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Test Drive My Job is a regular feature on Mopwater PR + Media Notes. We profile PR pros and communicators in every type of field and all over the world. Answer the questions and submit them for the opportunity to be featured.

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Test Drive My Job

  1. 1. Mopwater PR + Media Notes is an online meeting place for journalists, news  makers, marketing and PR professionals, and media consumers. The general  reader will find media and marketing/PR job listings, insight on the media  and social media landscape, as well as interviews featuring up‐and‐coming  marketing/pr/advertising professionals, journalists and news makers, and  entrepreneurs.    How to Pitch The PR person and journalist switch seats. We speak to  journalists, editors and producers to find out how they like their pitches.    Test Drive My Job Ever wondered what it’s like to work for a huge agency  that has offices all over the world? Or maybe you’ve wondered what it’s like  to work out of your home or neighborhood coffee shop and communicate  with your co‐workers by iPhone only. Do you often think about starting your  own independent PR or Marketing shop but want to see what an  “independent’s” daily grind is like? We’ll chat with people all over to give you  the lowdown on what it’s like to work in this industry.  http://millerlittlejohnmedia.com Mopwater PR + Media Notes PR | Perception. Reality
  2. 2. Test Drive My Job for Mopwater PR + Media Notes PR | Perception. Reality. Name and Age: Current City: Job Title and Length of Time in this Role: Company Name and Web Site: Blog and/or Twitter Handle: Interview Questions Describe your path to PR/Marketing/Social Media: How did you wind up in this field? [Note: Be sure to mention where you are originally from, your course of study in college, your first job in the industry, etc.] Describe a pivotal moment in your career. Did you have a mentor or internship that really solidified your interest in this field or helped you hone in on a specific focus area? Describe a typical workday including your work hours. What do you do all day? Describe your office setting and workplace. What are your favorite and least favorite PR/marketing/SM tasks and why? Do you love to pitch? Dread writing releases? Adore blogging for your brands? Who are some of your (or your company/organization’s) clients, and what kind of projects do you take on for these clients? If you work in government or a corporate communications office, describe the work you do in your role. Describe a recent project where you produced results of which you’re really proud. What is your favorite thing about this job and do you think you’ll be in this position in 5 years? What aspect of the industry are you most excited about? If you could work on any dream project of your choosing, what would it be? What if anything would you have done differently in your career up to this point and what advice would you give someone who is trying to break into your field? Please include a current photograph; it doesn’t have to be a headshot. Please email your responses to amanda@millerlittlejohnmedia.com Thank you! http://millerlittlejohnmedia.com Mopwater PR + Media Notes PR | Perception. Reality