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Icit bochure

  1. 1. Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi Organizes International Conference on In Association With: & 1
  2. 2. IntroductionThe world today is a Global village, thanks to quantum leaps that Information Technology has taken in last overone decade. Today, from being embedded in the smallest appliance to being the back bone of the way the worldcommunicates and Businesses transact, the Information Technology is cutting across all realms of humanexistence. IT is touching the lives of even those who do not even know that it exists. However deep may be theintent and effort, no enterprise or being today can perform and exist without using Information Technology.The recent advances in information technology, combined with the rapid evolution in smart appliances anddevices, generate new challenges and problems to the present day information society. The objective of theconference is to provide a focal forum for active researchers, practitioners, industrial professionals andacademicians from diversified domains in Information Technology and to share latest research achievements andpractical experiences. This conference is intended to delineate the greatest challenges faced with the businesses andsociety at large.The Conference will feature keynote presentations by prominent researchers in the field. In addition to peerreviewed paper sessions and poster presentations, there will be panel discussions, workshops, exhibits, andprofessional activity tracks.Call for PapersOriginal research & review papers (maximum 2,000 words) concerning the theme of the conference are solicited infollowing areas of interest (but not limited to): 1. IT and Business Convergence: Lessons in creating linkages to ROI 2. Data Warehousing, Management Information System (MIS) and Decision Support 3. Data Mining and Knowledge-based Solutions 4. Master Data Management and Service Oriented Architecture 5. e-Business and e-Retailing 6. e-Governance 7. Role of Social Media 8. Mobile Commerce 9. Computing as a Service (Cloud Computing) 10. Telecommunication Networks and Technologies 11. Multimedia Tools, Applications and Web-based offerings 12. Software Engineering 13. IT Portfolio Management 14. IT Security: Friend or foe 15. Bio-Informatics 16. Legal & Ethical Aspects of IT 17. ICT for Social Development 18. ICT in Education, Healthcare and Democracy All Submissions should be uploaded using the following link: https://www.easychair.org/account/signin.cgi?conf=icit2013 2
  3. 3. Best Paper AwardsThree best paper awards will be given in the valedictory session of the conference. The Best papers will be selectedon the basis of the quality of the research paper and the presentation by a panel of experts. The first best paperaward will carry a cash award of USD500 (or INR 25000) and citation. The first and second runner-up will also beawarded prize and citation.PublicationAll the accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings with ISBN, which will be available at thetime of the Conference. Selected papers will also find place in the special issue of a refereed journal ofinternational repute after regular review.Registration Fee • Rs 2,000 for Indian Delegates • US$200 for Foreign DelegatesRegistration fee includes access to conference venue, workshops and demonstrations, keynotes, lunches andrefreshments during the conference days and the participation certificate. Payment instructions and registrationform will be made available on the conference website: http://www.asiapacific.edu/icit.GrantsLimited funding will be available to support the deserving participants from India and Abroad.Important DatesSubmission of Full Papers : 15th Dec 2012Acceptance Notification : 15th Jan 2013Camera-Ready Papers : 31st Jan 2013Registration Closes : 31st Jan 2013About the InstituteAsia-Pacific Institute of Management (AIM) was established in the year 1996 and its growth has been spectacularin a short span of time. The institute is offering Post Graduate Diploma in General Management, Marketing,Banking & Financial Services and International Business along with Executive PGDM. All of the programmeshave been approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). Institute has been ranked as an A+category Business School in India by a number of prominent business research surveys. The PGDM programme ofthe institute has also been accredited by National Board of Accreditation.The academic programs at AIM are inspired by a blend of management practice and academic theory. Ourobjective is to add value and enable development of suitable future managers. AIMs dynamism is reflected in themodification of its curriculum annually to incorporate the latest developments in both national and internationalbusiness. AIM is a learning organization, continuously looks at the future while striving to make significantcontribution towards professional education, consultancy and research. For further detail, please visitwww.asiapacific.edu. 3
  4. 4. Location and CommutingThe institute is 12 Kms away from the New Delhi railway station and is appx. 25 Kms. from New Delhi Air Port.The distance from Inter-State Bus Terminal Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi is appx. 12 Kms. The Institute is easilyaccessible by Taxi, Metro Trains, Auto-Rickshaw and Bus. The nearest land mark is Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.Free Shuttle Service will be made available on request from Apollo Hospital/Jasola Metro Station.Accommodation AvailabilityVariety of accommodation is available in the capital city and close to the institute (almost walking distance) to suitthe individual’s need and budget. Details will be available on the website. The institute can help in bookingaccommodation at discounted rates on first cum first serve basis.Weather ConditionsThe weather is expected to be pleasant and sunny during the conference days in Delhi. The day time expectedtemperature is between 20°C and 30°C.Organising CommitteeDr. Vikas Kumar Conference Director vikas@asiapacific.edu 09899844584Prof. Saurabh Mittal Conference Convener saurabh.m@asiapacific.edu 09818253275Prof. Devendra Bahadur Co-Convener devendra.bahadur@asiapacific.edu 09891150100Prof. Ashutosh Kumar Co-Convener ashutosh.kumar@asiapacific.edu 09582124356Prof. C P Somasundaran Conference Coordinator somasundaran@asiapacific.edu 09810260559Contact Person: Prof. Vikas Kumar Asia-Pacific Institute of Management 3 &4, Institutional Area, Jasola, New Delhi – 110 025 Ph: +91-11-42094843 Fax. +91-11-26951541 email: icit@asiapacific.edu Website: www.asiapacific.edu 4