/
  • 5. Global Marketing Today I’ll discuss… What I do & how I got there How Dell is staffing & driving adoption of social Tips for building out your social persona Confidential5
  • 6. Global Marketing How I saw my career path after graduation Confidential6 Source: Attributed to Demetri Martin, the author of a book called This Is A Book.
  • 7. Global Marketing How it really works Confidential7 Source: Attributed to Demetri Martin, the author of a book called This Is A Book.
  • 8. Global Marketing8 Confidential Consistent networking is the difference between getting to the next level vs. next role New RoleNew Role New Role NetworkingIntensity Career Progression Network outside AND inside your company. Don’t wait until you need something to connect. Inconsistent networking Consistent networking New Role New Role New Role
  • 9. Global Marketing My career path: networking + constantly evolving scope of role Confidential9 Online MKTG Experiential MKTG Go-To-Market Strategy Social Media, Employee Engagement & Change Management • Launched Dell’s first year- round student micro-site • Created innovative site elements to drive email opti-ins including Online Gift Registry aka Wish List (38k users), interactive Shopping Advisor and the Swag Arcade (avg time on page 8+ minutes) • Sponsored pro-gaming team to blog on our site & host online gaming tournaments • Transitioned 180 campus reps to Digital RAs • Developed social media & experiential activations • Dell Superprom Contest garnered free coverage for Dell from 18 news stations • Dell Campus Rockstar Facebook App generated 272K installs and over 130M media impressions • Provided guidance to merchandising managers on Gen Y system configurations and bundles • Pitched Apple Compete Campaign that drove a 26% shift in product mix to high margin systems (13% GM) • Utilized Out-of-Home media to reach students on campus and in high schools • Co-launched Dell’s internal social media training & certification program: Social Media & Community University (SMaC U) • Developed new social activation programs such as the Social SME Program • Led top-down social media implementation in key organizations • Partnered with external vendor to activate employees around new marketing org & process changes Re-org + Mktg Org & Process Activation Internship at Makos Advertising Marketing Manager, Student Discount Program Program Manager, SMaC University Global Lead, Social Training & Activation Re-org + Program Lead Intern Manager Co-worker recommended by manager Cross-team partner New skills & pitched/executed ideas not in original job scope
  • 10. Global Marketing10 Career framework Confidential Current job: Global Lead, Social Training & Activation FUNCTIONAL GAPS FUNCTIONAL GAPS COMPETENCY GAPS COMPETENCY GAPS LEADERSHIP GAPS LEADERSHIP GAPS PersonalConsiderations/Criteria Destiny job (5-7 years): Option 1 Option 2 “My dream job doesn’t exist yet”
  • 11. Global Marketing How Dell is staffing & driving adoption of social 11 Confidential
  • 12. Global Marketing Social media at Dell • Source:
  • 13. Global Marketing Dell has more than 7 years of social experience Confidential13
  • 14. Global Marketing A tool to be leveraged across the fabric of the company: different functions, uses and values Product Development • Feedback Loop • Early Warning • New Product Ideation Marketing • Demand Forecast • Lead Generation • Message Reach Online • Social Authentication • Communities • Customer Stories • Gamification Sales • Leads • Collaboration • Thought Leadership • Blogs Customer Service • Listening • Support Widgets • Outreach Communication • Rich Media • Brand Reputation • Influence • Reputation
  • 15. Global Marketing Social Media creates business value for Dell Confidential15 Touches all Business • Consumer, SMB, Public, LE, Services • Marketing & Brand, Awareness, Demand Gen, Sales, Support, Loyalty, Conversion, Quality, Competitive Insight, etc. Engagement drives Revenue • Social targeting (via listening) delivers new leads and sales • Social engagement drives clicks and higher conversion • Dell Community members spend more with Dell • Benefits across full customer lifecycle Additional Value • Optimized Costs & Process Improvements • Improvements in overall Health of Business by becoming a trusted advisor
  • 16. Global Marketing SMaC University Confidential16 Nominated for 2011 Constellation SuperNova Award for Social Business “recognizes teams for their courage in battling the odds to effect change in their organization” “Consider Dell, which has two types of defined training models: a guideline-focused course for everyone and a series of in-depth courses that are required for anyone representing the company in social media…” “Best in class training” 9,102 SMaC Certified; 17, 000 unique class attendees
  • 17. Global Marketing Example of top-down social media strategy 17 100% SMaC Certified by December 31st 100% of select Dell convos mapped to team members 100% of team members assigned a social engagement task Goals Objectives Fully engaged social team, having the right conversations, in the right place at the right time. Increase external thought leadership via social on selected key topics from Dell’s Commercial messaging framework North America Marketing leadership increases Dell’s thought leadership SMEs, Brand Managers & Field Marketing Managers utilize expertise to engage in valuable conversations online
  • 18. Global Marketing “There is no ‘best’ rating without social engagement.” Bryan E. Jones Vice President, North America Marketing Confidential18
  • 19. Global Marketing Map 100% of org to key social tasks included in performance plans (a few example of roles) 19 Task Listening Analyst Content creator SME/Topic  Manager Community  Manager Thought Leader Employee  Advocate Description Analyzes social  conversations to  identify insights that  can improve business  processes, products,  solutions, etc.; shares  insights with key  internal stakeholders  to drive change Creates a variety of  content for external  distribution  (whitepapers, videos,  case studies, messaging,  etc.); doesn't engage  customers directly via  social media  Creates, curates &  amplifies original,  Dell & 3rd party  content around key  topic areas  externally; engages  in online  conversations with  customers/peers Manages social  community on behalf  of Dell (ex.  @DellHealthcare);  shares relevant  content from internal  contributors, but not  necessarily a topic  expert themselves Drives true thought  leadership for Dell  around key topics  externally (ex.  speaking at events,  blogs); identified  internally and  externally as a strong  business leader Looks for ways to  integrate social  insights into  business processes;  utilizes personal  accounts to amplify  relevant Dell  content from time  to time External  engagement N N Y Y Y Optional (Personal  Networks only) Required  Expertise Analytics background;  familiar with  topic/vertical Messaging  background; familiar  with topic/vertical Topic expertise Social expertise In‐depth  understanding of  topic & business Knowledge of team  processes Required Tool  Training Radian6 (Industry  topic/SOV data); SNA  (Dell Specific data) Master content  calendar tool (coming  soon);  EveryoneSocial  Content Submission  Request Form EveryoneSocial  (Content curation &  scheduling);  Linktrackr  (revenue/click  tracking); Kred  Online Scorecard Sprinklr (Content  management tool);  Linktrackr  (revenue/click  tracking) EveryoneSocial  (Content curation &  scheduling);  Linktrackr  (revenue/click  tracking); Kred  Online Scorecard N/A % of NA  Marketers 10% 10% 10% 5% 5% 60%15% 55% Secret sauce
  • 20. Global Marketing A holistic view of a socially engaged team Confidential20 Listening Analysts Content Contributors Employee Advocates “amplifiers” Community Managers Ex: @DellEDU SME/ Thought Leaders Insights feed Content Content feeds social communities and SMEs SMEs, Community Managers & Employee Advocates feed Engagement
  • 21. Global Marketing Social SME/Exec Programs Identify, train and support key team members to become active social thought leaders, manage key influencer/customer relationships and thrive in relevant online communities around key FY’14 solutions. • Consulting & personal feedback on how to develop your social persona, build a content plan and use exclusive tools • Actionable & topic specific guidance on who to follow, what to read, where to listen, etc. and no-hassle account creation • Robust reporting on individual impact (revenue, share of voice, topic sentiment, search, cost savings, etc.) Benefits • 150 SMEs in the program to-date • On average SMEs generate 2 engagements & 6 clicks per post • 20M+ monthly Twitter reach • Integrated SEO to improve key word ranking & traffic to Dell: Incremental 17.6K visitors to, 47 more keywords ranking in top 10 Program Stats Check out our program infographic at:
  • 22. Global Marketing Newbie to social pro: Cody Norris, Windows 8 SME Confidential22
  • 23. Global Marketing Cody’s XPS 12 experience goes viral – social connections help amplify blog post Confidential23
  • 24. Global Marketing Tips for building your social persona from our Social SME Program 24 Confidential
  • 25. Global MarketingConfidential25 It’s about getting the right material in front of the right people at the right time and right place.
  • 26. Global Marketing 4 key elements for building your social persona on behalf of Dell Your Personal Brand Who are you? Your Social Footprint Where & how should you be engaged? Your Topic What are you going to talk about? Your Look & Feel What should your accounts look like?
  • 27. Global Marketing What is your personal brand? • It’s your reputation – the combination of personal attributes, values, drivers, strengths, & passions you draw from that differentiate your unique promise of value from your peers Confidential27 “A brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon
  • 28. Global Marketing28 Requires self reflection Confidential Values “What I wish people would say about me” -Strategic -Go Getter/Makes things happen -Reliable -Warm, Empathetic -Creative -Intuitive People work with -Intelligent -Creative -No nonsense/ down to earth -Socially aware -Social and friendly -Intellectually curious Work conditions -Broad scope of work -People Manager -Flexible work timings - NOT under micro- managers -Working with cross- functional teams Level and Salary Responsibility: Decision making authority for marketing programs for BU, specific function or entire company Fields of interest “I could talk all day about…” -Travel - Running -Wine - Scifi movies -Work - Social Geography -Opportunity to travel internationally -Vibrant, coastal cities -Tech hubs (SF, Seattle, Austin) Transferable skills -Public Speaking/Comms -Online & experiential mktg - Social media - Employee activation -Change Management -Website Design & SEM/SEO -Creativity/Marcom -Strategic vision + strong tactical execution -Team player The Flower Diagram from What Color is Your Parachute? Book by Richard Nelson Bolles
  • 29. Global Marketing 5 questions for building your personal brand • What are your goals? • What do you value? • What are you passionate about? • What motivates you? • What makes you remarkable at what you do? Confidential29 5 rules to remember: Be Diligent Be Consistent Be Relevant Be Interesting Be YourselfAction! Write down as many one word answers as you can to the above questions in the next two minutes
  • 30. Global Marketing Then Google yourself… Do your results convey your 3 most important attributes? Confidential30 Confidential30
  • 31. Global Marketing Share your personality, but avoid topics like politics and religion Your topic: what are you knowledgeable about • Outline your content plan – Identify 2-3 topics that you are knowledgeable about › Related to your role, industry or passions • Stay on point – Use your status updates strategically › It's OK to post about other things now and again › Avoid random, unrelated thoughts – Share consistent points of view across all social channels • Demonstrate your expertise – Contribute to industry conversations – Post tips & tricks – Link to relevant white papers – Point people to relevant news stories 31
  • 32. Global Marketing Remind yourself of the plan • Write down your plan. Stick on your wall for daily reminders. 32 Source: 60% social media 30% business 10% travel
  • 33. Global Marketing Your social footprint: prioritize based on time, level of commitment & outcome 33
  • 34. Global Marketing Your look & feel: be consistent • Use the same profile picture, name/username, bio, etc. Confidential34
  • 35. Global Marketing How will you uncover your dream job? Confidential35
  • 36. Global Marketing 5 tips for getting to the next level 1. Identify your personal brand 2. Develop your social persona & social skills (even if you aren’t looking for a social role) 3. Invest time in networking – Online & offline – Co-workers & industry experts 4. Read a lot! Always know what’s going on in your industry 5. Never be afraid to evolve your role – Be awesome at your current role first – Consider your company’s history , culture and your boss's priorities – If you have a good idea, pitch it to your manger Confidential36
  • 37. Global Marketing Feel free to network with me • Linkedin: • Twitter: @AmyTennison • G+: • Flickr: • SMaC program infographics available at – social-influencers/#.UjhadtJeaq- – business-lessons/#.Ujm_0tJeaq8 Confidential37