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Power point on thr role of marriage in renaissnace period and on Queen Elizabeth I

Power point on thr role of marriage in renaissnace period and on Queen Elizabeth I



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Power Point Amanda&Cassie Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Role of Marriage in the Renaissance Period By Amanda Buonya
  • 2. Ages of the Bride and Groom
    • The groom was basically 14 years older than his bride.
    • Most noble woman didn’t marry until they were 24 but this is very rare.
    • They married before they were 19 years old.
    • http://www.renaissance-weddings.net/marriage_traditions.htm by Amanda
  • 3. Fears for the Young Lovers
    • In Italy, most of the young lovers feared one thing; death .
    • Back then they didn’t have health care and all other things we take for granted.
    • Sometimes marriage was arranged just out of impatience. But mostly for power and health. Picture at: www.personal.psu.edu/.../style/decameron.jpg
    • http://www.worldandi.com/subscribers/feature_detail.asp?num=26602 By Amanda
  • 4. Marriage in 15 th Century
    • Marriage back then wasn’t always about their love or religion. It was about gaining alliance with another powerful family.
    • To celebrate this marriage, they were given a pair of big chests with paintings and other good.
    • The paintings had beautiful pictures in it which instructed the husband and wife. As well as their children, visitors, and their servants. jerryandmartha.com/.../images/vaneyck.jpg By Amanda
  • 5. European Marriage
    • Europeans political outlook was formed by their ideas of their custom
    • It included inheritance, marriage, and tenure.
    • Marriage has become a major social hurdle.
    • Matthew, D.J.A. The Medieval European Community. New York: St. Martin’s Press, Inc. 1977 By Amanda
  • 6. Dowries
    • In each marriage, the bride brings her dowry which is a financial status of her family.
    • If she is rich it will consist of an estate and maybe some jewels.
    • If she is a daughter of a merchant or farmer she may get gold coins, clothing, household goods and maybe a livestock. the poor don’t usually have dowries.
    • Not much mattered anyways because whatever belonged to the wife now belongs to her newly husband.
    • http://weuropeanhistory.suite101.com/article.cfm/renaissance_courtship_and_marriage#ixzz0YYVm1KQs By Amanda
  • 7. Reasons You Couldn’t Get Married
    • You couldn’t get married during a time of fasting for example; lent or advent.
    • You couldn’t marry if you were accused of rape, adultery, and incest.
    • When the husband or wife dies, the widow or widower vows of celibacy of the death of their spouse. But sometimes they later regret it because they cannot remarry .
    • http://www.dfwx.com/medieval_cult.html By Amanda
  • 8.  
  • 9. The Virgin Queen Queen Elizabeth I By Cassie Barragan
  • 10. Queen Elizabeth’s Birth
    • Queen Elizabeth was born on September 7, 1533 at Greenwich Palace
    • She was born to Henry VIII and Anne Boylen
    • She was given a christening at Greenwich Palace when she barely reached the age of the age of three
    • http://famous.y2u.co.uk/Famous_People_Images_2/Queen_Elizabeth_I_Print_Nicholas_Hilliard.jpg By Cassie
  • 11. Elizabeth’s I Family
    • Her parents were Henry VII And Anne Boylen.
    • Her grandparents on her father’s side were Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Her grandparents on her mother’s side were Sir Thomas Boylen and Lady Elizabeth Howard.
    • Elizabeth had a half brother and sister. Their names were Edward VI and Mary I.
    • http://www.elizabethi.org/us/family/ By Cassie
  • 12. Interesting Facts of Queen Elizabeth and Her Family
    • Her mother was beheaded in the Tower of London because she was accused of adultery and incest with her brother George Boleyn.
  • 13. How Elizabeth Got the Name ‘Virgin Queen’
    • Her people were hoping their queen would get a strong husband for guidance when France and Spain wanted to take over England.
    • Instead she seized the throne and although there were many men suited as a husband, she was determined not to marry.
    • This is how she got the nick name ‘The Virgin Queen’
            • http://www.buzzle.com/articles/facts-on-queen-elizabeth-the-first.html By Cassie
            • www.room111heroes.com/elizabethI05.jpg
  • 14. Elizabeth’s Mother and Stepmother’s
    • Elizabeth’s mother Anne was murdered by her own husband Henry.
    • Anne was replaced many times with other woman until she turned 10. Henry married two other times – one which was annulled and the other beheaded just like her cousin Anne.
    • That was when her father married Katharine Parr. She treated her as if she was her own.
    • http://www.elizabethan-era.org.uk/teenage-scandal-of-queen-elizabeth-i.htm By Cassie
    • englishhistory.net/.../monarchs/eliz1-scrots.jpg
  • 15.  
  • 16.  
  • 17. Queen Elizabeth I Death
    • Queen Elizabeth died on March 24 th 1603 by blood poisoning. She was almost 70 years old.
    • She ruled for 45 years (1558-1603)
    • She almost died by smallpox in 1562.
    • She was left with scars and wore heavy makeup to cover it up
    • http://www.elizabethan-era.org.uk/interesting-facts-about-queen-elizabeth-i.htm By Cassie.
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