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Google cloud messaging
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Google cloud messaging


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Google Cloud Messaging In Android Presented by – Amardeep Vijay
  • 2. C2DM • Stands for Cloud to Device Messaging • Used to send message from cloud to device or application • Support Push Notification • C2DM retired and It’s time to GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) • Part of Google API
  • 3. Poll And Push Notifications • Poll :- Application contact cloud to check new message Disadvantage :- • Extra Network Usages • Reduced Battery life Server/Cloud App / Device
  • 4. Poll And Push Notifications (Cont…) • Push :- Server contact Application or device whenever new message is available Advantages :- • Reduce extra network uses • Consumes less battery Server/Cloud App / Device
  • 5. How C2DM Works App Server C2DM Server App / Device
  • 6. C2DM : Advantages & Disadvantages Advantages : • Using C2DM Developers can develop more productive apps • C2DM is connected to cloud so developers can get benefits of cloud computing in their apps Disadvantage : • Internet connectivity is required • Limited message size
  • 7. Google cloud messaging
  • 8. Why GCM ? • Google migrated its products like : Blogger to Google Blogs Picasa to Google Image AdMob to Google AdMob Android marketplace to Google play • So It’s time to C2DM to GCM • Overcome disadvantages of C2DM
  • 9. GCM • Stands for Google Cloud Messaging • Used for sending message from Cloud to Device • Introduce With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as a part of Google API 16 • Supports Push Notifications
  • 10. How GCM Works App Server GCM Server App / Device
  • 11. GCM (Cont…) • GCM is two way Process – 1. Either GCM server registration or 2. No GCM server registration required : only use GCM specific API or simply Google API 16 Application Signing(Generate Application specific fingerprint)
  • 12. Advantage of GCM Advantages : • Using GCM Developers can develop more productive apps • GCM is connected to cloud so developers can get benefits of cloud computing in their apps • GCM is now connected with GAE(Google App Engine)
  • 13. Working Example of GCM Google Play : • Google play uses GCM to install requested android apps from Google play official site. ( • Google play android app uses GCM to receive requested apps from google play
  • 14. Summary • Message Multicasting for News • Multiple Senders for Social Updates • Time to Live for Events and Promos • Messages with Payload for IM
  • 15. Thank you for your time.